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Vending machines: Customers alone in the store

Combi City-Markt makes round-the-clock shopping possible – without staff

Shopping after closing time? That’s possible at the Combi City store Bünting in Oldenburg. At the 24/7 vending machine, late at night shoppers have the opportunity to stock up on everything they need from the supermarket's ...

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Photo: social media

social media

The world is milling around on social media channels, where people share, review, communicate, search, sell, advertise ... And so there is no way the retail sector can avoid this medium.

Photo: warehouse management

warehouse management

Where is what, who brings what where, where should what be when? In order to keep track of so many factors and information, you need a very good warehouse management.

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Automation is one of the key trends of the future; robots can perform many tasks. Here we report on which tasks these can be in the retail sector and how robots can be used efficiently.

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