Thumbnail-Photo: Marketing automation: The USP of the online world...
25.09.2018   #online trading #customer satisfaction

Marketing automation: The USP of the online world

How to successfully develop a personalized sales approach almost automatically

Every day, marketers grapple with a mixture of database, web analytics, communication, workflows, and CRM synchronization. Processes today can be summarized, analyzed and optimized with the help of marketing automation - for a personalized sales ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Perfectly fitting clothes to prevent retail returns...
13.07.2018   #e-commerce #consulting

Perfectly fitting clothes to prevent retail returns

Product recommendations based on a person’s body data

Interview with René Stampfl, Sales Director at Fision Technologies How wonderful it would be if the clothes you order online would fit you perfectly right out of the box. What sounds like wishful thinking, could soon become a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Personalization & pricing summit
09.05.2018   #event #omnichannel

Personalization & pricing summit

Artificial Intelligence in omnichannel business

The personalization & pricing summit (pps) is Germany’s leading conference for the earnings enhancing application of artificial intelligence (AI) in omnichannel business. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Handcrafted skis customized with artificial intelligence...
04.04.2018   #fashion #artificial intelligence

Handcrafted skis customized with artificial intelligence

Each ski is handbuilt to unique customer specifics

After nearly three  years of development and over 400 on-snow test days, Original+, a Salzburg Austria-based ski company,launches  its first production run of custom skis crafted with artificial intelligence. Original+’s ...

Thumbnail-Photo: EuroCIS 2018 - Into the Cloud with AI
19.02.2018   #cloud computing #artificial intelligence

EuroCIS 2018 - Into the Cloud with AI

GK Software launches cloud4retail

GK Software SE is presenting innovations and new product versions at the EuroCIS trade show in Düsseldorf. The major focus is on the new full-service solution known as cloud4retail and the personalization of the customer journey with the help ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Changing the color of 3-D printed objects
02.02.2018   #customer satisfaction #printers

Changing the color of 3-D printed objects

Retail stores could to be able to customize products in real-time

3-D printing has come a long way since the first "rapid prototyping" patent was rejected in 1980. We've evolved from basic designs to a wide range of highly-customizable objects. Still, there's a big issue: once objects are ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Retailers focus on personalization
22.12.2017   #omnichannel #personalization

Retailers focus on personalization

How retailers create a personalized shopping experience with the help of customer data

Personalization, also called customization is a trending topic in retail for the year 2018. Retailers increasingly put customer demands center stage since consumers have come to expect a customized shopping experience both online and offline. But ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Smart retail through use of sensor technology...
29.09.2017   #customer relationship management #brick and mortar retail

Smart retail through use of sensor technology

How brick-and-mortar retail can catch up to the informational edge of e-commerce

E-commerce has a clear advantage over brick-and-mortar retail when it comes to subjects like big data, personalization, and automation. Every time search and buying processes take place online, information about customers practically collects ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Top retail brands ranked with Personalization Index...
14.09.2017   #customer satisfaction #customer relationship management

Top retail brands ranked with Personalization Index

The Retail Personalization Index ranks brands on the quality and degree of personalization in their customer experience.

Sailthru, the leading cross-channel experience management platform for the world's top retail and media companies, today announces the debut of its first annual Retail Personalization Index, a ranking of 100 top retail brands according to how ...

Thumbnail-Photo: HiConversion joins Shopify Plus Partner Program...
03.07.2017   #software management #personalization

HiConversion joins Shopify Plus Partner Program

HiConversion, adaptive testing and personalization solution, announces that it has joined the Shopify Plus Partner Program.

HiConversion’s customer experience optimization platform and Shopify Plus are fully integrated via the Shopify Plus application that can be activated free of charge at: “We are ...


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