DMEXCO 2019 • 16.09.2019

“What do you have that nobody else has?”

Exhibitor statements from the halls of DMEXCO 2019 on marketing trends and technology

We from iXtenso were visiting DMEXCO 2019 and looked around for the latest opportunities and technologies for marketers. We asked some companies what makes their solution unique – here are some answers.

Payment solution

"We enable merchants to maximize conversion at check out – online, in-store and in call centers. With our white label payment solutions consumers have flexible ways to pay." (Claire Gates, CEO, Paysafe)

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Source: iXtenso/Kuhlow

Consumer data

"ATTEST makes it incredibly easy for brands and agencies to gather real consumer data to use in decisions around brand campaigns and innovation." (Lewis Quinn, Senior Sales Development Representative, ATTEST)

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Newsletter distribution

"Newsletter2Go features a simple and data protection-compliant newsletter distribution. From agencies to medium-sized businesses – we have something for everyone." (Bert Winterfeld, Teamlead Marketing, Newsletter2Go)

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Source: iXtenso/Kuhlow

Out-of-home advertising

"HYGH is a Berlin-based ad tech start-up that is revolutionizing the outdoor advertising market through democratization and digital out-of-home advertising in previously inaccessible locations. Our platform makes it possible to set up location-based display ads in real time in a jiffy." (Vincent Müller, CEO, HYGH)

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Source: HYGH

Cloud-based shop system

"Shopify is the leading cloud-based shop system. DMEXCO is one of the most important events for us to get together with our partners. Even though we are in the digital industry, personal interaction is what business is all about." (Hagen Meischner, Partner Management Lead, Shopify)

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Source: iXtenso/Kuhlow

Price optimization

"Patagona is professional in price optimization and personal in supporting our customers. With the Pricemonitor via observation, strategy and optimization to a successful online shop." (Max Bank, Gründer & Geschäftsführer, patagona)

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Source: iXtenso/Kuhlow


"We’re trying to bring creativity back into advertising. We feel that technology has taken over and we are convinced that creativity has a very big place in marketing." (Paul Smith, New Business Director, Just Premium)

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Source: iXtenso/Pott


"As more eyes are on audience data collection and privacy, it’s important that the advertising market has access to contextual solutions that are compliant with regulations and don’t violate consumer trust. That’s what Zefr provides." (Toby Byrne, President, Zefr)

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Source: iXtenso/Pott
Compiled by Inga Kuhlow and Julia Pott

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