Company News • 23.11.2022 Now with digital prices in the flagship store in Aarhus

Danish jewellery and watch shop uses electronic shelf labels from Delfi

The growth comet Ditur, known from ‘Løvens Hule’ (Danish TV show) and a massive social media presence, opened its first store in the heart of Aarhus in 2021. To make web prices and promotions visible in the store, Ditur has implemented digital price tags from Delfi Technologies.

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You are quickly impressed by the beautiful and well-furnished premises at Ditur's flagship store in central Aarhus. The store interior is cozy and offers a different experience than what you normally expect from a jewelry and watch store. Uniform display cases give you a neat presentation of the store's several hundred different watches.

At Ditur, you are greeted by friendly and smiling staff who immediately offer customers a cup of coffee or sparkling water before the hunt for the perfect watch begins. The staff strives to give all customers the same good experience – regardless of the price range of the watch. Ditur sells both well-known brands such as Festina, Seiko and Tissot but also their own watches in brands such as Dissing, Milani, Kensington, Studsgaard and Lugano and others.

Scandinavia's largest webshop with watches and jewellery

Ditur has been on an impressive growth journey. The company started in 2014, had a turnover of DKK 2 million in 2015, and has reached a turnover of DKK 200 million in 2021.

With an impressive success online, Ditur also made the decision to have a physical presence. That is why the store was opened in Aarhus. Here, however, Ditur lacked a smart way to display various promotional prices in the store, which frequently change along with the prices in the webshop. At the same time, they were looking for a solution that would also fit into the store's exclusive look. Therefore, the choice fell on Delfi Technologies and the solution with digital price tags.

"We often have different campaigns and offers in the store and on the webshop. It is particularly important for us that the prices in the store always match the prices and promotions that are available in the webshop. With Delfi's solution, we can now change campaign prices synchronously with the webshop's prices", says Theis Hollænder, Retail Manager at Ditur.

The same digital prices in the webshop and physical store

Ditur has chosen to use the large digital price signs (Chroma 125), which are divided into approx. 20 fields, where each field is associated with an item. The sign is fixed to the back of the watch display case, so in this way you don't have to have a price tag on each item in the tight space of the watch display. Each field on the sign also refers to a number which is visible on each watch.

The software, which automatically updates the digital price tags, is developed by Delfi Technologies, and is located in the cloud. You only need an internet connection to get started. A wireless antenna on radio frequency sends out the many price updates to the signs within seconds. The moment the data source from the webshop changes, the signs in the store are updated accordingly.

About Ditur

The twin brothers Mikkel and Kasper Dissing founded in 2014. They saw an untapped potential in the market to be able to buy watches where you don't just pay for the brand, but also for quality and design. This way of thinking still defines Ditur, and this means that you can explore a large range of both watches and accessories today.

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