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Our business goal is the design and implementation of contemporary POS-based POS strategies using modern, high-performance media such as LCD screens, touch screen displays, interactive terminals (tablets), and complex digital signage projects. Permaplay uses the latest technologies which, however, always have to be seen in relation to the benefits. Our customers' profitability is the top priority in all our endeavours.


The management team at Permaplay has over 100 years of experience in the market with audio, video and multimedia. The international, interdisciplinary experience is part of every video / multimedia application. The Permaplay team is available for thorough preparation, comprehensive consultation, timely implementation and the final performance check.

Product news by Permaplay Media Solutions GmbH

News by Permaplay Media Solutions GmbH

Thumbnail-Photo: The Medial Customer Journey at the POS
29.08.2019   #online trading #brick and mortar retail

The Medial Customer Journey at the POS

Permaplay offers different concepts for a powerful and sales-promoting POS communication

More and more people are buying more and more products in more and more places. The exciting question “Who will win: stationary retailing or online trading?” has been discussed for years. Permaplay Media Solutions Managing Director ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Interactive networking for true sales success...
06.03.2019   #digital signage #POS marketing

Interactive networking for true sales success

Smart distribution of video content at the POS

Modern retail marketing is all about communicating the right offers to the customers at the right time and in the right place. “In order to ensure the greatest possible efficiency and sales speed, for example during campaigns and special ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Trend 2019: The digitization of the stationary retail trade...
29.11.2018   #digitization #omnichannel

Trend 2019: The digitization of the stationary retail trade

From retail to omnichannel business model

For stationary retailers, it is no longer enough to think individually about e-commerce or other digital strategies. Instead, the focus is on networking online, mobile and offline channels and implementing a multichannel strategy, the so-called ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Permaplay POS-TOUCH
24.07.2018   #POS marketing #POS software

Permaplay POS-TOUCH

The new Touch and Content Manager Software

In addition to its wide range of modern touch screens, Permaplay has developed the innovative POS software Permaplay POS-TOUCH, a new Touch Content Management system. Thus, all sales-relevant content can be displayed easily, without requiring any ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The new multimedia shopping experience
19.02.2018   #brick and mortar retail #digital signage

The new multimedia shopping experience

Brick and mortar stores as showrooms for online retailers

Anyone who wants to survive as a brick-and-mortar dealer in the future must offer their customers a special shopping experience and a functioning online store. That’s a widely known fact. But the opposite is also true – and this is ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Permaplay Video Brochure and Video Box
17.10.2017   #merchandising products #booklets

Permaplay Video Brochure and Video Box

Perfect communication "out of the box – into the heart"

Just imagine: A high-quality brochure or information box in the form of a letter on your customer’s desk – and as soon as they open the cover (box) or the first page (brochure), they see and hear your advertising message in picture and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: A possible solution: media at the PoS
16.02.2017   #brick and mortar retail #digital signage

A possible solution: media at the PoS

The consultation is made in the stationary shop, the product is bought over the internet – showrooming is an upsetting phenomenon for every stationary retailer

Mr. Vogt, showrooming or advice theft is a hot topic in the toy trade, which is closely associated with trading online. How can retailers hold their ground? There is no question: Local retail is losing sales to online dealers and this trend will ...