Product • 07.05.2015

PeopleMatter transforms employee performance management

Company partners with Reliant to deliver cutting-edge performance management tools

Nate DaPore, President and CEO of PeopleMatter: “For too long, performance...
Nate DaPore, President and CEO of PeopleMatter: “For too long, performance management has been seen as a chore, dreaded by employees and managers alike.”
Source: PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter announced the launch of PeopleMatter PERFORM, an innovative new solution to automate the entire employee performance management process, from conducting performance evaluations to providing feedback and creating development plans.

Developed through an integration with Reliant and its talent management technology, PERFORM facilitates all aspects of performance management, enabling employers to create a more productive, engaged workforce.

Many companies struggle with effective performance management; according to a recent study, only six percent of companies surveyed believe their current process for managing performance is worth the time, and 58 percent admitted their process is weak. Performance management activities are often inefficient, relying on paper and manual processes and lacking a consistent approach across the organization. However, when done correctly, whereby employees receive ongoing feedback and development plans, performance management can be a valuable tool that leads to continuous improvement and helps to engage and retain talent.

“For too long, performance management has been seen as a chore, dreaded by employees and managers alike. But without a method for giving feedback about how they’re doing in their jobs, employees will become frustrated and disengaged,” said Nate DaPore, President and CEO of PeopleMatter. “Through our partnership with Reliant, we are proud to introduce PERFORM, which eliminates performance management challenges and provides companies with a simple, automated process for creating evaluations, delivering 360-degree feedback and providing their staff with meaningful insight on how they can develop professionally.”

PERFORM was created to meet demand among employers for a more intuitive approach to performance management that transforms the activity into an easy, intuitive and valuable business process. Fully mobile optimized, PERFORM enables users to conduct key performance management activates where and when it is most convenient, while delivering the high level of visibility into the workforce necessary to drive continuous improvement. The result is a cutting-edge solution that enables employers to provide insightful feedback that raises employee productivity, delivers actionable data to track performance and facilitate succession planning, and streamlines performance management through automation.

PERFORM enables employers to optimize their performance management strategies by:

  • Creating a different form for each position that ensures employees receive the most relevant insight on their performance through unlimited custom evaluation forms
  • Setting custom review schedules so managers can meet regularly with team members and conduct the review process
  • Defining and aligning the skill competencies their employees need through access to a customizable library of competencies, definitions and behavioral elements
  • Quickly assessing and comparing employee scores and performance, and then sorting and ranking employees based on their performance and competencies via reporting dashboards and scorecards
  • Creating unique plans tailored to each individual’s needs to help them improve through custom development plans

“Today’s talent management professionals are looking for integrated solutions that enable them to conduct key activities from a single platform,” said Chris Wright, CEO and President of Reliant. “We are pleased to work with PeopleMatter to deliver on this goal and provide a comprehensive solution that transforms performance management from a series of disparate tasks, into a cohesive process that fits seamlessly with their other talent management initiatives.”

Source: PeopleMatter

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