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Thumbnail-Photo: “Dear shopping cart, please show me the way!“...
06.07.2020   #self-checkout systems #EuroShop

“Dear shopping cart, please show me the way!“

Shopping Cart 2.0 – gimmick or idea with intrinsic value?

Not all shopping carts are the same... far from it! Digitization and automation also put their stamp on this aspect of the retail sector. What’s usually a plain, large basket on wheels that makes it easier for shoppers to transport products ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Retail assistance systems: Reducing employee stress...
19.04.2018   #security #data analysis

Retail assistance systems: Reducing employee stress

Interview with Andreas Starzmann, Director Digital Office at Wanzl

There are countless retail data collection technologies on the market. The challenge for the retail industry is to connect them all. The collected data then enables retailers to draw the right conclusions and plan their next steps. At EuroCIS ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Shopping cart: Preventing small items from slipping through the cracks...
08.08.2016   #shopping carts #shopping baskets

Shopping cart: Preventing small items from slipping through the cracks

The Tasket is a detachable (or permanently mounted) metal and resin coated basket that is to be used to hold small products

Many shoppers enjoy wandering through the aisles of a favored store and have lost some selections that were vulnerable because of their size and fell which through the cracks, totally unnoticed. The Tasket is a detachable (or ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The little something extra for shopping carts...
27.07.2016   #shopping carts #coin deposit systems

The little something extra for shopping carts

The shopping cart of tomorrow is a flexible system

You are wrong if you think shopping carts are just a means to an end. For retailers, it is more than just a mere service; it is also a calling card and advertisement while it promotes sales and customer loyalty all in one. To customers, shopping ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The right shopping cart for every customer
30.06.2016   #shopping carts #shopping baskets

The right shopping cart for every customer

Today’s shopping carts are adaptable like a chameleon

Bulky and unwieldy carts are a thing of the past. Although shopping carts are still metal wire baskets on wheels, the number of different types of carts has increased. Shopping carts need to adapt, both to customer needs and the corporate identity ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Clean is sympathetic - aids for hygienic retail...
09.12.2015   #hygiene #shopping carts

Clean is sympathetic - aids for hygienic retail

Cleanliness where it stands out to customers the most

Fresh food counter and shopping cart: At these points, the supermarket customers are particularly attentive when it comes to hygiene. They do not want to put their products in a dirty cart. And if one encounters leftovers and streaks in the fresh ...

Thumbnail-Photo: World First antimicrobial copper supermarket trolleys...
16.03.2015   #hygiene #shopping carts

World First antimicrobial copper supermarket trolleys

A Brazilian supermarket has introduced supermarket trolleys with antimicrobial copper handles to help reduce the spread of disease-causing pathogens

Typically made of plastic, trolley handles are touched by many different hands, in rapid succession, every day, making them a major vector for spreading contamination. A US study of shopping trolleys found 72% of those tested were positive for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The rolling temptation during a shopping trip...
01.06.2011   #shopping carts #coin deposit systems

The rolling temptation during a shopping trip

Discount stores and grocery stores have them. Electronics stores and home improvement stores have them, too. Shopping carts are a part of shopping just as much as store shelves and the checkout counter. But often they are confusingly similar to each ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Shopping cart: There is still room for a new competitor...
30.05.2011   #shopping carts

Shopping cart: There is still room for a new competitor

Interview with Volker Köller, Sales manager at J. D. Geck

The metal works company J. D. Geck from Altena in Germany’s Sauerland region has expanded its range of products and joins the market for shopping carts. The response at the EuroShop was great, says Sales manager Volker Köller. He believes that ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The shopping cart 2.0 is a modular system for various demands...
20.05.2011   #shopping carts #coin deposit systems

The shopping cart 2.0 is a modular system for various demands

Interview with Eliseo Pavone, Sales Manager Caddie for German-speaking countries and Italy

Caddie from Strasbourg, France, counts itself among the market leaders for transport solutions for retail, airports, the hotel industry, manufacturing and hospitals. The company, which is active in more than 100 countries introduced new shopping ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Einkaufswagen - QuicKART M3
20.02.2008   #shopfitting #shopping carts

Einkaufswagen - QuicKART M3

The all new QuicKART M3 series is the 3rd generation of power trolley return systems from Dane Technologies, the original and proven world leader. The QuicKART M3 increases cart return productivity by over 50% while reducing the risk of injury to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Einkaufswagen - SmartKART
20.02.2008   #shopfitting #shopping carts

Einkaufswagen - SmartKART

Designed and engineered from the ground up, the SmartKART Power Shopping Trolley incorporates the features most requested by retail market leaders. The result: New industry-leading standards for safety, comfort and durability – all at a highly ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Promobox 2
14.02.2008   #digital signage #RFID (radio frequency identification)

Promobox 2

Coin deposit system, which is integrated into the shopping trolley handle

Only 45 percent of all purchase decisions in food retailing are specifically planned by the customer. More than half of all purchases are influenced through advertising at point of sale. This is the result of a study by the Point of Purchase ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Super Caddie Range
18.01.2008   #shopping carts

Super Caddie Range

The Super.Caddie range of shopping carts is very well adapted to all types of shopping surfaces.This range is very wide, with basket volumes of 60 to 240 L. All the accessories designed for shopping carts can be fitted on most of these models ...

Thumbnail-Photo: BXM Range
28.12.2007   #shopping carts

BXM Range

The shopping carts of the BXM with standard base frame are available with basket volumes of 135, 150 and 180 L and are thus perfectly adapted to any kind of supermarket. With these extremely compact carts - especially the 150 and 180 L - you gain ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The Kid Caddie
12.12.2007   #shopping carts

The Kid Caddie

The Kid Caddie is great fun for young children and their parents. It is also a very useful shopping cart. The safety belt, fitted onto the child seat, reassures parents with active children! Features: Stylized cart, blue and yellow, for young ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Plastic shopping trolley Tango
17.11.2007   #shopping carts

Plastic shopping trolley Tango

Big, bigger, Tango

Four years ago Wanzl introduced its new plastic shopping trolley, Tango. Retailers around the world are delighted with the benefits of this new plastic model and orders have been growing constantly. Now, with the rise in average shopping volumes of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pick-up trolley and GT26 shopping basket
27.08.2007   #shopping carts #shopping baskets

"Pick-up" trolley and "GT26" shopping basket

Good ideas always come back into fashion: back in 1947, Wanzl developed the "Cona" shopping trolley with two detachable baskets. The new trolley was ideally suited to the limited sales spaces and minimal display room of the emerging ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Light shopping trolley – for frequent shoppers...
27.08.2007   #shopping carts

'Light' shopping trolley – for frequent shoppers

Great for older people and single households

Already one in five Germans is older than 60, and by the year 2030 one in three will have reached this age. So far many companies, and in particular the retail trade, have neglected the needs of this target group, or at least have not sufficiently ...


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