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Thumbnail-Photo: Digital and local
09.12.2019   #brick and mortar retail #customer satisfaction

Digital and local

Hannover startup creates fashion search engine for downtown stores

In early 2020, the BLVD startup will pilot an app of the same name into the market. The app aims to create a pleasant shopping experience in city centers by avoiding unnecessary routes and tedious searches. During the EHI Technology Days 2019, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Smile please! How to showcase products with amazing photos...
31.05.2019   #online marketing #product presentation

Smile please! How to showcase products with amazing photos

Quick guide to product photography

There is one fundamental difference between online and brick-and-mortar stores: Customers cannot touch, smell or try out the products. Essentially, the eyes decide whether something is ordered or not.That’s why product images and descriptions ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Computer-generated imagery: better and faster product photography for...
12.04.2019   #online trading #digitization

Computer-generated imagery: better and faster product photography for online stores

David Wischniewski on the possibilities of product visualization

Product photography is essential to the success of any online store. Unable to provide haptic feedback, retailers are tasked with inspiring their customers to buy. This can be an expensive endeavor in the long run. Digitally created renderings of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Integration to provide more options
04.04.2019   #online trading #e-commerce

Integration to provide more options and ROQQIO

The real online marketplace is now also open to retailers working with the ROQQIO Commerce Solutions cloud solution. Thanks to the integration of the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud (previously known as eFulfilment), real is offering retailers two new ways of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: More time for core business thanks to Digital Asset Management...
08.01.2018   #digitization #data management

More time for core business thanks to Digital Asset Management

The Hansgrohe Group perfectly manages product data

Marketing managers of international companies juggle a multitude of multimedia content on a daily basis. Content components like images, texts, and videos must be managed correctly and be available on demand. However, it’s a major challenge ...


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