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Creative newcomers present innovative IT-solutions specifically for retail

Start-up Hub at EuroCIS 2022, the Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology

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EuroCIS from 15 to 17 February 2022, will again be the hotspot for latest-generation retail technology. For the third time now it will stage the Start-up Hub thereby offering young companies ideal possibilities for making first contacts with international retail decision-makers in Düsseldorf. The newcomers score points with innovative power, creativity and have their sights specifically on developing the latest IT systems and solutions for retail.

From AI, Deep Learning and biometrics to IoT: first brief profiles of the start-ups

Bank2Loyalty allows companies, institutions and authorities to identify their customers on site and offer them personalised services via an interactive digital display. This creates a wide variety of options for contacting end users in less than one minute, collecting immediate feedback and improving employees’ productivity at the branches and for increasing customer loyalty.

Blockstore is a Finnish start-up and technology provider that makes self- service fast, convenient and seamless. With an innovative concept for unmanned food stores the company supports retailers in getting their business model in shape for the digital age.

Deep North develops sector-specific software solutions and leverages artificial intelligence to link the physical with the digital world. Using Pragmatic-AI and Deep-Learning technology video images are analysed in order to deliver valuable data in real time. The AI platform offers a broad spectrum of shopper analyses such as footfall, conversion rates, demographic data, in-store time, shopper journey alongside operational management tools such as work planning and self-checkout analyses. is a Store-as-Media platform that translates analyses of shopper behaviour into turnover and customer satisfaction. With the help of AI algorithms and computer vision provides programmatic offline advertising and real-time analyses. Furthermore, automates the relations between brands and retailers by giving brands direct access to the AI platform to place their ads.

FreshIndex determines the quality and shelf-life of fresh produce with the help of artificial intelligence. This improves decision-making processes along the supply chain and allows retailers to take an informed decision based on the actual quality. As a result, up-to-date, quality-sensitive pricing and improved sales management with reduced mark-downs make for increased margins in the fresh produce segment.

Nomitri develops Embedded Deep-Learning Computer Vision Technology for retail. The modular software, which can be used with a wide variety of hardware, can turn any camera into a smart camera. This is how technical possibilities from the online world are transported right into physical shops. Thanks to the smartphone-based AI Shopping Assistant retailers are supported with article surveillance and given insights into individual shopper’s behaviour.

shipcloud is the Shipping Service Provider for online retailers, marketplaces and fulfilment service providers offering a simple and uniform interface with all relevant shipping service providers. Thanks to over 130+ integration possibilities including the leading shop, ERP and MIS and a modern API the integration of the shipcloud service is faster and cheaper than connecting to a single parcel service.

SLACE is a company in direct-to-customer messenger marketing, which allows retailers or brands to make anonymous shoppers known and addressable in as little as five seconds. This is done in compliance with the GDPR and in the consumer’s “Messenger of Choice”. In this way, direct and diverse interaction with shoppers is made possible.

Stocksquare is a joint venture between OTTO and ECE and enables physical retailers to sell their ranges though high-reach online marketplaces like With the plug & play-enabled solution by Stocksquare physical retailers can generate additional sales revenue and simply process orders via “Ship from Store” from their outlets in an integrated way.

TrueID offers a biometric solution that is employee-focused, scalable and versatile. The products are developed specifically for retail and are suitable for loss prevention, compliance with safety regulations, buddy clocking (i.e. clocking in/out for colleagues) and access control, to name but a few. Biometric authentication is indisputable and does away with the uncertainties traditionally associated with pin numbers, magnetic strip cards and keys.

rapitag connects (self) checkout with loss prevention: the patented IoT solution comprises smart electronic article surveillance for various product categories as well as a Cloud-based software for key management and surveillance. After the shopper buys the product – be it classically at the POS, via Scan & Go App or at a self-checkout – the individual key is exchanged digitally and the tag opens automatically after payment. The hardware can be removed by the customer himself and remains at the store for re-use.

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