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Thumbnail-Photo: Displays for the POS: from cardboard display to digital signage element...
14.09.2017   #displays #sales promotion

Displays for the POS: from cardboard display to digital signage element

How displays are turning into key touchpoints along the customer journey

The actual decision to purchase a product or brand is often made at the POS. It takes the right means of communication to persuade consumers at this juncture. Most notably, this includes eye-catching brand communication. That’s why the retail ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Point of sale displays: Utilizing the brand effect...
14.09.2017   #POS marketing #displays

Point of sale displays: Utilizing the brand effect

How a good design concept can lead to more sales

Regardless of all the technical innovations, analog retail displays, i.e., physical display stands, continue to be an important sales promotion tool at the point of sale (POS). The benefit of displays is that they stand out from a variety of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Golden POS-Marketing: Tasting wine with all senses...
12.10.2015   #POS marketing #brand management

Golden POS-Marketing: Tasting wine with all senses

The POSMA Awards 2015 with successful marketing concepts

Tasting wine in a different way: With the aim to enhance the popularity of the brand „Barefoot“ a promotion agency in Hamburg, Germany developed a special promotion concept which is quite different from usual food tastings.It was ...

Thumbnail-Photo: NEW from Visplay: Mono R 4 display fitting system...
30.09.2009   #in-store marketing #product presentation

NEW from Visplay: Mono R 4 display fitting system

Mono gives structure to wall panels using points. Mono holders blend in with the architecture and can be used at any height. The selective use of Mono creates a uniform, neat merchandise display, which facilitates merchandising. The merchandise ...

Thumbnail-Photo: PoS-Star - The display system
02.09.2008   #product presentation #display fittings

PoS-Star - The display system

A further supportive idea for your sales promotion

With the customer orientated philosophy, continuous and directed exchange of information between our emplyees, and complete manufacture under one roof, we are able to supply our products to your requirements, quickly, of high quality yet ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Ideas for tool and outstanding displays
02.09.2008   #displays #product presentation

Ideas for tool and outstanding displays

With an unequalled range of display fittings, Geck is your ideal partner in the retail industry. We have at our disposal an almost unlimited range of solutions for product presentation and display, covering all types of display systems, from ...

Thumbnail-Photo: RollerTrack™ - a Unique & Maintenance-Free Gravity Feed Solution from...
28.03.2008   #POS marketing #display fittings

RollerTrack™ - a Unique & Maintenance-Free Gravity Feed Solution from HL Display

”Creating an attractive and selling in-store environment that strengthens the consumer’s shopping experience.”

Solution for Beverages & Dairy Products In response to the growing demand from convenience retailing, HL Display launches a complete solution for soft-drinks, youghurts and other chilled products. Helping stores to improve product impact at the ...

09.03.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

Dispenser - TD 4235

Large volume unit with motor driven rollfront, consumer operated by pushbutton on top. Full facing of products for optimal branding Cigarettes placed in inividually removable, spring-loaded cassettes Pull-out shelves for easy refilling ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Dispenser - TD 4000
09.03.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

Dispenser - TD 4000

Full caing presentation for up to 80 diffrent brands of cigarettes Motor operated roll front in aluminium or transparent plastic, controlled from the checkout Built in light with easily replacable advertising message Pullout shelves for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Dispenser - TD 3100
09.03.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

Dispenser - TD 3100

Large volume unit with lackable aluminium roll front Full facing, gravity feed cassetts for optimal branding Cigaretts placed in individually removable cassetts for FiFo handling Pull-out shelves with SVI (Stock Volume Indicator) for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Dispenser - TD 30L
09.03.2008   #shopfitting #shop equipment

Dispenser - TD 30L

Lightweight lockable OCM unit with adjusable floor stand or ceiling fixing Full facing, gravity feed cassets for optimal branding Lightboxes on the sides for advertising or brand name Pull-out shelves for easy refilling and FiFo handling ...

Thumbnail-Photo: MODULAR 2 - Inspirations for children corners from concept-s...
15.01.2008   #shopfitting #shop planing

MODULAR 2 - Inspirations for children corners from concept-s

The presentation of children’s spectacles makes special demands to the design of an optical store. The children’s corner is an own area but should also fit into the general view of the shop. MODULAR 2 provides you with smart solutions for that ...

Thumbnail-Photo: MODULAR 2 - Dispensing and Service
13.12.2007   #shopfitting #shop planing

MODULAR 2 - Dispensing and Service

The internationally acting shop fitting company is constantly working on new ideas for furnishing an optical store. The main focus during development is always on functionality combined with clever design. For optimum dispensing and service the ...


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