iXtenso.com - Online and Print for the Retail Sector and its Partners

Since it has gone online in 2008, iXtenso has quickly developed from a pure supplier directory for the retail sector and its partners into a trade publication for retailers. We always knew from the start that we can and want to show more. Presenting suppliers and their products in the right setting still remains an important part of the way we see ourselves. After all, without the practical range of products and services of our commercial partners, our commitment would be pointless. We want to bridge the gap between suppliers and end users. We want to show everything that is possible. And we can only accomplish this together.

Yet we also want to know how it all works and who might benefit. Again, this only works if suppliers and end users – the retail sector and its partners- join forces. Sometimes we might even report on projects that weren’t quite as successful. After all, they can often be more revealing than anything else.

The variety of iXtenso topics is as multifaceted as “the retail market” itself. We are interested in what helps retailers. Even though we focus on events in Germany and Europe, we also always like to look beyond the horizon. If there is a concept out there that is being successfully implemented in the U.S., China, India or Brazil, it might not necessarily mean it would also work in Germany. Yet this kind of food for thought can sometimes provide the needed inspiration that you might not find in day-to-day business operations. And this is why we always keep our eyes open to find ingenious ideas and implementations all about stores for our readers.

By the way: it is very important to us that all of the articles are free and can be read without registering.

On selected occasions, we issue our “retail trends” print publication for those trade readers who don’t want to miss out on a haptic experience. Here we focus on current trends on special topics and try to catch a glimpse of the future of retail.