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Thumbnail-Photo: Listen to the heartbeat: Music in the store
07.04.2020   #customer analysis #in-store marketing

Listen to the heartbeat: Music in the store

The best playlist for the store

Taste is one thing, science is another. Because the sounds that entice people into purchasing are not just a matter of chance. In an interview with the Sound Experts, we learn more about the planning of playlists for brick and mortar stores. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: retail trends 1/2020: focus EuroShop 2020
05.02.2020   #digital signage #lighting systems

retail trends 1/2020: focus "EuroShop 2020"

The current issue with all trends around retail

Would you like to find out about the latest retail trends in technology, marketing, lighting, store design and logistics, browsing page by page? We would be happy to send you our current print edition retail trends on the focus "EuroShop ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Smell – association - sale?
06.01.2020   #marketing #in-store marketing

Smell – association - sale?

How scents affect your customers

It’s highly likely that you have entered a store and immediately noticed a distinctive scent. The deliberate use of scents is no longer a rare occurrence. For quite some time now, companies like Abercrombie & Fitch, Motel One or Singapore ...

Thumbnail-Photo: DJ, play me a song while I shop!
18.11.2019   #brick and mortar retail #marketing

DJ, play me a song while I shop!

Can music increase sales volume? Retail store music playlists generated in real-time make it possible

How do you select the right music and ad spots for your retail store to play at just the right time? Do you have an employee who visits every store armed with a USB stick and downloads ready-made playlists to the respective equipment?Are there ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Retail problems: We’ve got the premises but where are the customers?...
04.11.2019   #customer satisfaction #brick and mortar retail

Retail problems: We’ve got the premises but where are the customers?

The Trendforum Retail 2019 highlighted multi-use retail developments

At the Trendforum Retail on October 9 &10, 2019, in Schwalbach near Frankfurt am Main, speakers and visitors examined how brick and mortar retailers can attract, keep and excite customers.Interested event participants were given a tour by Marcus ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Advice for small and medium-sized retail businesses: “Be a part of the...
04.11.2019   #brick and mortar retail #POS marketing

Advice for small and medium-sized retail businesses: “Be a part of the change!“

A quick market analysis by Professor Rüschen of the DHBW Heilbronn

Prof. Dr. Stephan Rüschen, assistant lecturer in food retailing at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Heilbronn presented the second part of the Trendforum Retail 2019, which emphasized the challenges and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Retail Asia Conference & Expo (RACE)
07.10.2019   #online trading #retail

Retail Asia Conference & Expo (RACE)

As the leading retail exhibition in Asia, RACE is taken place from 6 – 8 May 2020.

As the leading retail exhibition in Asia, RACE is recognised as the must-join event among the industry’s most influential retailers and customers. RACE features three focus areas: Retail technology, retail design & in-store marketing ...

Thumbnail-Photo: retail trends 3/2019: focus checkout zone
16.09.2019   #customer satisfaction #mobile payment

retail trends 3/2019: focus "checkout zone"

Shopfitting, technology, marketing: What does a checkout have to do nowadays?

Read our latest edition retail trends 3-2019 online as an e-paper. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: How to turn your checkout zone into the village hub ......
13.09.2019   #customer satisfaction #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)

How to turn your checkout zone into the village hub ...

... with opportunities for community engagement

The checkout zone is not only the actual, but also the emotional conclusion of the purchasing process. Top or flop - the experience at the cash register can impact how customers rate their overall shopping experience. For retailers, this is ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Distract or divert!
10.09.2019   #customer satisfaction #customer relationship management

Distract or divert!

How to engage customers at the checkout

Retailers and retail designers spend a considerable amount of time discussing and juggling a crucial aspect of the customer experience at the point of purchase: the checkout.To be fair, it’s not easy to turn the moment when customers have to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Round things in an angular environment
19.08.2019   #POS marketing #in-store marketing

Round things in an angular environment

POS TUNING develops flexible stackable channels for oral tobacco in round packaging

A real presentation problem has now been solved.The presentation of tobacco products can be a real challenge. In hardly any other area you find such a wide variety in packaging sizes. For instance, there are the classic cigarette pack, the tobacco ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Retail service robots – helper or footfall generator?...
22.07.2019   #POS marketing #services

Retail service robots – helper or footfall generator?

Using drag and drop to train the new coworker

Many of us know their faces, even if we have never met them in person. One of these faces belongs to Pepper, the humanoid robot. It has fast become a media star. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Attracting customers to your retail store: location-based marketing...
03.06.2019   #customer satisfaction #digital marketing

Attracting customers to your retail store: location-based marketing

Right people, right place, right time: getting your customers' attention

“Check out this suede jacket that matches your pants and shoes." Once a customer is near the entrance of a fashion boutique, marketers deliver personalized promotions via hologram. After the customer has entered the store, the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: retail trends 2/2019: focus sales promotion
03.06.2019   #customer satisfaction #customer relationship management

retail trends 2/2019: focus "sales promotion"

How to win, serve, and keep customers

Read our latest edition retail trends 2-2019 online as an e-paper. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Power floor: power store
27.03.2019   #POS marketing #shop design

