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Denner AG relies on standardised access solution

For its administrative locations, the leading Swiss discounter relies on security systems by SALTO

Denner AG, Switzerland's third largest retailer, has replaced its mechanical locking systems and now uses a standardised access control solution from SALTO across all administrative locations.

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A red security cylinder on a door
Electronic SALTO Neo cylinder secures the checkout area in a Denner shop.
Source: SALTO Systems

Currently, around 350 access points at Denner AG are equipped with the new access control system. XS4 One BLUEnet Wireless escutcheon are used on exterior doors and security-relevant doors. Interior doors and offices are secured by XS4 Mini short-plate escutcheons. SALTO online wall readers and control units are used at main entrances and automatic door systems. For reasons of traceability and general physical IT security, Denner uses electronic SALTO Neo cylinders on server racks and integrates them in this way into the access management system. Long-range readers are installed at the access points to the underground garages.

The system architecture at Denner AG consists of Wireless (SALTO BLUEnet) and virtual network (SALTO Virtual Network, SVN) technologies, which are seamlessly integrated. The retailer currently manages around 2,000 users with SALTO's ProAccess Space management software. Denner uses the multi-client function (partitions) for several locations and groups of people so that the distribution centres and subsidiaries can assign local access rights independently.

The decisive factor for choosing SALTO was the flawless functioning of the virtual network. Furthermore, the software was convincing, as it is easy to use thanks to the clearly structured interfaces and thus considerably reduces the effort of access management. In addition, the MIFARE DESFire EV2 ID technology supports the desired multi-application.

All in all, the new access control solution noticeably improves security and increases efficiency, so that key losses are practically irrelevant and no longer represent a security gap. In addition, the retailer has been able to significantly reduce lifecycle costs thanks to the software's licensing model, the reduced administration effort and the elimination of follow-up costs for the mechanical locking systems.

Denner looks back on a history of over 150 years. What began in 1860 with a small shop is now the leading discounter and third largest retailer in Switzerland. In around 838 Denner sales outlets, customers can expect a balanced and fresh assortment of groceries, articles for daily needs and a weekly changing range of special offers. Wine lovers also get their money's worth with an assortment of more than 350 wines from a wide variety of provenances.

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