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iXtenso at the EuroCIS 2022

Exciting topics, innovative technologies and interesting reports – this and much more awaits you at and during EuroCIS

On May 31, EuroCIS 2022 starts in Düsseldorf –  the leading trade fair for retail technology and a place where industry giants and start-ups meet.

We from the iXtenso team will be there live with you and for you. Join us in this gathering of retailers, entrepreneurs and developers from all over the world and marvel at what yesterday was still the future. We report –  also as an official editorial partner –  in interviews, articles and videos from the fair.

Visit us on site –  take something with you, leave something there

Of course, we will be live on site again this year. Visit us at our booth in Hall 9 / E02. This year, we conducted surveys with visitors several times a day at our booth. We collected your votes on a wide range of topics and also on some very controversial theses – in iXtenso orange, of course! You can find the survey results on our social media channels under the hashtag #RetailTrendBarometer.

Three orange-red balls in front of an iXtenso sign
Don't worry, you don't have to juggle tomatoes to be active at our booth. We won't tell you much more yet. But touching is expressly permitted.
Source: iXtenso / beta-web GmbH

retail trends magazine

If you are also up for something analog, you will certainly enjoy the latest issue of our print magazine retail trends. The latest issue deals with topics such as self-scanning at IKEA, sustainable returns, the future of vending machines and many other topics from the fields of marketing, technology, store design, logistics and lighting. The magazine is published in time for the start of EuroCIS and can be picked up for free at our iXtenso booth.

retail salsa Tech Talk – live for the first time!

The first retail salsa Tech Talks at EuroCIS was a premiere! On June 1, we talked live with our experts about automation and AI (1:00 p.m.), smart stores (2:30 p.m.) and interactive touchpoints (4:00 p.m.). You couldn't be there live on site or online? Sign up anyway with a short free registration and watch our on-demand videos.

EuroCIS 2022 Technology Special 

You can already find the latest news about technologies in retail in our EuroCIS 2022 Technology Special. In addition to an outlook on the trade fair, you can expect lots of technological news from all over the world. It's worth a look! 

We are looking forward to experiencing all facets of EuroCIS with you from May 31 to June 2. Subscribe to our iXtenso newsletter to stay up to date.

Author: Matthias Groß

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