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Trigo and Netto Announce Autonomous Supermarket with Real-Time Receipt Capability.

‘Final step’ in frictionless shopping drives trust by enabling consumers to view their receipts BEFORE leaving the store
Full size 800m2 grocery supermarket powered by computer vision AI is Europe’s largest retrofitted frictionless store

Trigo, a leading provider of AI computer vision technology that transforms traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets into digital smart stores, and discount supermarket chain Netto Marken-Discount (also known as Netto), have partnered to launch the world’s first end-to-end frictionless full-sized grocery store with ‘real-time’ receipt capability.

Located in Regensburg, Germany, the retrofitted hybrid store, which also offers the option of traditional shopping, features the latest extension of Trigo’s existing EasyOut® system, which allows shoppers to select their desired items and simply walk out, without having to stop at the checkout. Trigo has now added the capability for shoppers to review their receipts, approve and pay, even BEFORE they leave the store.

Powered by Trigo’s computer vision AI technology, the new EasyOut Station generates shoppers’ receipts in real-time while utilizing Netto’s two fast-exit terminals. Payment is made by card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or the Netto app. Using the Netto app also enables shoppers to automatically redeem coupons and archive the paperless receipt within the app. Unlike traditional self-checkout, Trigo’s EasyOut technology auto-generates shoppers’ baskets as they arrive at the station, with no scanning necessary.

Trigo’s real-time receipt functionality is expected to accelerate consumer adoption of frictionless checkout by inspiring confidence and trust in the technology, as shoppers will be able to view their receipt and confirm that it corresponds exactly to their purchases prior to exiting the store. Moreover, this capability now enables Trigo’s EasyOut solution to directly address the most stringent retail regulations, thereby opening up new markets in those areas where it is a legal requirement to provide a receipt in real-time while the shopper is in the store.

“This store marks a technological milestone in the realm of frictionless shopping and checkout, firstly due to its sheer size and product complexity, and secondly, because it is the first full-size grocery store in the world to provide shoppers with a receipt in real time before exiting the store,” says Daniel Gabay, Co-founder and CEO of Trigo. “This feature elevates the frictionless shopping customer experience and operational efficiency to a whole new level. The technological breakthrough that enables real-time digital basket generation in a store of this size and scope will have profound implications that go far beyond frictionless checkout.”

A woman pays for her purchase at a Kontaklos checkout...
Source: Netto

Christina Stylianou, Head of Corporate Communications at Netto, adds, “Having already blazed a trail two years ago with our Trigo-powered hybrid checkout-free grocery store in Munich, Netto is proud to demonstrate its pioneering approach once again as the first retailer to enable real-time receipt autonomous shopping. We are delighted to continue our partnership with Trigo.”

With a trading area of 800m2 and offering more than 5.000 products, Netto’s Regensburg is the world’s largest Trigo-powered store to date and comprises a full range grocery outlet supporting all supermarket assortments, among them fresh and baked goods, age-restricted items (incorporating real-time detection), newspapers and magazines, and reduced-to-clear sections. Although Netto’s full-size supermarket store in Regensburg currently serves as the flagship end-to-end frictionless retail store to offer a ‘real-time’ receipt facility, the capability is being introduced into multiple Trigo-powered stores worldwide.

The computer vision technology behind Trigo’s end-to-end EasyOut system “sees it all” and can deliver a wide range of services to retailers beyond frictionless check out, tailored to the specific operational needs of their stores. These include services that help retailers to improve the customer experience, optimize operations and labor, control shrink and loss, create new revenue streams based on rich, real-time in-store data, and much more.

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