Thumbnail-Photo: A look ahead: Virtual Reality at EuroShop 2017...
22.02.2017   #displays #virtual reality

A look ahead: Virtual Reality at EuroShop 2017

What’s the actual purpose of virtual retail applications?

Is it all about the fun factor or maybe more about the chance to obtain more comprehensive information? At any rate, the interactive character of these solutions provides many opportunities for the retail sector – both online and offline. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Intelligent vending modules and all-in-one interactive components at RBTE...
01.03.2016   #displays #display systems

Intelligent vending modules and all-in-one interactive components at RBTE

Automated sale of standard goods in shopping centres, airports and train stations

Pyramid Computer will showcase its latest All-in-one polytouch® components range and its much talked about Intelligent Vending Modules at the Retail Business Technology Expo 2016.

Thumbnail-Photo: Elo enhances Point-of-Sale experience
08.12.2015   #pos marketing #displays

Elo enhances Point-of-Sale experience

New widescreen offering delivers scalable POS performance

Elo announced the expansion of its X-Series product line with the availability of a new 20-inch widescreen all-in-one touchscreen POS computer. Retailers and hospitality providers have come to rely on the Elo X-Series for its affordability and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: BenQ expands digital signage display series
17.06.2015   #digital signage #displays

BenQ expands digital signage display series

Ultra-slim bezel displays enable integrators to create eye-catching video walls

BenQ America Corp. announced the availability of four new models in its digital signage series, which will debut at InfoComm 2015. The next-generation signage solutions include the company’s all-new 4K displays, interactive touch panels, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Artistic mosaic video wall solution
22.05.2015   #digital signage #displays

Artistic mosaic video wall solution

Rotate individual displays of any type to calibrate eye-catching art walls in minutes with video wall platform

Userful Corporation, an industry leader in centralized display software, is making it simple and cost effective to deploy exciting and unique artistic video walls. The Userful Network Video Wall includes a drag and drop, browser-based ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The world’s first curved, multi-user interactive wall...
06.03.2015   #displays #touch screens

The world’s first curved, multi-user interactive wall

The iWall is a modular, highly customizable display system

MultiTaction’s new display is the world’s first and only curved multi-user interactive wall that supports an unlimited number of concurrent users, has curvatures of up to 360 degrees and widths up to 96 feet. With its Curved ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Creating in-store experiences with digital elements...
23.01.2015   #digital signage #multichannel commerce

"Creating in-store experiences with digital elements"

Interview about EuroCIS 2015 with Franz Kendler, Umdasch Shopfitting

Transparent screens, a virtual point of sale and software retailers can outfit their stores with: at EuroCIS 2015, Umdasch Shopfitting will deliver insights into modern, digital store construction. Before the trade fair, Franz Kendler, Director of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: eyevis presents novelties at IBC 2014
08.07.2014   #digital signage #displays

eyevis presents novelties at IBC 2014

Ultra HD-Displays with 60 Hz, high-quality LED-Modules and super-slender SLIM-Cubes

On 12 to 16 September 2014 at IBC in Amsterdam, eyevis presents novelties for demanding visualizations in TV studios, direction rooms, post production and digital signage applications. The new 85’’ Ultra HD displays with 60 Hz, the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Perch Launches at kate spade new york
12.05.2014   #digital signage #displays

Perch Launches at kate spade new york

Perch Interactive announced a collaboration with kate spade new york to bring Perch displays to select stores, including locations in New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Charlotte and London. Spanning 2014, the campaigns feature a new ...

Thumbnail-Photo: BASYS GmbH shows strong presence at trade fairs for its 100th anniversary...
14.01.2014   #digital signage #displays

BASYS GmbH shows strong presence at trade fairs for its 100th anniversary

BASYS GmbH out of Luneburg, Germany, presents its technology leading digital signage products at two very important industry shows in February: ISE in Amsterdam and EUROShop in Dusseldorf. Both shows have an important value to BASYS marketing ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Digital Outdoor Display ROAD KING 70
14.01.2014   #digital signage #displays

Digital Outdoor Display ROAD KING 70"

BASYS GmbH in Lueneburg, Germany constantly expands its product range digital signage applications. BASYS now introduces its extremely innovative and robust digital display series ROAD KING for the rapidly growing outdoor information and advertising ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Your new sales assistant...
19.06.2013   #digital signage #displays

Your new sales assistant...

The Giant iTab now has a little brother

The latest innovation in 'large format' touchscreen tablets is designed especially for event showcasing, e-commerce and multi-channel marketing environments - anywhere space may be limited. The Giant iTab is a large touch screen solution ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Large Flexible Displays
21.03.2013   #digital signage #displays

Large Flexible Displays

UK company debuts first display of its kind

Plastic Logic has publicly shown its flexible electrophoretic display. It is the first time that a flexible, reflective digital signage module larger than 40" and using organic thin-film transistors has been publicly shown. The display was ...