Power floor: power store

Practical examples of amazing flooring designs

Sales promotion is also a matter of the floor. Take the time for some inspiration and discover different designs - from colorful and patterned to natural and neutral - in practical examples that we have put together for you. All projects can also be ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Good news for brick and mortar retailers
08.03.2019   #brick and mortar retail #in-store marketing

Good news for brick and mortar retailers

71 percent of shoppers are spending more in-store than online

Both men and women are spending significantly more in-store than online during a typical shopping visit according to a new report, by First Insight, Inc. The company, which recently surveyed consumers on shopping habits, purchase behavior and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: ’Shoppertainment’ is the key to increasing sales in-store...
01.02.2018   #customer satisfaction #brick and mortar retail

’Shoppertainment’ is the key to increasing sales in-store

By Mark Thomson, Director of Retail Solutions, Zebra Technologies

In-store retail technology is evolving with great speed, and a growing trend for 2018 is ‘Shoppertainment’, a millennial-led trend where a trip to a shopping centre is as much as seeking an experience as coming home with a product. As ...

Thumbnail-Photo: POP marketing: Catching the customer’s eye...
08.03.2017   #POS marketing #marketing

POP marketing: Catching the customer’s eye

Sales promotion at the POS

At EuroShop 2017, the dimension POP marketing shows the most attractive and most fascinating installations for the point of sale. It is exactly here, where the customer decides which product to buy. Take a look at our highlights! ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Customers want closer ties between in-store and online says study...
19.09.2016   #online trading #in-store marketing

Customers want closer ties between in-store and online says study

50 percent would like future shops to offer virtual reality product-testing

European consumers want the online and in-store shopping experience to be entirely integrated with greater use of technology on the high street, according to CBRE, the world’s leading global real estate advisor. In a pan-European study of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: RetailNext selected by BucketFeet as in-store retail analytics provider...
22.07.2015   #online trading #data management

RetailNext selected by BucketFeet as in-store retail analytics provider

RetailNext Inc. announced it has entered into an agreement to be the analytics solution provider for BucketFeet as the artist-designed shoe retailer further expands its footprint of physical stores. Available online and through select ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Fresh in-store communication at Carrefour Belgium...
13.07.2015   #digital signage #digital marketing

"Fresh" in-store communication at Carrefour Belgium

The multinational retailer deployed a comprehensive in-store digital signage solution

The French-founded Carrefour Group is a leading retailer in Europe and the second-largest retailer in the world, employing nearly 365,000 people. In the European market, Carrefour market Belgium recently modernised its in-store customer ...

Thumbnail-Photo: A.R.E., POPAI boards agree to pursue merger
07.05.2015   #POS marketing #in-store marketing

A.R.E., POPAI boards agree to pursue merger

The boards of directors of the Association for Retail Environments and POPAI enter a due diligence phase

The Boards of Directors of A.R.E. (the Association for Retail Environments) and POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) have voted to enter a due diligence phase and work in good faith toward a definitive agreement to merge the two ...

Thumbnail-Photo: In-store terminals facilitate a virtual expansion of the sales floor...
27.04.2015   #multichannel commerce #terminals

"In-store terminals facilitate a virtual expansion of the sales floor"

Interview with Frieder Hansen, CEO of Pyramid Computer GmbH

The retail industry is currently affected by one question in particular. ”How do I connect my actual stores with my online store and hence create true multichannel services? “ One potential response to this question is digital in-store ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Improving in-store and in-brand customer experience...
17.04.2015   #customer relationship management #in-store marketing

"Improving in-store and in-brand customer experience"

Over 300 million consumer-to-business connections with TimeTrade

TimeTrade, the leading online appointment scheduling platform for the world’s largest brands, has reached a milestone by enabling 300 million consumer-to-business connections. This achievement equates to over 3 Billion dollars in annual ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Industry leaders provide best-in-class beacon technology...
10.04.2015   #multichannel commerce #smartphone

Industry leaders provide best-in-class beacon technology

ShopperTrak and shopkick announce game-changing retail partnership

ShopperTrak, the leading global provider of consumer behavior insights and location-based analytics, today announced an agreement with shopkick, the most widely used real-world shopping app, to deliver best-in-class in-store beacon and analytics ...

Thumbnail-Photo: In-store retail analytics leader expands breadth of patent portfolio...
11.03.2015   #in-store marketing #signage systems

In-store retail analytics leader expands breadth of patent portfolio

Essential for developing full path analysis of shoppers’ store experiences

RetailNext Inc. announced an expansion of its intellectual property portfolio to include newly granted U.S. patent 8,989,775 for “Method and system for wifi-based identification of person tracks” to be issued by the United States Patent ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Wifi vs. Bluetooth vs. BLE vs. NFC for retail marketing...
18.09.2014   #in-store marketing #NFC (near field communication)

Wifi vs. Bluetooth vs. BLE vs. NFC for retail marketing

News from the ShopperTrak blog

There is now a plethora of technologies for monitoring a store’s retail analytics with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE and NFC technology all major contenders. All fall into the sphere of location-based services, helping retailers to better ...

