Showrooming • 16.02.2017

A possible solution: media at the PoS

The consultation is made in the stationary shop, the product is bought over the internet – showrooming is an upsetting phenomenon for every stationary retailer

Mr. Vogt, showrooming or advice theft is a hot topic in the toy trade, which is closely associated with trading online. How can retailers hold their ground?

There is no question: Local retail is losing sales to online dealers and this trend will certainly continue. Painful as this may be, lamenting or refusing to face certain facts sim- ply does not help. One has to face showrooming head on and actively. Recent studies show that this user behavior even entails certain opportunities for local retailers, pro- vided they employ a clear POS media strategy. During showrooming, consumers are not necessarily looking for the best price, but primarily for confirmation to buy this specific product. This purchase verification is often carried out through good product in- formation provided, for example, in videos. Local retailers must provide the user with purchase relevant information exactly at that very moment. Moving images ensure a high level of attention. According to a recent study (Trend analysis Digital-Out-Of-Home), al- ready three-quarters of the population are familiar with advertising on digital screens in public spaces and pay more attention to this kind of advertising than to static advertising.

What benefits do end customers, on the one hand, and retailers and the industry, on the other hand, derive from your PoS solutions?End customers get additional up-to-date in- formation about the products they are interested in. This visual and acoustic information sticks much better in the customer’s memory than just the words spoken in a sales meeting. The retailer’s sales staff is relieved and the sales pitch can be prepared and positively influenced. And the industry providing the medial details ensures that the best arguments for the product – elaborated by the manufacturer or the agency – shall reach the customer. The virtual enlargement of retail space, the utilization of the eye-catching potential of moving images, the integration into comprehensive channel strategies, and the function as a perfect customer consultant to fight the adverse effects of showrooming - qualified POS media will be, without a doubt, among the most important elements of successful retail marketing in the future.

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Photo: A possible solution: media at the PoS

Which PoS media can be rented from you? Is any medium suitable for any retailer?

Not all PoS media are suitable for short-term rental use. These are primarily screens that present product films in a linear fashion. De- vices for more complex programs such as interactive presentations and apps are usually provided for longer applications in the retail business; typically, they are purchased by the manufacturer and made available to the retailer. Renting Permaplay PoS media is an excellent way to profit most from the seasonal highlights at the PoS. And this approach saves a lot of time for our customers – through maximum service.

Online vs. stationary: What do you think awaits us in the future when it comes to the retail business?

Three out of four customers, according to the new study by the trade association HDE „Trends in Trade 2015“, believe that in the future they will still go shopping in the store. On the other hand, online trading is growing significantly – although at very different rates in different lines of business. The royal road: To link both and increase the attractive- ness of the PoS. Providing the stationary trade with added value – that is one of the major trade trends in 2017. The primary focus is on improving customer support and service quality. Permaplay PoS tablets are the perfect interface between online information and retail store; they support sales consul- tants competently and help to close a deal effectively during a meeting with the customer. Information on individual products, availability, delivery times, variants, prices and much more can be accessed directly in the presence of the customer and, of course, products can be ordered immediately. This means, the retailer provides the customer not just with detailed information, but with a strong visual experience as well.

Permaplay offers a number of different tablet models all of which are developed and manufactured together with Permaplay for use at the PoS. Based on our experience to date and the results of relevant studies, we are very confident that tablets will bring a whole new quality standard in customer consultation and service to the PoS. This motivates the seller, extends the retailer’s range of products and promotes sales overall.

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