Thumbnail-Photo: MultiTouch at ISE
28.01.2013   #displays #touch screens

MultiTouch at ISE

Touch display innovations make European debut

MultiTouch will showcase its ultra-thin bezel multi-touch display at ISE 2013, highlighting the unique features of MultiTaction technology. The gap from pixel to pixel is reduced to less than 6mm, making stacked configurations with minimal bezel ...

01.03.2012   #displays #terminals

Hoeft & Wessel brings Android to mobile terminals

Product range to be expanded with Android

Hoeft & Wessel is expanding its range of mobile terminals with the Android operating system. The new units will go on exhibit for the first time at the EuroCIS. The IT company recently introduced the first mobile terminal loaded with the Android OS ...

27.01.2012   #displays #electric displays

Leading electronics retailer rolls out ZBD’s displays across all German stores

ZBD Displays, the leader in fully graphic epaper display, systems announced today that Cyberport, a leading Germany-based consumer electronics retailer, has rolled out ZBD’s fully graphic electronic shelf labelling across its entire store ...

29.12.2011   #digital signage #displays

Hardware design and media content: seamless integration à la netvico

From now on, one of netvico’s digital pillars will be providing information about international exchange rates and gold prices in the foyer of the new branch of Exchange in Berlin. The focus of this particular project was to ensure that the ...

21.11.2011   #digital signage #displays

Pilot project reveals students are twice as engaged when using 3D content

A pan-European pilot project headed by Texas Instruments (TI) DLP has highlighted the widespread positive impact on how students learn when using 3D content as a teaching tool, improving student engagement, concentration and test scores. The DLP ...

Thumbnail-Photo: DT-X7 - Excellent connection and interface variety...
07.06.2011   #displays #mobile terminals

DT-X7 - Excellent connection and interface variety

The ergonomically designed DT-X7 mobile terminal boasts a powerful processor suitable for even the most demanding applications, 64 MB RAM and 64 MB F-ROM memory capacity and can be used in various mobile network environments. Integrated IrDA and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: An idea becomes reality: netvico collaborates with Bogner...
19.04.2011   #digital signage #displays

An idea becomes reality: netvico collaborates with Bogner

netvico has added yet another fashion store to its illustrious client base: the premium and lifestyle brand Bogner. To mark the beginning of this collaboration, three terminals have been installed in Bogner stores in Cologne, Munich and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Brillant protection
10.03.2011   #displays #electric displays

Brillant protection

The mix does the tricks: Printing media and finishing films by Neschen are the ideal combination

With its comprehensive product range in the field of Display Graphic Solutions (DGS), Neschen AG offers the perfect printing medium for any display system and for every application. Whether matte or glossy, water-based or solvent-based: Neschen ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Stinova and eKiosk launch SaaS Portal for Digital Signage...
23.02.2011   #digital signage #displays

Stinova and eKiosk launch SaaS Portal for Digital Signage

Stinova, a leading software manufacturer of Digital Signage solutions and eKiosk, a leading manufacturer of Digital Signage turn-key solutions announced today the joint launching of a SaaS portal for Digital Signage applications that can be reached ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Advertise with passion!
12.01.2011   #pos systems #pos marketing

Advertise with passion!

Advertise with passion! Addressing your retail customers with an emotional appeal becomes extra successful by using digital media! Online Software AG is presenting POS media  at the latest EuroShop stand. Starting a new era of addressing ...

Thumbnail-Photo: WipeWindo® - When First Impressions Count!
02.11.2009   #displays #display systems

WipeWindo® - When First Impressions Count!

An effective entrance mat protects the floor by removing the dirt, grit, grease and moisture brought in every time a customer enters the store. By combining a large and practical entrance mat along with the power of floor advertising, the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Windo® poster displays
29.10.2009   #displays #in-store marketing

Windo® poster displays

In-store advertising

Influenced by radio, television, print and Internet, your customer enters the store ready to buy, only to be overwhelmed by the countless number of products. For this reason, in-store advertising is becoming increasingly critical to the marketing ...

Thumbnail-Photo: FloorCaster® - Advertising within the floor...
29.10.2009   #digital signage #displays

FloorCaster® - Advertising within the floor

Let them feel the emotion of your brand!

The FloorCaster® has been specially developed to enhance the shopping experience by integrating video and sound into the floor. By adding this extra dimension to reinforce your brand, digital floorcasting allows you to customize and quickly ...

20.10.2009   #digital signage #pos systems

DISPLAY/PoS World to become a viscom core segment

Displays and PoS Systems have found a new trade fair home

Manufacturers and suppliers of displays and PoS systems who, in the past, were represented in the Marketing Services section at “display”, the trade fair for PoS marketing, now have a new trade fair home. With DISPLAY/PoS World starting ...

