Report • 30.08.2023

Sunshine – the perfect lighting source?

Tips from experts: How retailers can use daylight for lighting and what they should know beforehand

Bright sunlight shines through a white skylight
Source: Jayden So / Unsplash

Free, energy-efficient and 100% environmentally friendly – daylight can be the ideal light source for your room and product lighting. But to make the best use of light, a few points need to be taken into account. The HDE Klimaschutzoffensive (a German climate protection campaign for retailers) has published a checklist that dedicated retailers can use as a guide.

Natural colours, dynamically lit interiors, environmentally friendly architecture and happy employees. These are just a few of the many advantages that retailers can benefit from when they opt for well-implemented daylighting.

But a good implementation also needs to be well planned. Retailers who are considering the use of daylight should therefore ask themselves a few questions before making a decision in order to avoid stumbling blocks and trouble:

Large-scale glazing that lets in enough sunlight but can also keep it out is already a technical reality. We reported on this in our article on Lidl and SageGlass.

Proper planning as the cornerstone for success

  • How much daylight do I need in which room at what time?
  • What structural requirements are available / need to be created?
  • Which areas of my shop need to be particularly well lit?
  • Which colours and furnishings help to use the light?

Recognising and avoiding downsides

  • Where and when can incident sunlight cause glare and disturb staff and customers?
  • How can excessive heating of rooms in summer be avoided?
  • Which sun protection measures are necessary and sensible?

Daylight systems as an alternative

  • Is daylight indispensable for successful sales?
  • What costs will I incur?
  • What is the relationship between costs and benefits?
  • Which specialists do I need for the installation or conversion?

A (German) guide and checklist from the HDE Klimaschutzoffensive are available here.

Author: Matthias Groß

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