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Thumbnail-Photo: APG cash drawer unveils new global web stores at EuroCIS 2019...
18.02.2019   #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019 #electronic cash register

APG cash drawer unveils new global web stores at EuroCIS 2019

Global cash management manufacturer to debut global product offerings

APG Cash Drawer, a fast-growing global manufacturer of cash management solutions, announces today the expansion of its line of products tailored for the European retail market. The portfolio of tiered cash management solutions will be on display at ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Worry-free legal compliance: tips for newcomers to online retail...
18.02.2019   #online trading #e-commerce

Worry-free legal compliance: tips for newcomers to online retail

Interview with Johannes Drijkoningen, Händlerbund e.V. (German online trade association)

It is imperative for all online retailers to be legally compliant. We talked to Johannes Drijkoningen, Association Advisor at the Händlerbund e.V. about support, relevant information and unfounded fear of digitization. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Advanced analytics and AI are key to improving planning decisions...
18.02.2019   #data analysis #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019

Advanced analytics and AI are key to improving planning decisions

Only 33 percent of retailers optimize their inventory by leveraging advanced analytics

According to BRP's 2018 Integrated Planning and Inventory Management Survey, most retailers (67 percent) are not leveraging advanced analytics to improve their planning decisions and optimize inventory. The importance of enhanced data and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: IoT data flood meets legacy systems
14.02.2019   #data management #Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT data flood meets legacy systems

Robotic process automation assists complex data management

Many daily recurring tasks cost time and money in addition to precious manpower. For example, employees use above-average capacity on standard activities such as purchase requisition, invoice verification, contract management, or retail data ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Exceptional design, robust character, and high-performance POS technology...
12.02.2019   #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019 #POS Solutions

Exceptional design, robust character, and high-performance POS technology

AURES showcases new product lines

The design aesthetics of POS systems play an ever-important role. This applies to the retail industry, commerce, the service sector, catering and hospitality businesses alike. Strong brand awareness and a clear brand identity at the POS are ...

Thumbnail-Photo: retail trends: focus Retail Technology for EuroCIS 2019...
12.02.2019   #mobile shopping #digital marketing

retail trends: focus "Retail Technology" for EuroCIS 2019

Omnichannel commerce, mobile shopping, seamless checkout – technology trends 2019

Would you like to find out about the latest retail technologies and hold something tangible in your hands at the same time?We'll be happy to send you a copy of our print edition retail trends: with the focus on "Retail Technology" ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The right payment options for online stores
11.02.2019   #online trading #security

The right payment options for online stores

How you can combat shopping cart abandonment with the right methods

One of the main reasons why shoppers will abandon a purchase is when popular online payment methods are not an option. That’s why online retailers must know what these payment options are. We give you an overview of the pros and cons for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Self-service sells
08.02.2019   #touch screens #kiosk terminals

Self-service sells

Kiosks represent an important part of retail’s future

Self-service is growing exponentially in all areas of retail, hotels, restaurants, healthcare and banking environments. Customers increasingly expect self-service technology options and traditional brick-and-mortar stores are no exception. Retailers ...

Thumbnail-Photo: MobiMedia’s new platform: ordering online
07.02.2019   #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019 #ordering software

MobiMedia’s new platform: ordering online

Can digital pre-ordering change the industry?

MobiMedia has introduced the world’s first pre- and post-order portal for the sports industry.The specialists for order systems and goods supply want to usher in a new era for the sports industry with Quintet24.Hannes Rambold, CEO of MobiMedia ...

Thumbnail-Photo: 10 years E-Commerce Day in Cologne
06.02.2019   #e-commerce #event

10 years E-Commerce Day in Cologne

Birthday anniversary at RheinEnergieSTADION

On Friday, 17.05.2019, the E-Commerce Day - made by offers online retailers, manufacturers and other interested parties the opportunity to discover new features and find out about the latest trends in e-commerce. More than 100 exhibitors ...

Thumbnail-Photo: ROQQIO Commerce Solutions connects worlds
06.02.2019   #digitization #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019

ROQQIO Commerce Solutions connects worlds

Have you ever missed your connection when flying or taking the train? Customers who are having a bumpy journey should not feel that they have fallen out of rhythm with their schedule. Every stage of the journey that a customer embarks upon before ...

