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Thumbnail-Photo: Let it shine!
17.02.2020   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Let it shine!

Lighting trends at EuroShop 2020

Whether on the floor, on shelves or on the ceiling - light can make a big difference in retail. How to set the right scene for goods, address customers and control the lighting in a smart and energy-efficient way? We looked for the answers at ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Adventures in lighting
31.01.2020   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Adventures in lighting

Light is an important factor in awakening the customer’s senses

Everyone is talking about omnichannel retailing - and that's a good thing. And we are talking about sensory experiences - and that's key. We live in digital times, and that’s why it is imperative not to tout a conflict between the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: A POS system unlike any other – thanks to light staging...
14.10.2019   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

A POS system unlike any other – thanks to light staging

"Personalization a mega trend in lighting systems“

Light does much more than simply illuminate a space. There is a near endless number of uses for lighting concepts, especially in brick-and-mortar retail. Boris Niessing, General Manager Marketing and Sales at ELEKTRA since September 2018 talks ...

Thumbnail-Photo: ELEKTRA - more than just LED
13.09.2019   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

ELEKTRA - more than just LED

Development partner and system supplier for plastics, LED and electrical engineering

Known in the kitchen and furniture industry as a manufacturer of furniture luminaires, on closer inspection, ELEKTRA quickly moves into a different light: ELEKTRA means much more than just LED! It quickly becomes clear that the development and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: New Union Station Food Court lighting atmosphere...
17.07.2019   #lighting concepts #food retail

New Union Station Food Court lighting atmosphere

Space for more food retailers in Toronto

The new Union Food Court marks a significant milestone in the revitalization of Toronto's busiest transit hub. The lighting atmosphere created by Lightemotion consists of indirect lighting concealed in architectural elements designed by ...

Thumbnail-Photo: What shop design can look like: The Schubert pharmacy in Pullach on the...
17.01.2019   #shop building #product presentation

What shop design can look like: The Schubert pharmacy in Pullach on the Isar

Warm wood and limestone from the surrounding area greet customers after the renovation

If you enter the newly designed Schubert pharmacy, you will directly feel comfortable. After the modernization, the premises score with a holistic appearance that is both concise and modern, yet fits into the rural region with its traditions. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Create accents in the store: Inspirational decorative lights...
24.09.2018   #lighting concepts #shopfitting

Create accents in the store: Inspirational decorative lights

Whether above the counter, the checkout zone or the merchandise table: Luminaires set highlights

Diverse forms, styles and materials: The selection of luminaires is large - from the rustic version with metals or wood to the simple modern or the playfully romantic. ...

17.01.2012   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

“DER SPIEGEL” canteen, Hamburg: A sky of mirrors with LEDs

The staff canteen in the new building of the publishing house on the Ericusspitze in Hamburg’s “HafenCity” quarter is impressive as a result of a modern lighting scenario. The concept originates from the design office Pfarré Lighting Design; ...

Thumbnail-Photo: World of TUI in Berlin: This is where travel dreams start...
04.07.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

World of TUI in Berlin: This is where travel dreams start

Ansorg’s creative lighting scenario bathes TUI’s flagship store in Berlin in a warm, sunny mood with a feel-good factor.

Whether digital or analogue, in the travel agency of the future all roads lead to Rome. Or to countless other destinations which can be explored at the "World of TUI" before the journey really starts. Since early 2011, over an area of 320 ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Seeing the world with different eyes
15.06.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Seeing the world with different eyes

Übersee-Museum Bremen uses LED technology to illuminate new permanent exhibition

Creating an atmosphere, providing accents, setting the stage: by providing an advanced LED lighting solution, Zumtobel has helped to present the new permanent exhibition at the Übersee-Museum [Overseas Museum] in Bremen to optimum effect. In ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Fit for the future
29.04.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Fit for the future

The Light Fields luminaire series is now almost completely available with LED technology incorporated

Due to their timeless design, Light Fields luminaires are perfect for straight-line office interiors. An extensive LED series has now been developed for the Light Fields range, making it ready for the future. Available as recessed, surface-mounted ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LED says look here…
30.11.2010   #LED technology #LED lighting

LED says look here…

OMS employs OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LEDs in new in-store luminaires

The right lighting in stores has a very significant effect on how shoppers perceive merchandise and its attractiveness. Also exhibits in museums and galleries and at trade fairs only really show themselves to advantage when they are staged with the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: OSLON Black Series: bright and reliable
23.10.2010   #LED technology #LED lighting

OSLON Black Series: bright and reliable

Metal lead frame on the new OSRAM LED for thermal stability

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has added the OSLON Black Series to its successful OSLON family. The first member of the new series has a metal lead frame, a compact package and a tried and tested lens design. The LED can be used wherever there are large ...

