Aldata Retail Solutions GmbH


Aldata Retail Solutions GmbH

Ruppmannstraße 33 a
70565 Stuttgart

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Founding Year: 1988
Number of Employees: 51-100

Aldata Solution is a leading provider of software solutions for the international retail, wholesale, manufacturing and 3rd party logistics sectors.

Aldata is a consistently growing company and supplies its software through its own subsidiaries in Finland, France, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, Thailand, the UK, the US and Russia, as well as through its global partner network. Aldata has more than 300 installations in 50 countries. Aldata's net sales for 2006 were €88.8 million and the company employed more than 630 personnel as at the end of December 2006.


Retail and Wholesale:
Retailing is all about product, service and the consumer - enhancing services and ensuring product availability to meet the ever-changing requirements of the consumer.
Aldata provides a full range of software solutions for retail and wholesale: master data management, merchandising and assortments, in-store operations, forecasting and replenishment, logistics and distribution, supplier and consumer management, all supported by a traceability backbone.

Whatever the type of your organisation - centralised, decentralised, franchise, ...., whatever the type of your sales channel - hyper, super, c-store, web, ...., whatever the type of product - food, CPG, textile, electrical, DIY, ...., Aldata’s comprehensive retail and wholesale solution set enables you to calibrate your supply chain to respond to consumer requirements.

Logistics is the execution cornerstone of your supply chain and is there to ensure optimised inventory levels and goods flows to meet your customers requirements. Aldata provides a full range of logistics solutions: warehouse management, warehouse voice operations, slotting optimisation, services invoicing, capacity planning, replenishment optimisation, network logistics, all supported by a traceability backbone.

Whatever the type of your logistics operation - national, regional, cross-dock, ...., whatever the type of product - food, fresh, frozen, CPG, textile, electrical, DIY, ...., whatever the type of delivery - pallet, parcel, bar-code, RFID, Aldata’s comprehensive logistics solutions set enables you to efficiently manage and optimise your supply chain logistics to respect fully customer service levels.

Aldata Solution and its global partner network provide a complete range of professional services - consulting, implementation, training and support – to ensure that our solutions are implemented and deployed quickly and successfully. Based on many years of experience managing large global projects, Aldata Services deliver the right approach and execution in both planning and implementation quickly and economically.

Aldata has made significant investments in research and development in recent years in order to remain one step ahead and to provide our customers with solutions which meet market demands and trends. Above all, Aldata G.O.L.D. provides the means by which our customers can remain competitive, reduce complexity and automate business processes.

Major brands trust us: 11 of the Top 30 global retailers have chosen Aldata.

Customers from:
- Retail and wholesale
- Manufacturing
- Logistics services

The Aldata group currently has a customer base of 350 customers.

The G.O.L.D. User Association (GUA) is composed of an executive committee and working sub-groups for technical aspects, logistics and commercial operations. From their business requirements, GUA members provide advice and give ideas for future product developments to enable Aldata to deliver software that best meets the needs of customer businesses. Every year, the GUA organizes the International G.O.L.D. User Conference.

With a 5-year continuous growth, Aldata Solution, headquartered in Finland, provides its solutions through its own subsidiaries in Finland, France, Germany, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Thailand, UK and USA. Aldata and its global partner network can assure delivery of Aldata solutions world-wide.