Thumbnail-Photo: IRI finds consumer confidence making big impact on e-commerce growth...
06.02.2019   #e-commerce #omnichannel

IRI finds consumer confidence making big impact on e-commerce growth

64 percent of omnichannel growth due to e-commerce

While 2019 got off to a rocky start, with a partial government shutdown and trade challenges attributed to tariffs, consumers at the close of 2018 were buoyed by their strong household financial health and were spending accordingly. The latest IRI ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LANCOM LN-830U: Wi-Fi 5 access point with IoT readiness...
06.02.2019   #wlan #network engineering

LANCOM LN-830U: Wi-Fi 5 access point with IoT readiness

Next building block in the IoT strategy

Network infrastructure supplier LANCOM Systems is supplementing its WLAN portfolio with a new Wi-Fi 5 access point featuring IoT readiness. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Six trends affecting our business and the security sector...
06.02.2019   #security #trend research

Six trends affecting our business and the security sector

2019 technology trends

It’s become something of a tradition to write about the key technology trends that we think will have a significant impact on our business over the coming year and the security sector as a whole. Future-gazing is never an easy task, and while ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Artificial Intelligence for Frictionless Shopping...
05.02.2019   #artificial intelligence #TOP Product

Artificial Intelligence for Frictionless Shopping

At EuroCIS 2019, Toshiba unveils the way into the future

No scanning, no hassle – the path to the frictionless shop is in front of consumers and retailers.Toshiba’s Innovation Lab pursues this aim with its Frictionless Shopping proof-of-concept. Relying on a multitude of technologies including ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Posiflex at EuroCIS 2019
04.02.2019   #pos communications #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019

Posiflex at EuroCIS 2019

New interactive self-service kiosks and IoT retail product innovations

The Posiflex Group — a synergy of world-leading POS, kiosk, and industrial computing technologies — will introduce its full product portfolio and latest innovations at EuroCIS, the leading trade show for retail technology, from February ...

Thumbnail-Photo: OAM by CCV – Payment & beyond
04.02.2019   #pos software #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019

OAM by CCV – Payment & beyond

CCV’s Open Application Manager (OAM) turns the point-of-sale into a point-of-interaction! Thanks to OAM a series of added value and business transactions can be mapped via the terminal: this service goes beyond pure payment!OAM has a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: 3D shop and customer analysis with artificial intelligence...
04.02.2019   #customer analysis #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019

3D shop and customer analysis with artificial intelligence

Product innovation at EuroCIS: Intenta S1000 people counter

Intenta presents the new Intenta S1000 people counter at this year’s EuroCIS – a new 3D vision sensor for fully automatic intelligent scene interpretations. This retail specialist tracks precise data for customer statistics thus giving ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Smartwatches become professional
01.02.2019   #mobile data capture #pos communications

Smartwatches become professional

CASIO brings wearables into the world of retail

CASIO stands for the highest quality hardware, extraordinary robustness, reliable project handling and fast support in the area of mobile data capturing.About 20 years ago, the Mobile Industrial Solutions business unit was established, which has ...

Thumbnail-Photo: First-hand packaging technology
01.02.2019   #event #packaging

First-hand packaging technology

LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart

In response to new regulations, packaging industry exhibitors at the 17th LogiMAT are showcasing new developments and innovations in machine technology, methods for reducing the use of traditional materials, and brand-new materials.As people become ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Intenta 3D-vision sensors
01.02.2019   #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019 #instore-analytics

Intenta 3D-vision sensors

New retail specialist for customer tracking

The new Intenta S1000 people counter is fitted with the essential features for counting applications. This makes it an easy to integrate and at the same time cost-effective option for people counting and dwell-time measurement. Following statistics ...

Thumbnail-Photo: A new approach to cash handling
01.02.2019   #payment systems #services

A new approach to cash handling

Cash as a service

Thanks to the rapid expansion of e-commerce and Amazon, there is no doubt that a range of new card payment options are on the rise. At the same time, retailers are still handling enormous amount of cash daily because cash remains by far the most ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Using digital data to drive brick-and-mortar retail success...
31.01.2019   #data analysis #brick and mortar retail

Using digital data to drive brick-and-mortar retail success

Advanced Outlet Analytics

When it comes to using and analyzing relevant data, brick-and-mortar retail lags behind its online competition. While e-commerce retailers use detailed data from web analytics, CRM, and Google searches to analyze user behavior and generate ...

Thumbnail-Photo: SES-imagotag VUSION Pulse Software
30.01.2019   #data warehouse management #software management

SES-imagotag VUSION Pulse Software

Improve Profitability and Reduce Waste

For 25 years, SES-imagotag has been the trusted partner of retailers for digital technology in stores. SES-imagotag, the worldwide leader in smart digital labels and pricing automation, develops a comprehensive IoT and digital platform that delivers ...

Thumbnail-Photo: What’s new in network audio?
30.01.2019   #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019 #audio management

What’s new in network audio?

Your security is better with audio

Growth in the capabilities of network audio technology has the potential to revolutionize the way in which audio is used in many different situations, from customer experience to security. In this post, we look at some of the hot topics in networked ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Optimizing the in-store experience for the connected customer...
30.01.2019   #customer analysis #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019

Optimizing the in-store experience for the connected customer

Network cameras plus retail analytics equals insight

Data. Increasingly at the heart of every business, the ability to collect, analyze and derive actionable insights from multiple sources of data in real-time can be the difference between winning a customer or seeing them captured by the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: User generated content integration on the next level...
28.01.2019   #customer analysis #product content management

User generated content integration on the next level

Denby Pottery helps customers visualise products in their homes with Photoslurp's technology

Denby Pottery has taken User Generated Content integration to the next level, now allowing customers to sort shoppable UGC content based on product colors and style. With help from visual commerce platform, Photoslurp, Denby’s unique galleries ...

