Thumbnail-Photo: Safety: The Future of CCTV is Digital
06.03.2009   #video surveillance #video cameras

Safety: The Future of CCTV is Digital

Crossing the Digital Divide

Throughout the world – and South Africa is no exception – the key phrase when discussing CCTV is definitely ‘Go Digital’. There is no longer any question that old analogue-based systems will eventually be replaced with the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Dallmeier DesignCams
04.11.2008   #video surveillance #video cameras

Dallmeier DesignCams

High-tech security in its most elegant form.

High-tech security in its most elegant form. In the DesignCams Dallmeier combines state-of-the-art technology with aesthetic perfection to produce comprehensive, high-quality surveillance solutions. Sophisticated architecture and high-value interior ...

17.10.2008   #video surveillance #video cameras

VideoIP range “a tribute to Amadeus“

High-value components and complete solutions from 1-channel systems up to large IP projects.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Gifted with an incredible amount of talent and filled with unlimited passion, he composed operas, concerts and symphonies. His works were elaborate, harmonic and perfectly orchestrated. Whoever saw him play was enthralled by ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Megapixel Lenses for every chance
01.09.2008   #video surveillance #video cameras

Megapixel Lenses for every chance

Tamron will show new Mega Pixel lenses at the Essen Security Show. The contents are 1/3 Mega Pixel lenses (2.4-6mm, 3.0-8mm, 5-50mm) and New 1/2 Mega Pixel Lens (4.0-12mm). Both Manual iris an DC iris are available. These lenses will be ideal for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: CamControl-WM Video Alarm Management Software...
29.05.2008   #video surveillance #digital video surveillance

CamControl-WM Video Alarm Management Software

From Mobile To Central Monitoring Stations

The new software from HeiTel, “CamControl-WM” (Windows Mobile) completes the HeiTel software portfolio with a power tool for all Windows Mobile (Releases 5 and 6) based Smartphones and PDAs. With CamControl-WM both live and recorded images can ...

Thumbnail-Photo: POS / ATM Adapter 4 for image-synchronous data recording of one or 4...
25.03.2008   #video surveillance #security management

POS / ATM Adapter 4 for image-synchronous data recording of one or 4 cash registers

Adapter for image-synchronous data recording of one or 4 cash registers (POS) or cash machines (ATM) Recording of transaction data from all major cash registers and cash machines with image-synchronous recording in CamDiscsvr video archives ...

Thumbnail-Photo: WV-NS950 - Intelligent Day-Night Network IP Dome Camera...
19.02.2008   #video surveillance #video cameras

WV-NS950 - Intelligent Day-Night Network IP Dome Camera

Panasonic announces the launch of the WV-NS950. This technologically advanced colour dome camera provides 24-hour surveillance featuring a 30x zoom lens. With Super Dynamic III technology the WV-NS950 encompasses 128x wider dynamic range compared to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Video Management Centre VMC-1
18.01.2008   #video surveillance #video cameras

Video Management Centre VMC-1

In close cooperation with experienced users from the security industry and as a result of practice-oriented product research, a top-class Video Management Centre has been developed which by far surpasses the performance of standard, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: TUB Camera®
04.12.2007   #video cameras #cameras

TUB Camera®

The TUB camera® Evolution 6 is a high quality concept that offers 100% visual coverage of large areas without any blind spots. The length and surface area covered by the TUB camera® Evolution 6 is unlimited. The TUB camera® Evolution 6 offers ...


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