Thumbnail-Photo: Ideas for tool and outstanding displays
02.09.2008   #displays #product presentation

Ideas for tool and outstanding displays

With an unequalled range of display fittings, Geck is your ideal partner in the retail industry. We have at our disposal an almost unlimited range of solutions for product presentation and display, covering all types of display systems, from ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LED-light displays - The power of light. Visual fascination....
28.03.2008   #LED technology #displays

LED-light displays - The power of light. Visual fascination.

The light innovation of the new century! All being lies in the power of light. All the strong things of this world – the power of colour, shape, matter and the power of life are nothing without light. Our new state-of-the-art system for visual ...

Thumbnail-Photo: DeskWindo® - Optimal Use of Counter Surfaces...
09.03.2008   #displays #in-store marketing

DeskWindo® - Optimal Use of Counter Surfaces

Designed for point-of-sale situations, the DeskWindo® provides an excellent opportunity to reach your customers right at the checkout. This ultra-thin poster display lies snug on the counter surface to clearly display your promotion, and the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: WipeWindo® - When First Impressions Count
09.03.2008   #displays #in-store marketing

WipeWindo® - When First Impressions Count

An effective entrance mat protects the floor by removing the dirt, grit, grease and moisture brought in every time a customer enters the store. By combining a large and practical entrance mat along with the power of floor advertising, the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: PromoDek®
09.03.2008   #displays #in-store marketing


The easiest way to step up your next promotion!

Stepping up your promotion has never been this easy-to-use! Standing out from the crowd and having the edge over the competition can be the difference between success and failure. And that’s why PromoDek offers the easiest and most flexible ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Acryl und Kunststoff
05.03.2008   #displays #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)

Acryl und Kunststoff

Our company specialization consists in particular of the modular systems constructed for presentation and sale of brand new goods. Thanks to the systems the sales are notably increasing in POS. Modular systems are functional sales systems that ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LCD-/ LED-/ Plasmabildschirme
01.03.2008   #displays #electric displays

LCD-/ LED-/ Plasmabildschirme

DS 2012: Indoor LED Video Display

This 85"-wide all-round spectacle is designed for information broadcasting, live performances and video displays. It brings more cinematic impact to large public areas such as convention center lobbies, concerts, sports arenas, airports, train ...

Thumbnail-Photo: CORE Flexible Furniture
28.02.2008   #shop building #displays

CORE Flexible Furniture

CORE Flexible Furniture For the most flexible and customizable range of counters, workstations and plinths choose CORE® flexible furniture™. With a great choice of shapes, sizes and configurations you’re guaranteed to get the perfect solution ...

20.02.2008   #displays #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)

Temporäre Displays - ClingZ Film Charger

Add an extra charge to your ClingZ printed piece or recharge it as needed! The ClingZ Film Charger now gives you the ability to enhance the charge in a printed piece, before or after it's applied to a surface, to give it the longest lasting hold. It ...

20.02.2008   #displays #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)

Temporäre Displays - ClingZ with VersaLiner

ClingZ with VersaLiner is the same trusted ClingZ film, now with a full contact liner. ClingZ with VersaLiner is available in 2.4 mil white or 2.0 mil clear film and is offset printable. The 100# liner is polycoated, tissue backed and is also ...

20.02.2008   #displays #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)

Temporäre Displays - ClingZ Flexo

ClingZ is available in roll form for flexographic printing. ClingZ Flexo is a 2.4 mil white, or 2.0 mil clear film, available in roll widths up to 30" and lengths up to 5000 ft. The film has several full contact liners, a 60# for roll to roll ...

20.02.2008   #displays #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)

Temporäre Displays - ClingZ Digital

ClingZ Digital is an electrically charged, printable polypropylene film for temporary short run signage applications. ClingZ Digital is fully adhered to a paper backer for easy printing and is compatible with a variety of UV Wide format printers. It ...

20.02.2008   #displays #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)

Temporäre Displays - ClingZ

ClingZ is a patented, electrically charged 2 mil polypropylene film that is offset printable. It comes with a 10pt. C1S backer which is printable on the back side. ClingZ is ideal for point of purchase promotion, pharmaceutical and educational ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pelco Public View Monitors
18.02.2008   #security #video surveillance

Pelco Public View Monitors

Sending a Powerful Message

Pelco PublicView Monitors serve as a strong deterrent to would-be thieves, letting them know that your premises are protected by video security – at the same time welcoming customers and displaying promotional messages. Created specifi cally ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Themedisplays
14.02.2008   #displays #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)


Bottle Display Leffe Bottle Display Leffe - made of painted MDF, screenprinted branding Bottle Display Marry Jane Bottle Display Marry Jane - made of foamed PVC, SS tubes, fluorescent tubes, LED and a real bottle. Height - 0,4 m Menu Board ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Long term displays
14.02.2008   #displays #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)

