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TTP 2100 - Compact Ticketing & Tag Printer from Zebra

New compact, high performance ticket and tag printer for any format up to ATB1

The new TTP 2100 Ticket and Tag printer from Zebra outperforms traditional solutions at as low as one-tenth the price. Despite its tiny footprint, TTP 2100 handles full-size ATB1 format confidently, and prints a credit-card sized ticket in a second.

“By replacing traditional magnetic stripe technology with a simple one- or two-dimensional barcode, TTP 2100 eliminates the costliest component in a ticketing system”, says Staffan Fällström, Product Manager at Zebra Technologies. The 2-D barcode has a large data capacity and opens up many possibilities for secure data handling.

There is no need to have two printers for separate ticket widths. The automatic paper detector on TTP 2100 makes it possible to manually change back and forth between paper formats without adjustment. The printer automatically senses what paper width is loaded and adjusts accordingly. TTP 2100 also utilizes the ticket stock fully up to the very last ticket, which saves on valuable ticket material.

The size of TTP 2100 is mere 105 x 145 x 65 (W x D x H), which gives a footprint smaller than a post card (A6). The ticket format is variable up to 82.5 mm width and 600 mm in length. This covers everything up to ATB1 tickets, and the IATA CUSS bag tag length (21”). The flexible sensor design makes it possible to use printed black marks, holes, corner radiuses, or label-material foil-opacity as top of form indicator. This makes TTP 2100 suitable for virtually all ticket materials available.
The TTP 2100 series is designed for use throughout whole ticketing systems in both unmanned and manned applications. The small Desktop design makes a charming impression at the ticket agent's desk while the kiosk mechanism (OEM) version is optimized for easy integration into self-service kiosks. For the best fit into all possible kiosks it has the ability to fully eject the tickets into a bowl, or to partly eject them through a slot where the customer can take them. When used in mobile vehicles, it can be connected to 12V via an adapter.

The TTP 2100 is yet another compact and flexible innovation from Zebra packed with important functions and designed for reliable performance. The TTP 2100 series is based on the long and qualified experience in designing robust ticketing printers with and without magnetic encoder. Zebra Kiosk printers are used in numerous applications around the globe such as leisure ticketing, theaters, movies, concerts, access control, travel tickets, metro, bus, tram, labels, tags and more.

TTP 2100 Quick facts

  • A6 size footprint, barely 7 cm high
  • 0.11 to 0.25 mm thick tickets
  • Ticket width: 50-82.5, length 40-600 mm
  • Two ticket widths - no adjustment
  • Windows and Linux drivers
  • Pull detector
  • 2-D barcode option
  • Prints, cuts and ejects
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