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IBMSurePOS 500 Series

Slimmer design and industry-leading technology helps improveservice, reduce cost and manage risk for your dynamic business

IBMSurePOS 500 Series
IBMSurePOS 500 Series
  • New sleek, slimmer design¦Cutting edge, infrared touch-screen with resistive touch sensitivity1
  • Energy-saving deep sleep2
  • Tool free design and IBMLight-Path Management1
  • Advanced security features¦Enviro-friendly packaging

A satisfying store experience helpscreate Advocates… consumers whohave increased spending with theirprimary retailer by 31% over the lasttwo years.3

IBM SurePOS 500 Model 566, Deliver a smarter shopping experience

Now more than ever, consumers arelooking for differentiation when choos-ing their retailers. They expect a higherlevel of satisfaction—better service, bet-ter prices, better quality and conven-ience. Access to product informationand fast, accurate transactions, performed by capable, informedemployees are vital to a positive experience and help promote customerloyalty.

Customers will wait in line at depart-ment stores 6.2 minutes, specialtyclothing stores 5.7 minutes and 3.3 minutes at a convenience storebefore leaving without purchasing4

Improve your service

The IBMSurePOS™ 500 withadvanced touchscreen technology pro-vides the ultimate point-of-sale tools todeliver powerful functions that energizethe customer experience. The sleek,slimmer IBMSurePOS 500 offers industry-leading, highly accurateinfrared (IR) touchscreen technologyintegrated into the POS system(Model566).The touchscreen neverrequires recalibration—avoiding costlydowntime and reducing errors. Theadvanced technology, including abrighter, high contrast screen withadjustable touch sensitivity, helps speedtransactions by improving cashier accu-racy and performance. Easy to usetouchscreens also reduce employeetraining time.The displays are totally sealed to avoiddamage by liquids and soil from thestore environment, making the POSideal for food service and high trafficareas.

IBM SurePOS 500 Series features

Infrared touchscreen never needs recalibration and provides a wide range of adjustment

options for better viewing, including changing the angle/height of the display and adjusting the touch sensitivity, screen brightness and contrast ratio. (Model 566)

Independent customer display (6.5 VGA LCD) delivers customer information and digital, multi-media merchandising (optional) IBMIR touchscreens are available ascustomer displays; and they are per-ceived as a service enhancement whenused to engage shoppers with multime-dia capabilities at the checkout counter.

Each $1 in energy cost saved corre-sponds to a $6-$8 in overall opera-tional savings.5 Reduce your costs

The IBM SurePOS 500 employs ahighly efficient Intel® processor (Model 566) and efficient power supply that save on energy costs. PlusIBM’s innovative deep sleep, whenenabled by IBMRemote ManagementAgent, can cut energy use by up to anadditional 47%.6Enviro-friendly packaging includes high-density polyethylene (HDPE) insertsmade from recycled post-consumerwaste, saving space for energy andcost-efficient shipping and disposal.Box and inserts are 100% recyclable.

Remote management saves a firmwith 75service engineers nearly$4,000,000annually in dispatchreduction, including transportationcosts7 IBMRemote Management Agent pro-vides proactive monitoring that can dra-matically reduce service costs anddowntime. Aided by a tool free design and IBMLight-Path Management visualindicators (Model 566), qualified onsitestaff can perform simple maintenancetasks. Retail hardened constructionhelps extend service life (7+ years) evenin the most demanding environments.

One-third of consumers notified of asecurity breach will terminate theirrelationship with the company theyperceive responsible.8 Manage your risk

Protecting customer data-ensuringcustomer, password, identity and creditcard information is essential today.Built-in security features such asTrusted Platform Management (TPM)enable hardware encryption to protectlocally stored data. (Model566)Physical system security and pin padswith biometric fingerprint reader areavailable. Most importantly, the latestOS security patches, software updates,firmware levels and BIOS updates can be installed automatically viaIBMRemote Management Agent tokeep your operation up to date.

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