Thumbnail-Photo: gin.o and gin.a - Hoffmeister brings perfect light to presentation spaces...
28.04.2010   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

gin.o and gin.a - Hoffmeister brings perfect light to presentation spaces

Even the names of the new spotlight series from Hoffmeister set a counterpoint to the severe cubic and cylindrical luminaire designs that have dominated the market for presentation lighting to date. With the unique use of shapes and virtually ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Brilliance in a perfect design
20.11.2009   #decorative lighting #lights

Brilliance in a perfect design

Ecoos direct/indirect luminaire ensures outstanding efficiency

The new Ecoos individual luminaire, which emits light in all directions, is yet another masterpiece created by Zumtobel. The perforated lateral reflector allows light to be emitted laterally from the luminaire, reducing luminance to beneficial ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Lighting serial LD 6000 – Strong power in slim designs...
22.10.2009   #decorative lighting #lights

Lighting serial LD 6000 – Strong power in slim designs

Times of rising commodity prices and environment-conscious living require solutions that are both energy and cost saving. Elektra meets this requirement with state-of-the-art fluorescent lighting technology.The high light output of the LD 6000 ...

Thumbnail-Photo: OSRAM ceramic lamps now as 100W systems
19.08.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

OSRAM ceramic lamps now as 100W systems

OSRAM expands its range of Powerball HCI halogen metal halide lamps

With its Powerball HCI 100W lamps Munich lighting manufacturer OSRAM now provides 100W systems for halogen metal halide lamps with ceramic burners for the first time. It means the company is meeting the demands of OEMs and lighting designers for a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: 1:1 Swapping saves energy
19.08.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

1:1 Swapping saves energy

T8 Lumilux ES and OSRAM Dulux D ES: how to reduce costs with existing lighting systems For existing internal lighting systems with conventional control gears there are now two more energy-efficient alternatives. New OSRAM T8 Lumilux ES fluorescent ...

Thumbnail-Photo: BÄRO MaxBeam – The new special reflector for sales-promoting product...
19.08.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

BÄRO MaxBeam – The new special reflector for sales-promoting product lighting from a great height

From wholesale stores to supermarkets and shopping malls - lighting which promotes sales and is also energy-efficient is particularly difficult to realise when shelves, aisles or long sales counters need to be illuminated from a great ceiling ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Round 2 of the “LED - Emotionalize your light” competition...
20.07.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Round 2 of the “LED - Emotionalize your light” competition

Ideas can still be fine-tuned and judged before 23 July

Following a successful first round of the “LED - Emotionalize your light” competition supported by OSRAM and Siemens, the three best lighting concepts have been chosen. In the second stage to follow, the design community will discuss and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant Luminaire SILVER SURFER
15.05.2009   #LED lighting #decorative lighting

Pendant Luminaire SILVER SURFER

Design: neunzig°design

Silver surfer concentrates the whitealuminium powder-coated (RAL 9006) luminaire into an equally elegant and functional area, which serves both as circuit board as well as carrier plate. The usage of state-of-the-art power LED technology almost ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The new Hydra II suspended fixtures from BÄRO...
10.11.2008   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

The new Hydra II suspended fixtures from BÄRO

Glass lighting highlights for every salesroom.

Sales-promoting, energy-efficient and eye-catching: the new Hydra II suspended fixtures from BÄRO now provide superb product presentation in supermarkets and specialist stores. Whether you're looking for a classic elegant variant or a trendy ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant luminaire FLOHRA PE
03.06.2008   #decorative lighting #lights

Pendant luminaire FLOHRA PE

Design: Prof. Gerd Flohr

Displaying an autonomous and functional use of forms FLOHRA PE stands out by its reduction to the essentials. Spacial aluminium elements join in a perfect sybiosis with the crystal glass shade. The semi-transparent shade with its dicroitic coating ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant luminaire JET-FLAT
03.06.2008   #decorative lighting #lights

Pendant luminaire JET-FLAT

Design: brodbeckdesign

On the occasion of this years’s LIGHT+BUILDING 2008 the Mering based LUDWIG LEUCHTEN KG presented a technical revolution with the brand new pendent luminaire JET-FLAT PE-ID DLH: This luminaire’s shallow visible height of mere 16,5 mm could only ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant luminaire TAKESIX
03.06.2008   #LED lighting #decorative lighting

Pendant luminaire TAKESIX

Design: Alexander Ludwig, Christian Schwankhart

TAKESIX owes its clear and simplified forms to the state-of-the-art LED technology deployed in the luminaire. The luminaire’s housing is made of extruded aluminium disks that are powder coated in anthracite (micaceous iron ore DB 703). The ...

Thumbnail-Photo: X-FLAT PE an extremely flat pendant luminaire...
03.06.2008   #decorative lighting #lights

X-FLAT PE an extremely flat pendant luminaire

Inhouse design: Alexander Ludwig, Andreas Ringler

With a construction height of only 21 mm X-FLAT PE is an extremely flat pendant luminaire for T-16 fluorescent tubes. This exceptional layout could only be achieved by using a new type of electronic ballast specially developed and built for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pendant luminaire SC 1
03.06.2008   #decorative lighting #lights

Pendant luminaire SC 1

Design: Alexander Ludwig, Christian Schwankhart

With its straightforward use of form the SC 1 luminaire is both a discreet light innovation yet one that cannot be overseen. The luminaire’s housing and the ceiling canopy are made of extruded aluminium sections that are powder coated in ...

