News • 24.05.2023

NIU opens world’s first unmanned store for passenger vehicles in Sweden

Long opening hours and low costs make the concept particularly customer-friendly and attractive for expensive city locations

For the first time, a store is opening that offers testing and ordering of passenger vehicles, without any kind of human assistance. NIU, leading provider of smart electric vehicles, together with security and technology experts Securified Access by Corepart and HonestBox, have built an unmanned showroom in Stockholm, Sweden. Thanks to innovative instore solutions, consumer availability and user experience is increased through longer opening hours with a smooth purchasing experience.

Exterior view of the NIU electric scooter store
Source: NIU

The NIU store in Stockholm will be the first completely unmanned store in the world to have mopeds and motorcycles for the public to test and buy. Electronic bank identification is required to enter the store, and information about the products is provided to customers by scanning QR codes.

“The next step in the automotive industry is to support online trade with physical locations where you can simply and safely test products before ordering them. We are very proud to be the first to try out this concept and lead the industry into a new era”, says Peder Askerlund, NIU sales manager.

The store is open every day between 8am and 8pm. Safety is ensured by an AI-based camera and sound system which sends out a warning if an unidentified person enters the store and sends out an alarm should someone fall or scream.

“Unmanned stores are the future. They create opportunities for both larger and smaller companies to have premises to showcase their products, without needing any storage or staff on site. This will make it easier to have venues in central locations, which can be a way to stop the disappearance of stores in both small and large cities”, says Magnus Berglund, partner at HonestBox.

How it works

The showroom works thanks to technical solutions provided by Securified Access by Coreparts and HonestBox. To enter the showroom, visitors identify themselves with Bank ID. Once inside, they are welcomed by an audio recording explaining how the showroom works, how to shop, and provides information about the products. By simply scanning the QR code displayed on a specific product, customers are brought to the website where they can read more information about is as well as place an order.

Cost-effective solution for expensive city locations

NIU's unmanned store will be tested throughout 2023. Should the concept prove itself successful, the plan is to open further locations within Sweden, where conventional stores or showrooms have not been profitable due to personnel costs and seasonal variations.

Source: NIU

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