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Checkout: Taste for customers and retailers

The variety of solutions and their possibilities

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On November 2, 2022, it was once again time for a "retail salsa". iXtenso and EuroShop had already prepared the ingredients for this and invited everyone to a cooking event at the virtual table. The main ingredient for the dish around an optimal customer journey: "Checkout solutions".  

Have you ever wondered what is "THE" right solution for your store?  Should you go all in on one solution and gradually replace the others as a result?

During the conversation, it turned out that you should just add ingredients, at least if Patrick Kruschinski Lead Customer Advisor and Patrick "Pat" Queisler Director of Operations at snabble have their way. Just like a good stew, you should combine several ingredients to find the perfect flavor for you.

The two industry experts told us how retailers can use snabble to implement self checkout systems, mobile point of sale or scan and go, and what opportunities this opens up for them.

During the talk, we asked them: What options are actually available when it comes to checkout and what should you consider when it comes to a new solution? 

Here are our insiders' assessments:

Mann bei einer Videokonferenz
Source: beta-web GmbH/iXtenso

Patrick "Pat" Queisler

"For starters, you can start very simply, the customer can scan in the store and the payment process will take place classically at the regular checkout, you do not need to introduce online payment to the app, you can start this approach immediately. You can build on it and add more services and more convenient services for your customers. The biggest advantage for the customer is that they can enjoy their purchase faster because they don't have to stand at the checkout. Stationary self-checkout works essentially the same way, but for fewer items, the scan-and-go system is for large shopping carts where it's really fast, and the mobile point of sale is a different take on the same issue: it's not self-checkout, but "classic" checkout with a staff member, and it's for products that require advice or where it's expected."

Want to add your recipe ideas to the next retail salsa? Here's how:

Man during video conference
Patrick Kruschinski
Source: beta-web GmbH/iXtenso

Patrick Kruschinski

"I like to tell our customers to think of three things when they want to change something in their store: The first is commitment. That means every store manager and every employee needs to be aware of the concept and realize, 'It's good for me and it helps me increase customer satisfaction.' Second comes communication. Means: A lot of marketing is necessary, because nothing runs by itself. And third comes courage, because sometimes you have to break down walls, you have to change the whole approach.  That's also true when it comes to checkout. For example, in the next ten years, instead of five regular checkouts, there will be only one, everything else will be replaced by self-checkout, mobile point of sale or something else. The space gained will be used for something useful, instead of just being a place to drop off products and take money from customers."

Want to know even more and find out exactly how to optimize the ingredient "checkout solutions" for you and your customers? Want all the key insights served up step-by-step to create your own recipe for success? Click here for the on-demand video!

Author: Tim Plato

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