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shop window

The shop window gives a preview of the product range and the atmosphere that awaits visitors in stores. An attractive design can virtually capture passers-by. You can find out more about the effect and design of shop windows here.

Thumbnail-Photo: Lord & Taylor unveils 2017 Holiday windows
15.11.2017   #sales promotion #visual merchandising

Lord & Taylor unveils 2017 Holiday windows

Holiday Circus: A vintage-style circus is conducted by the master of ceremonies

Lord & Taylor unveiled its 80th annual world-famous holiday windows to New York. The Fifth Avenue windows have been transformed into a whimsical journey, as seen through the lens of enchanted snow globes, featuring over 60 variations throughout ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Visual marketing: macro trends for 2017
23.01.2017   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

Visual marketing: macro trends for 2017

Brick-and-mortar retailers have a powerful tool to battle today’s increasing competition: the sales floor.

It offers big opportunities to pique the curiosity of consumers and gets them excited right at the point of sale system and encourages them to buy. Having said that, the store needs to be designed in an emotional, attractive and - most of all- ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Toms: When shopping becomes a good deed
19.09.2016   #sustainability #fashion

Toms: When shopping becomes a good deed

Image gallery of London’s Toms store sustainability commitment

At the trendy TOMS store in London’s Carnaby Street, the core elements of customer-centric store design catch your eye – right along with the feel-good factor. Located in the midst of London whilst featuring plenty of wood and simple ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Designing store windows: It is the idea that counts...
19.09.2016   #design #visual merchandising

Designing store windows: It is the idea that counts

Interview with Karin Wahl, expert in retail product presentation

She is bubbling over with creativity: Karin Wahl, a professional visual designer of store windows and sales floors. She seems to find a story for every product to stage it and catch the interest of pedestrians passing by a store. That’s why ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Window displays in London: Spring motifs
22.04.2016   #design #visual merchandising

Window displays in London: Spring motifs

The iXtenso photo gallery shows window displays in London that put you in the mood for a spring shopping tour.

Lots of green, many flowers and floral designs – that’s the look of window displays in London’s shopping districts. They run the gamut from lavish to very simple details. Get inspired!  ...

Thumbnail-Photo: A facade experience with a different perspective...
01.04.2016   #product presentation #shop window

A facade experience with a different perspective

Anti-reflective glass brings transparency and performance to shop windows

Traditionally, glass is used to create a barrier to protect its encased environment. However, selecting the wrong glass can affect the overall visual performance by resulting in unwanted glare and reflection, while at the same time reducing light transmission and overall aesthetics.

Thumbnail-Photo: Customer approach becomes more digital – and practical...
04.02.2016   #customer satisfaction #digital signage

Customer approach becomes more digital – and practical

Fresh ideas for retailing at the BMWI joint booth at EuroCIS

Lifeless mannequins with whom customers cannot identify could soon be a thing of the past. At least, if it’s up to new entrepreneur Mesut Yilmaz. He has developed a digital marketing concept for retailer’s store windows which he will be presenting at EuroCIS.

Thumbnail-Photo: Using store windows effectively as customer magnets...
09.04.2015   #visual communication #shop window

Using store windows effectively as customer magnets

Those, who know how to use the power of store windows, can change passers-by into paying customers with the right design

It has only been recently that retailers pay increased attention to their store windows. By now, they realize that they can use them specifically as a means of communication to attract customers. That’s why according to the EHI, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The store windows are our calling card
27.03.2015   #LED technology #smartphone

"The store windows are our calling card"

Interview with Nicole Werner, Visual Designer at fashion house L+T in Osnabrück, Germany

The design of the German Fashion House L+T is single sourced from the store window all the way to print advertisements. Nicole Werner, who was recently presented with the Award for Best Visual Marketing for her work, is in charge of design at the ...


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