Thumbnail-Photo: EuroCIS increases international attendance yet again...

EuroCIS increases international attendance yet again

Practice-driven lectures by high-calibre speakers

EuroCIS, The Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology, running in Düsseldorf from 19 to 21 February, has already exceeded its exhibitor record from last year: to the tune of 460 exhibitors will take part, occupying approximately 14,000 square ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Marketing strategies are at risk
28.01.2019   #e-commerce #marketing planing

Marketing strategies are at risk

Gartner reveals six predictions to guide marketing leaders through uncertain times ahead

Shifting consumer behaviors, mounting regulatory pressures, organizational shifts and disruptive automation combine to pose a real and destabilizing threat to many marketing leaders and their strategies for the years ahead, according to Gartner ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Go Beyond Omnichannel
23.01.2019   #omnichannel #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019

Go Beyond Omnichannel

EuroCIS, GK Software Stand C42, Halle 10

GK Software, the international market leader for store solutions, will yet again set trends for the future of retail at EuroCIS 2019 in Düsseldorf. Attendees will experience the possibilities of combining the world's most comprehensive ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The pharmacy of the future in Italy
23.01.2019   #electronic shelf labels (ESL) #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019

The pharmacy of the future in Italy

Delfi Technologies is present on the Italian market

Pharmacies today need to innovate new technologies to support more efficient working methods, in order to save time and costs while providing a high level of customer service. Thanks to the Breece System with fully ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The food mecca of the future has arrived in Copenhagen...
23.01.2019   #electronic shelf labels (ESL) #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019

The food mecca of the future has arrived in Copenhagen

Electronic shelf labels help to raise the bar

Quality is the characteristic for the new district in Nordhavn, where MENY has opened a new flagship store. The location of the new modern food store has a very special history, as it is opened in a protected building known as the Riffel Syndicate ...

Thumbnail-Photo: In touch: iXtenso - Magazine for Retailers at EuroCIS 2019...
22.01.2019   #e-commerce #brick and mortar retail

In touch: iXtenso - Magazine for Retailers at EuroCIS 2019

The freshly printed retail trends are ready for you! Visit us in hall 9, booth E02!

There will be no boredom until and during the fair - which will take place in Düsseldorf from 19.02.-21.02.2019. That's why you can already read what you can look forward to in our EuroCIS 2019 trade fair special! As speedy reporters, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Elo showcases unified architecture platform
22.01.2019   #touch screens #touch POS complete system

Elo showcases unified architecture platform

Easily configurable for point-of-sale, self-checkout, endless-aisle or any in-store touchscreen application

Elo, a leading global supplier of retail technology solutions, today announced exciting additions to its broad family of POS and self-service solutions. Elo reduces technology complexity while increasing application potential with a common ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Mobile payment holds potential
22.01.2019   #mobile payment #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019

Mobile payment holds potential

Complete range of innovative solutions on display at EuroCIS 2019

With mobile payment, EuroCIS, The Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology, taking place from 19. To 21. February 2019 in Düsseldorf, will cover a topic experts say will revolutionise retail in coming years. In the wake of the introduction of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Toshiba spotlights new innovations for empowering retail...
21.01.2019   #mobile payment #payment systems

Toshiba spotlights new innovations for empowering retail

Showcasing its latest solutions, services and innovative concepts at hall 9 booth B42

Visitors to EuroCIS 2019 will learn at Toshiba's booth how every retailer can design his checkout to suit his and the customers' needs. Under the motto "Empowering the Art of Retail", Toshiba will present its end-to-end IT ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Visual search: a picture says more than a thousand words...
21.01.2019   #online trading #e-commerce

Visual search: a picture says more than a thousand words

The new product search using images

Showing a photo of a product is often easier than describing it in words. This also applies to e-commerce. That's why customers can now simply upload and find a picture of a desired product online. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The robots are mobilizing
21.01.2019   #event #artificial intelligence

The robots are mobilizing

How AI and robotics impact trade and logistics

Rapid developments in artificial intelligence and the physical power of robotics applications make their use in commerce–both sales and logistics–increasingly realistic. Customer service and logistics are currently at the forefront of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: SMX Munich 02.-03.04.2019
08.01.2019   #event #marketing

SMX Munich 02.-03.04.2019

iXtenso readers receive 15% off their admission ticket

Innovations, trends and outlooks on SEO, PPC and online marketing will be presented at SMX Munich! Here, including workshops, the most important players and leading heads of the worldwide SEO, PPC and online marketing industry will gather in just ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Store Transformation drives Self-Service Technology...
08.01.2019   #Trade fair special EuroCIS 2019

Store Transformation drives Self-Service Technology

Self-Checkout Solutions at EuroCIS 2019

The annual “Global EPOS and Self-Checkout” report care of London-based market research and consulting firm RBR shows what is happening around the globe at self-service checkouts. According to the report, retailers worldwide ...

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