Thumbnail-Photo: In-Store Marketing Pops As 2013 West Coast POP Show Winners Are Announced...
30.09.2013   #in-store marketing

In-Store Marketing Pops As 2013 West Coast POP Show Winners Are Announced

Some of the West Coast's leading brand marketers gathered for POPAI's annual West Coast POP Show to find out who would be dubbed "The Best of the West." The West Coast POP Show is the longest running show dedicated to showcasing ...

19.08.2013   #mobile payment #in-store marketing

In-store mobile wallet payments will reach € 78 billion in Europe and North America by 2017

According to a new research report from Berg Insight, in-store mobile wallet payments in EU27+2 is forecasted to grow from less than € 0.1 billion in 2012 at a compound annual growth rate of 275 percent to reach € 45 billion in 2017. ...

16.01.2012   #in-store marketing #in-store media

VeriFone GlobalBay iPad Retailing Solution Fits GUESS

Easily Configurable Software Enables Iconic Retailer to Engage In-Store Shoppers with Online Capabilities and Take Content on the Road

GUESS, Inc. created a premium global brand in part by putting iconic imagery in front of consumers. Now, it’s again leading retail trends by integrating these assets into the shopping experience inside stores and beyond using the VeriFone ...

12.01.2012   #POS marketing #POS management

Torex personalises in-store service with MiAssistant application

Torex, the leading global provider of innovative technology to the retail, hospitality and convenience and fuel markets, today announces it is launching the MiAssistant application to enrich the customer in-store experience as part of the Torex ...

01.12.2011   #in-store marketing #in-store media

Mood Media CEO and Chairman Lorne Abony winner at Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Abony recognized by Ernst & Young for entrepreneurial excellence in Media and Entertainment

Mood Media (TSX:MM / LSE AIM:MM) CEO and Chairman, Lorne Abony wins the media and entertainment category at Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. The award recognizes his tremendous contribution to the growth and evolution of ...

13.09.2011   #shop building #in-store marketing

Mood Media Q2 Pro-Forma EBITDA grows 15.3% over previous quarter to $25.5 M

Mood Media Corporation (ISIN: CA61534J1057) (TSX:MM / LSE AIM:MM) (“Mood Media” or the “Company”), one of the world’s leading in-store media solution providers, announced today its results for the three and six months ...

Thumbnail-Photo: BrightSign Solid-State Signage Players Power...
12.09.2011   #digital signage #in-store marketing

BrightSign Solid-State Signage Players Power

MenuBoardsToGo Networked Digital Menu Boards All-inclusive Plug-and Play Kits are Pre-configured, Include Customer’s Content Pre-loaded

BrightSign® announced today that OSM Solutions has launched a new line of do-it-yourself digital menu board systems featuring BrightSign network-enabled HD210 digital signage players. Available online at, the turnkey systems ...

09.03.2011   #in-store marketing

EuroShop 2011: iXtenso talked to David R. Nathaniel, Mettler Toledo

iXtenso talked to David R. Nathaniel, Global Retail Marketing Manager of Mettler Toledo. He shows us the new UC Evo Line of retail scales, which integrates well with store concepts. David R. Nathaniel also demonstrated the new instore marketing ...

27.02.2011   #in-store marketing #scales

METTLER TOLEDO at EuroShop 2011

Advertising, weighing, collecting – the future at the Point of Sale

This video shows innovations presented by Mettler Toledo on EuroShop 2011. On site we captured a close up for you. ...

31.01.2011   #POS marketing #marketing planing

Centre d'ambiance at EuroShop 2011, Düsseldorf

Global scientific research clearly shows the importance of our five senses as marketing instrument at the point of sale. Odours and fragrances interact directly with our feelings, tones and melodies set the pace and create identity, and positive ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Fashion firm M&S Mode sets a trend for higher efficiency and lower costs...
12.01.2011   #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing) #marketing planing

Fashion firm M&S Mode sets a trend for higher efficiency and lower costs with iShopShape

Three integrated solutions drive time and money savings for VM staff

Haarlem/Netherlands – Netherlands-based M&S Mode has selected iShopShape’s Mockshop, Sampleroom and StyleShoots products to streamline key processes, including visual merchandising (VM), product range visualisation, and product photography. This ...

29.03.2010   #digital signage #in-store marketing

Advertising, weighing, collecting – the future at the Point of Sale

The development of checkout scales as promotion instrument at the POS. Watch our video review of new developments that were introduced by Mettler Toledo this year's EuroCIS. View more details in the video and enjoy! You will find further interviews ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Windo® poster displays
29.10.2009   #displays #in-store marketing

Windo® poster displays

In-store advertising

Influenced by radio, television, print and Internet, your customer enters the store ready to buy, only to be overwhelmed by the countless number of products. For this reason, in-store advertising is becoming increasingly critical to the marketing ...

Thumbnail-Photo: NEW from Visplay: Mono R 4 display fitting system...
30.09.2009   #in-store marketing #product presentation

NEW from Visplay: Mono R 4 display fitting system

Mono gives structure to wall panels using points. Mono holders blend in with the architecture and can be used at any height. The selective use of Mono creates a uniform, neat merchandise display, which facilitates merchandising. The merchandise ...

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