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Thumbnail-Photo: Axis extends its physical access control products to Europe...
10.11.2014   #video surveillance #video cameras

Axis extends its physical access control products to Europe

Access control products are a complement to its portfolio of network video products

Axis, the world leader in network video, today extends its AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller offering to Europe, following a successful launch in the US last year. The value of the global physical access control market is about USD 3 billion (2012) ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Access Control: Who is allowed to go in and who isn’t?...
01.11.2012   #security #access control

Access Control: Who is allowed to go in and who isn’t?

Integrated solutions are becoming more and more important

One important aspect of building security is access control. The job has many aspects. Single source solutions are in great demand. Every year, EuroCIS shows what this means: many exhibitors cooperate with other partners or increase their portfolio ...

Thumbnail-Photo: ”Lots will happen in the future in the area of access control“...
01.11.2012   #access control #access control systems

”Lots will happen in the future in the area of access control“

Interview with Gunda Cassens-Röhrig, GFOS, Essen

Gunda Cassens-Röhrig is the Divisional Manager of Workforce Management and Security as well as a member of management at GFOS mbH. The combination of human resources management and security is no accident: you can not only monitor access ...

23.07.2012   #security #security management

HeiTel and Xtralis Present Broadest Remote Monitoring Portfolio at Security Show in Essen

At this year’s Security show in Essen, Germany, HeiTel Digital Video, a division of Xtralis, will present several new security solutions, including the HeiTel VideoGateway series, new DVRs for mobile applications, and high performance HeiTel ...

09.12.2011   #security #video cameras

New Recording Station Appliance from Bosch

Manage surveillance connections from anywhere

   Centralized remote management system provides quick and easy access to information from anywhere in the network  Flexible support: H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG devices, HD, SD and Megapixel cameras  Simple installation, ...

08.12.2011   #video surveillance #video cameras

Don't help thieves to help themselves, urges ADT

Leading home security specialist, ADT, is urging the British public to avoid being targeted by opportunists this festive season. New research¹, conducted by YouGov for ADT, shows that half (50%) of all adults across the country plan to display most ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Intelli-M eIDC: PoE Integrated Door Controller...
23.06.2008   #access control #access control systems

Intelli-M eIDC: PoE Integrated Door Controller

Ethernet-Enabled Integrated Door Controller

Pelco’s Intelli-M eIDC Ethernet-enabled integrated door controller is among the first PoE (Power over Ethernet) access control system controllers launched in the security industry that provides fully distributed intelligence for access control ...

Thumbnail-Photo: SL 912 automatic gate
13.09.2007   #access control #access control systems

SL 912 automatic gate

automatic gate ensures an effective, reliable anti-fraud and rapid control of pedestrians taller than 1 m, with or without luggage, in both directions of passage. Its wide corridor facilitates the passage of less able people, wheelchairs, carriages ...

Thumbnail-Photo: iCLASS Card
10.09.2007   #security #personnel management


13.56 MHz Contactless Smart Card

Base Model Numbers: 2000, 2001, and 2002 Offers the ability to add a magnetic stripe, barcode, anti-counterfeiting feature, custom artwork, or photo ID. Meets ISO standards for thickness for use with direct image and thermal transfer ...

Thumbnail-Photo: RK40 Reader
10.09.2007   #security #security management

RK40 Reader

13.56 MHz Contactless Smart Card Reader with Keypad (Read Only)

Base Model Number: 6130 Present a card and use a PIN number for dual verification of identity. Provides a standard Wiegand output. Dimensions: 3.30" x 4.80" x 0.9" (8.38 cm x 12.19 cm x 2.286 cm) All iCLASS Readers ...

Thumbnail-Photo: R30 Reader
10.09.2007   #security #security management

R30 Reader

13.56 MHz EU/Asian Back Box Contactless Smart Card Reader (Read Only)

Base Model Number: 6110 Designed to cover 80 mm x 80 mm square European back boxes. Slotted mounting plate also provides for Asian back box spacing. Provides a standard Wiegand output. Dimensions: 3.30" x 3.30" x .75" ...

Thumbnail-Photo: R10 Reader
10.09.2007   #security #personnel management

R10 Reader

Contactless Smart Card Reader

3.56 MHz Mullion Mount Contactless Smart Card Reader (Read Only) Base Model Number: 6100 Slim design is perfect for metal mullions or any other space-limited installation. Provides a standard Wiegand output. Dimensions: 1.90" x ...

Thumbnail-Photo: RP40 multiCLASS™ Reader
10.09.2007   #security #personnel management

RP40 multiCLASS™ Reader

multi-technology prox and iclass reader

With significant retail industry experience, HID Global provides complete solutions for retail operations. HID Global solutions can help address shrinkage and drive additional profitability: 1) for open-air “lifestyle centers” 2) for big box ...


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