Thumbnail-Photo: PD420TI 42 Digital Signage
14.10.2009   #digital signage #displays

PD420TI 42" Digital Signage

Dependable Solutions for Retail Environments.

The PD420TI is a proven solution for retail digital signage. Touchscreen integration makes it easy for your customers to interact with your digital content. A standardized command protocol greatly simplifies the process of managing a digital signage ...

Thumbnail-Photo: NEC Launches Sale of MPLS-TP Next Generation Packet Transport Device...
07.09.2009   #displays #electric displays

NEC Launches Sale of MPLS-TP Next Generation Packet Transport Device

MN5000 Series to be featured at the Broadband World Forum 2009

Tokyo- NEC Corporation announced today the launch of sales for the MN5000 Series, a next generation packet transport device that uses MPLS-TP (*1) transmission to enable carrier networks to migrate to packet based networks, such as IP and Ethernet, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: High Quality Display Solutions
26.08.2009   #displays #electric displays

High Quality Display Solutions

Style CENTRO your way Modular displays with real flexibility. Designed for magnetic graphic displays. Contemporary neon acrylic features. Unique, robust anodised aluminium construction. Requiring only a single hex bit for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: x2display - A small package that becomes something big...
14.05.2009   #pos marketing #displays

x2display - A small package that becomes something big

All our x2display products are delivered in small and flat packages for optimised logistics and delivery. All the products have few pieces that are quick and easy to mount (only an allen key needed). The whole area is dedicated to the message to be ...

Thumbnail-Photo: x2wall Display
14.05.2009   #displays

x2wall Display

X2wall comes in an easily transportable carry box.   It is available in two formats: 125 x 250cm or 250 x 250cm but the size can also be adapted to your needs.   X2wall can be single or double-sided.   The fabric piece ...

Thumbnail-Photo: 2stand display - Stability and flexibility
14.05.2009   #pos marketing #displays

2stand display - Stability and flexibility

2stand is a new strategic communication tool for your campaigns on your POS. It comes delivered in a flat packaging that weighs around 3kgs.   It has only 3 parts and takes under 1 min to set up.   The wooden foot ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Ideas for tool and outstanding displays
02.09.2008   #displays #product presentation

Ideas for tool and outstanding displays

With an unequalled range of display fittings, Geck is your ideal partner in the retail industry. We have at our disposal an almost unlimited range of solutions for product presentation and display, covering all types of display systems, from ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LED-light displays - The power of light. Visual fascination....
28.03.2008   #led technology #displays

LED-light displays - The power of light. Visual fascination.

The light innovation of the new century! All being lies in the power of light. All the strong things of this world – the power of colour, shape, matter and the power of life are nothing without light. Our new state-of-the-art system for visual ...

Thumbnail-Photo: DeskWindo® - Optimal Use of Counter Surfaces...
09.03.2008   #displays #in-store marketing

DeskWindo® - Optimal Use of Counter Surfaces

Designed for point-of-sale situations, the DeskWindo® provides an excellent opportunity to reach your customers right at the checkout. This ultra-thin poster display lies snug on the counter surface to clearly display your promotion, and the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: WipeWindo® - When First Impressions Count
09.03.2008   #displays #in-store marketing

WipeWindo® - When First Impressions Count

An effective entrance mat protects the floor by removing the dirt, grit, grease and moisture brought in every time a customer enters the store. By combining a large and practical entrance mat along with the power of floor advertising, the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: PromoDek®
09.03.2008   #displays #in-store marketing


The easiest way to step up your next promotion!

Stepping up your promotion has never been this easy-to-use! Standing out from the crowd and having the edge over the competition can be the difference between success and failure. And that’s why PromoDek offers the easiest and most flexible ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Acryl und Kunststoff
05.03.2008   #displays #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)

Acryl und Kunststoff

Our company specialization consists in particular of the modular systems constructed for presentation and sale of brand new goods. Thanks to the systems the sales are notably increasing in POS. Modular systems are functional sales systems that ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LCD-/ LED-/ Plasmabildschirme
01.03.2008   #displays #electric displays

LCD-/ LED-/ Plasmabildschirme

DS 2012: Indoor LED Video Display

This 85"-wide all-round spectacle is designed for information broadcasting, live performances and video displays. It brings more cinematic impact to large public areas such as convention center lobbies, concerts, sports arenas, airports, train ...

Thumbnail-Photo: CORE Flexible Furniture
28.02.2008   #shop building #displays

CORE Flexible Furniture

CORE Flexible Furniture For the most flexible and customizable range of counters, workstations and plinths choose CORE® flexible furniture™. With a great choice of shapes, sizes and configurations you’re guaranteed to get the perfect solution ...

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