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Permaplay Video Brochure and Video Box

Perfect communication "out of the box – into the heart"

Photo: Video Brochure for skin cream with display; copyright: Permaplay Media...
Source: Permaplay Media Solutions GmbH

Just imagine: A high-quality brochure or information box in the form of a letter on your customer’s desk – and as soon as they open the cover (box) or the first page (brochure), they see and hear your advertising message in picture and sound. Fully concentrated and extremely intense, embedded in the context of a very powerful print design.

That’s not possible? Sure it's possible: The new Permaplay video brochure and video box with built-in 5" or 7" quality display plus loudspeaker ensures a high level of attention and offers a whole new approach for marketing campaigns, product launches, invitations, event gifts and other valuable communications solutions. The simultaneous use of printed messages, moving video images and audible statements, bundled in the Permaplay video brochure, ensures an extremely high level of attention for qualified marketing communications at the customer’s end. In addition, the Permaplay video box allows you to integrate product samples or other objects – for example, the message content.

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Permaplay Media Solutions GmbH

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Photo: Video Brochure with integrated display; copyright: Permaplay Media...
Source: Permaplay Media Solutions GmbH

Is this kind of customer communication still up-to-date in times of email and smartphone messages? Werner Vogt, managing director of Permaplay: "The very fact that these days we usually receive digital messages makes communication by mail something special. Our field tests have shown: Customers are pleased to receive such a high-quality product, they open it and the message is launched immediately. For the next one to two minutes, the customer’s curiosity is fully focused on this marketing communication. Nearly 100% of the message reaches the customer and the message has a longer-lasting impact than any other advertising message."

Thanks to the special value, the customer does not dispose of the Permaplay video brochure or video box in the wastebasket, but it remains on his desk longer than ordinary mail. For the sender, this means a further intensification of his advertising messages which will stay much longer in the recipient’s memory. Intuitively, the customer generally appreciates the exclusive high quality of the product with which the message has been conveyed, or the invitation handed over to him – last but not least, by the quality of the paper and cardboard, which provides a particularly haptic experience and a sensual pleasure.

The Permaplay video brochures and boxes are available in the formats A5 and A4. And as usual, Permaplay offers their customers a fast and complete range of services: a special template makes four-color offset printing according to your design very easy. Loading new movies and charging the battery are possible via a mini USB port.

The Permaplay video brochure or video box offers a perfect medium to capture the full attention of existing or potential customers: Focused communication "out of the box - into the heart".

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