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Thumbnail-Photo: What shop design can look like: Pull & Bear in Ourense, Spain...

Images • 30.08.2018

What shop design can look like: Pull & Bear in Ourense, Spain

Sometimes you just need an eye-catcher to lure customers into a store

While I was on vacation in Ourense, a city in northwestern Spain, the “Pull & Bear” store in the Ponte Vella Shopping Center caught my attention. A small bright orange VW bus that also works as a shoe rack stands out right in the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Lord & Taylor unveils 2017 Holiday windows

News • 15.11.2017

Lord & Taylor unveils 2017 Holiday windows

Holiday Circus: A vintage-style circus is conducted by the master of ceremonies

Lord & Taylor unveiled its 80th annual world-famous holiday windows to New York. The Fifth Avenue windows have been transformed into a whimsical journey, as seen through the lens of enchanted snow globes, featuring over 60 variations throughout ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Spotlight on innovation: technological eye candy in the halls...

EuroShop 2017 • 29.03.2017

Spotlight on innovation: technological eye candy in the halls

Highlights shown in our photo gallery

EuroShop 2017 presented a vast variety of technological innovations. Exhibitors introduced POS solutions, which will impact design, day-to-day operations and even customer service. We are presenting some of these highlights in our photo ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The smell of barbecue is in the air

Multisensory effects at the POS • 24.03.2017

The smell of barbecue is in the air

Weber Original Stores provide all customers with a personalized grilling experience

EuroShop 2017 has shown: the retail sector has officially become unimaginable without emotionalization and storytelling. More than ever before, the customer journey is like an adventure that appeals to all the different senses. Philipp ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Visual Merchandising: Using a good story to stimulate the customers...

Video • 08.03.2017

Visual Merchandising: Using a good story to stimulate the customer's imagination

It is all about the best decoration, because you buy with your eyes first

In times of e-commerce, visual marketing is becoming more and more important. Emotions and a well thought out story are crucial elements of the visual merchandising processes. The EuroShop dimension “Visual Merchandising” demonstrates ...

Thumbnail-Photo: retail trends 2017

epaper • 17.02.2017

retail trends 2017

The Magazine for retailers with the focus on trends in retail technology and design.

Here you will find the epaper. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: How Digital Signage promotes visual marketing...

Trends in retail and gastronomy • 28.11.2016

How Digital Signage promotes visual marketing

Until recently, retailers addressed customers at the shop window or point of sale primarily with posters, displays or other eye-catchers

Yet media overload makes it increasingly difficult for these traditional, static advertising formats to assert themselves. New interesting presentation platforms that inform and entertain consumers increasingly prevail. They are summarized under ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Designing store windows: It is the idea that counts...

Visual Merchandising • 19.09.2016

Designing store windows: It is the idea that counts

Interview with Karin Wahl, expert in retail product presentation

She is bubbling over with creativity: Karin Wahl, a professional visual designer of store windows and sales floors. She seems to find a story for every product to stage it and catch the interest of pedestrians passing by a store. That’s why ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Window displays in London: Spring motifs

Eye catchers • 22.04.2016

Window displays in London: Spring motifs

The iXtenso photo gallery shows window displays in London that put you in the mood for a spring shopping tour.

Lots of green, many flowers and floral designs – that’s the look of window displays in London’s shopping districts. They run the gamut from lavish to very simple details. Get inspired!  ...

Thumbnail-Photo: In-Store Digital Signage: How content fills the screens...

Report • 11.04.2016

In-Store Digital Signage: How content fills the screens

Digital signage solutions are becoming increasingly popular in stores because their content informs and entertains customers and supports them in their purchase.

As an eye-catcher, digital signage offers endless possibilities – but only if the content is carefully selected. Retailers are still intimidated by this aspect – though there are various content management solutions that support them in ...

Thumbnail-Photo: FloorCaster® - Advertising within the floor...

Product • 29.10.2009

FloorCaster® - Advertising within the floor

Let them feel the emotion of your brand!

The FloorCaster® has been specially developed to enhance the shopping experience by integrating video and sound into the floor. By adding this extra dimension to reinforce your brand, digital floorcasting allows you to customize and quickly ...

Thumbnail-Photo: PD420TI 42 Digital Signage

Product • 14.10.2009

PD420TI 42" Digital Signage

Dependable Solutions for Retail Environments.

The PD420TI is a proven solution for retail digital signage. Touchscreen integration makes it easy for your customers to interact with your digital content. A standardized command protocol greatly simplifies the process of managing a digital signage ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Visual Merchandising: Why Customers Buy

Report • 12.03.2009

Visual Merchandising: Why Customers Buy

Today’s retail sector is unimaginable without visual merchandising: emotions, entertainment and ambience form the basis required to leave customers eager for 'more'. In a time in which customers confront the consumer sector with more demands ...


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