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Thumbnail-Photo: “Only a powerful network infrastructure makes omnichannel retailing...
11.05.2015   #multichannel commerce #cross channel solutions

“Only a powerful network infrastructure makes omnichannel retailing possible“

Interview with Christian Schallenberg, CTO, Lancom Systems GmbH

To be successful in omnichannel commerce, a retailer, above all, needs a powerful IT infrastructure. Current solutions make it possible to load the different channels together. This also includes the highly integrated radio access point by LANCOM ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Beacon technology attractive for retailers
16.04.2015   #smartphone #mobile couponing

Beacon technology attractive for retailers

Helping retailers to recognise and understand their best customers

Beacons are a type of a low-cost, micro-location-based technology that use Bluetooth for communicating with beacon enabled devices. This technology has enormous potential to enhance the shopping experience, making it quicker and easier for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Mood Media activates location-based technology...
17.09.2014   #mobile shopping #smartphone

Mood Media activates location-based technology

Enhancing consumer targeting for retailers

Mood Media has begun to integrate its Presence capabilities into client locations across the country, enabling them to leverage Mood’s location-based signal technology for mobile marketing apps and initiatives. When activated, the Presence ...

Thumbnail-Photo: 5 Ways to enhance the shopping experience using location-based analytics...
16.09.2014   #customer counting #location based services

5 Ways to enhance the shopping experience using location-based analytics

New eBook released by ShopperTrak

To get shoppers to buy, retailers need to understand their consumers and create a unique and compelling shopping experience. With location-based analytics, retailers have full visibility into where their customers go, how long they stay, and ...


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