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You don’t need big tech investments, but creativity

How brick-and-mortar retail can profit during (or thanks to!) the lockdown

The Corona pandemic has led to an immediate dovetailing of brick-and-mortar and online retail. This development is overdue, says Gerold Wolfarth, Founder & CEO of bk Group. We don't need large tech investments, but creativity, he points ...

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Photo: self-checkout systems

self-checkout systems

There are alternatives to the classic checkout with cashiers: self-checkout systems. These technical solutions enable customers to complete their payment process in the store independently.

Photo: coronavirus


How does the Corona pandemic affect the retail industry? What tools and creative solutions can retailers use to revitalize their businesses? We're keeping you updated.

Photo: artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now used in very many areas of retail: automated communication, data analysis, process optimization, inventory planning, logistics operations – the list could be extended almost endlessly.

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