Thumbnail-Photo: ANDROMEDA - Recessed indoor product family, modular in size and made of...
28.05.2008   #LED lighting #ceiling lighting

ANDROMEDA - Recessed indoor product family, modular in size and made of aluminium and stainless steel

The whole series is provided with extremely-high efficiency Led power technology and high CRI. It can be supplied with power ranging from 5-10 to 20 W provided with up to 2000-lumen output. Three versions provided with framework, one of which is ...

Thumbnail-Photo: CL Series: A Symbiosis of Design and Technology...
28.04.2008   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

CL Series: A Symbiosis of Design and Technology

To render architecture visible and perceptible at night was the point of origin for the development of the CL series. It consists of spotlights, wall and ceiling surface-mounted luminaires, a linear system and bollard luminaires to form a complete ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Light for the future
24.04.2008   #lighting systems #LED lighting

Light for the future

Aero Hybrid II pendant luminaire - The best of two worlds

In unveiling its new Aero Hybrid II pendant luminaire, Zumtobel is presenting office lighting of the future. This new pendant luminaire combines two efficient light sources which power a system that sets new standards when it comes to lighting ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Slotlight II light line impresses with even greater brilliance and...
21.04.2008   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

Slotlight II light line impresses with even greater brilliance and variety of application

Anything is possible

The new Slotlight II is set to launch, complete with various product enhancements and improvements. Slotlight II with IP 54 protection can now be used to implement lighting solutions in sheltered outdoor areas, too. A single luminaire design can now ...

Thumbnail-Photo: TRILUX Valuco: Classic Luminaire with Modern Design...
16.04.2008   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

TRILUX Valuco: Classic Luminaire with Modern Design

TRILUX Valuco is a modern diffuser luminaire with a classic design. Following the zeitgeist, TRILUX has taken up the up-to-date black/white look and thus created a timeless lighting solution. The black end caps, projecting from the ends of the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: TRILUX Torso Suspended Luminaire Completes the Torso Range...
11.04.2008   #decorative lighting #lights

TRILUX Torso Suspended Luminaire Completes the Torso Range

TRILUX’s Torso luminaire series creates an intimate and cosy light atmosphere. Rounding out the premium range of the series, TRILUX has now launched the suspended version. Like the free-standing and wall-mounted versions, the suspended luminaire ...

Thumbnail-Photo: TRILUX Quadrial: an innovative lighting concept with a high capacity for...
11.04.2008   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

TRILUX Quadrial: an innovative lighting concept with a high capacity for adaptation

With the Quadrial, TRILUX presents a luminaire featuring a completely new fundamental concept. A modular system allows an exact matching of the luminaire to its specific application. The basic variation of the Quadrial is a square arrangement of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Lexel spot system
11.04.2008   #lighting systems #LED technology

Lexel spot system

Philips innovative lighting solutions for retailers

Royal Philips Electronics will showcase a broad range of innovative lighting solutions, designed specifically for retail environments, at the Light + Building 2008 fair. On stand, Philips will display its latest range of solid-state lighting systems ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Light expanding spatial limits
10.04.2008   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

Light expanding spatial limits

Sconfine luminaire range by Matteo Thun

With the new Sconfine luminaire range, developed in collaboration with the famous designer Matteo Thun, Zumtobel is presenting a series of wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and pendant luminaires that, thanks to the lighting they produce, simulate an ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The Arcos spotlight range
10.04.2008   #decorative lighting #ceiling lighting

The Arcos spotlight range

Functional design – maximum lighting convenience

Zumtobel’s new Arcos spotlight and wallwasher system provides architects and designers with a complete range of spotlights fitted with various optics which can be used anywhere in the world to light museums, art galleries, exhibition areas and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Design and green: Occhio Pro
09.04.2008   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Design and green: Occhio Pro

In professional lighting design, lighting quality, functionality and cost-effectiveness are very important criteria. The demand for lamp design increases as part of the interior decoration. Occhio Pro adapts the unique Occhio system for architecture ...

09.04.2008   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

light is evolution

Occhio the modular lighting system for all areas of life

Occhio is the first true modular lighting system for all areas of life. The evolutionary basic idea of the Occhio system is simple, yet so ingenious: pivoting lamp bodies can be combined with numerous interchangeable reflector heads, and offer the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Magcardo ceiling module system
02.04.2008   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

Magcardo ceiling module system

Recessed projectors with innovative magnetic-click mounting

RZB has developed a ceiling mounting system called MAGCARDO (magnetically gimballed system) for a flexible and developable lighting system with magnetic-click mounting for different components. The basic principle is based on the idea of enabling ...

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