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Bosch extends Professional Series product line with long range intrusion detector

Bosch extends Professional Series product line with long range intrusion...
Bosch extends Professional Series product line with long range intrusion detector Accuracy and false alarm immunity. © Bosch

- Accuracy and false alarm immunity
- Certified to the latest EN 50131 standards

Bosch has extended its Professional Series of motion detectors with a new long range TriTech detector that combines PIR with adjustable microwave sensing technologies. The narrow field of view detector features a 30 x 3 meter coverage area and is suited for a range of applications in warehouses, loading docks, retail stores, government facilities, and large offices. Like all Professional Series detectors, the new long range model has been designed with high accuracy and false alarm immunity in mind.

Advanced technologies against false alarms

The custom Fresnel lenses and microwave Doppler radar have been designed and tuned by Bosch to precisely match the defined coverage area. Using Bosch’s proven TriFocus technology, the new detector combines three precision lenses for long, medium and short-range monitoring with two separate passive infrared detector elements. The microwave transceiver automatically adjusts its detection thresholds based on input from the PIR sensors. By integrating the target distance information from the PIR, false alarms from the microwave Doppler radar are significantly reduced. False alarm immunity is further increased through white light suppression which eliminates alarms caused by stray lights, such as passing headlights.

These enhanced features ensure that the new curtain detector will meet the demanding needs of long range applications while traditional motion detectors that rely upon interchangeable lenses but lack microwave pattern adjustability struggle to provide adequate catch performance in these environments.

The new long range detector comes with an integrated microcontroller and Bosch’s unique Sensor Data Fusion (SDF) technology that further reduces false alarm rates by enabling intelligent simultaneous processing of signals from up to eight sensors. The algorithm evaluates all data simultaneously to determine whether or not an alarm should be triggered.

Certified product family

The introduction of this long range model augments the portfolio of existing detectors, which includes standard PIR and TriTech detectors, as well as PIR+ and TriTech+ models with anti-mask. All models within the Professional Series implement a variety of innovative technologies to guarantee a cost-effective, failsafe installation. The "anti-masking" technology in the PIR+ and TriTech+ detectors ensures they cannot be rendered inoperative by covering the lens with paper, card, adhesive tape, or spray without this being detected.

All Professional Series detectors are certified by an accredited lab to the latest EN 50131-2-2 (PIR) and EN 50131-2-4 (TriTech models) standard. The standard PIR and TriTech are certified to Grade 2 performance requirements. The PIR+ and TriTech+ models with Anti-mask are certified to Grade 3. The new Curtain TriTech is also certified to Grade 2.


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