Long term displays

Bottle Display Johnie Walker Bottle Display Johnie Walker - body - steel sheet cut-through illuminated logo and panels. Shelves - painted MDF. Height - 1,8 m Cigarette Display Victory Cigarette Display Victory - Made of foamed PVC and clear acrylic. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Acrylic und Plastic Displays
14.02.2008   #displays #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)

Acrylic und Plastic Displays

Display Nivea baby Display Nivea baby – made of painted PVC. Length – 0,7 m (siehe Bild 1) Display Suchard Display Suchard – steel framework and plastic decorations (siehe Bild 2) Hostes box Parliament Hostes box Parliament - plastic bed, ...

14.02.2008   #POS marketing #displays

Long Term and temporary display - x2display

x2display with x2wall, is a range of smart products with an exclusive design. They have few components and are easy to mount. Aluminium profiles and highly qualitative prints help serve your brand at its best. Our products are delivered in flat ...

Thumbnail-Photo: POS Display - 2stand
14.02.2008   #POS marketing #displays

POS Display - 2stand

2stand is a very stable free-standing display with double-sided exposure. For a new campaign, just keep the base, and change only the sleeve. SIMPLE: Flat packaging 3 pieces only less than 1 min to set up SMART: New campaign = new ...

13.02.2008   #POS marketing #displays

In-store communication solutions

Alrec designs and produces In-store communication solutions such as Signs, Displays and Shop in Shop systems. These vary from simple, standard products through to tailor-made concepts, using all the available materials and techniques required to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: HoloPro™4 shows more details
13.02.2008   #displays #electric displays

HoloPro™4 shows more details

G+B pronova present their new 0.2 mm technology

Sorry, but our new 0.2 mm technology shows every detail. Even we can’t improve the content of pictures – but our new technology gives you the most brilliant holographic projection screen ever for displaying them – with 16 million ...

10.02.2008   #displays

The Tabletop Display for the Digital Age

PodiaT® Tabletop Display, designed as a double-sided tabletop frame, displays prints directly from office and home printers. The 300.5mm high by 12mm wide capsule is perfect for “letter size” paper or top-trimmed A4 paper, folded ...

Thumbnail-Photo: HoloPro™ – the transparent holographic projection screen...
21.01.2008   #displays #electric displays

HoloPro™ – the transparent holographic projection screen

Original HoloPro™ – the transparent holographic projection screen can be bought or hired and is also available in the following complete systems: HoloPro™ A transparent rear projection screen unaffected by ambient light. Available in the ...

30.11.2007   #displays

Blue Spider

Motorized banner lift system with remote control. BLUE SPIDER animates poster advertising on your point of sale: 360° rotations, up-and-down effects and more. Do you want to switch a poster? You don't need to climb up to the poster anymore, the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Temporary merchandising unit for magazines
28.11.2007   #displays #visual merchandising

Temporary merchandising unit for magazines

Working alongside Magazine Solutions Bartuf’s brief was to design a merchandising unit for TV listings magazines. The unit had a high visual impact and was required to increase impulse seasonal sales. It was also designed to be supplied fully ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Tusk Display Podium
30.10.2007   #displays #product presentation

Tusk Display Podium

The breadth and depth of Albion’s custom manufacturing capability is illustrated by one of its latest solutions for estate agents. This stylish Tusk Display Podium is a purpose designed means of showing and easily changing property ...

Thumbnail-Photo: New Sign Ware Products
29.10.2007   #displays #large-scale communication

New Sign Ware Products

Exclusively through Albion

Albion, the UK manufacturer of cable and rod display systems, are showcasing many innovative new products in the Sign-Ware range of indoor and outdoor aluminum extrusions. Sign-Ware, exclusively distributed by Albion, have developed a new catalogue ...

Thumbnail-Photo: CONRAC 64xx BD LCD/TFT Display
20.08.2007   #displays #in-store marketing

CONRAC 64xx BD LCD/TFT Display

in 16:9 format with integrated Media Player

The large screen full colour LCD/TFT monitor CONRAC 64xx BD has been specially designed for applications such as Point-of-Information Point-of-Sales Point-of-Waiting Seminar-/Conference-Rooms, Videoconferencing Reception Areas, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: FloorWindo® - Face the Floor!
18.03.2005   #displays #in-store marketing

FloorWindo® - Face the Floor!

Never has floor advertising been so effective and so easy to use as with the FloorWindo® exchangeable poster display. By standing out right at the point-of-sale, the FloorWindo® increases brand awareness and drives sales. This unique ...


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