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Retailer Bonita transforming store operations with Zebra’s software solution

Zebra enables retailer to digitize task management, communication and merchandise workflows across 470 stores

Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, today announced that German fashion retailer Bonita is set to transform its retail operations with the implementation of Zebra’s Task Management software solution. This solution is part of The Modern Store by Zebra framework which has helped retailers achieve 95% on-time task completion, 98% inventory accuracy and increased transaction value by 25%.

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Founded in 1969, Bonita is a fashion retailer in combi-fashion for ‘best ager’ customers. It has 470 shops and 50 shop-in-shops at selected partners across Germany as well as in Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands and operates an online store. The retailer distributes 22 fashion collections per year, which are set up in an inspiring way in stores to drive customer interest. However, much of the communication between the head office in Hamminkeln and store associates was done via messages on the cash register or by email, meaning errors and delays would occur which impacted tasks being completed in an efficient manner.

Analyse workflows - increase efficiency

Bonita’s sales operations leaders realised that a modern software solution was needed to remove the manual processes in place and streamline connectivity and information sharing and create better communications. This would ensure more effective implementation of tasks so store associates had more time with customers, creating better shopper experiences.

Bonita leaders reached out to Zebra with challenges and desired outcomes for their business, associates and customers. The retailer worked with Zebra’s specialist retail software team to map out and analyse workflows, associate tasks in the workflow, and identify potential productivity, efficiency and financial saving gains to create a compelling business case. The retailer selected Zebra’s Task Management software solution and will work with the Zebra software team to implement it in May this year across all 470 stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

“My colleagues and I have been very impressed with the selected Task Management software solution which digitizes and optimises our store workflows, associate activities, and the customer experience,” says Marco Seidel, Head of Sales Operations, Bonita. “In the run-up to the rollout, we examined the usability of the solution with colleagues from all areas of the business and received very positive feedback. We are confident our collaboration with Zebra will deliver a strong return on investment. We’re excited for this next chapter in our transformation journey.”

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Source: Zebra Technologies

The Zebra Task Management software solution consists of Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager, Q-Walk, Q-Chat and Q-Forms. The solution will be used by both in-store associates and area managers who will access it via their workplace tablets and other mobile devices.

“Retailers are increasingly turning to software solutions to address their most important challenges,” says Christoph Saalmann, Senior Manager, Zebra Reflexis Software Solutions, Germany, Zebra Technologies. “The Modern Store by Zebra framework provides retailers with the elevated capabilities they need to drive success today with the agility to forecast and adapt for tomorrow.”

With Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager, tasks will be preselected and structured according to priorities, creating greater efficiency so associates can do their best work. The store team can see their respective tasks on an overview screen via their tablet and receive automatic notifications if a task requires quick attention or is high priority.

Better communication between head office and branches

The platform also ensures communication from area managers and headquarters to stores is streamlined, with the right messages going to the right stores and store associates. New workflow forms will be streamlined using Q-Forms accessed via an easy-to-use interface on devices. Forms can be created, updated and shared thanks to robust version control functionality. It means store associates have the most up-to-date forms, and nobody is using incomplete or out-of-date information.

The design of display windows will also be optimised. The Task Manager photo feedback function gives visual merchandising colleagues a clear overview of how the collections are positioned. To do this, associates simply take a photo of the relevant products in the store and attach it to the completed task. Merchandising managers can then provide immediate feedback.

Area managers will also leverage Q-Walk, which simplifies and mobilises the on-site auditing process. Area managers can conduct on-site inspections from a mobile device, with precise audit trails and intelligent, real-time triggers for best practice corrective actions. And with the real-time communication solution Q-Chat, instant messaging can be sent from anywhere at any time. Associates can share private messages, while managers and headquartered staff can keep associates up to date on topics using channels and group chats.

Key Takeaways

  • Fashion retailer Bonita has selected Zebra’s Task Management software solution to digitize and optimise its workflows, communications, and associate tasks.
  • The solution will be implemented at 470 stores across Germany, Austria and the Netherlands in May this year.
  • Zebra’s retail software portfolio and The Modern Store by Zebra will be a key feature for Zebra at EuroShop Feb. 26 – March 2.

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