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29.03.2010   #digital signage #in-store marketing

Advertising, weighing, collecting – the future at the Point of Sale

The development of checkout scales as promotion instrument at the POS. Watch our video review of new developments that were introduced by Mettler Toledo this year's EuroCIS. View more details in the video and enjoy! You will find further interviews ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Visual sales promotion at the service counter: METTLER TOLEDO presents...
03.02.2010   #digital signage #scales

Visual sales promotion at the service counter: METTLER TOLEDO presents new application Fresh Promoter

Triggering emotions, strengthening brands, increasing profits: METTLER TOLEDO is presenting the Fresh Promoter for the first time at the EuroCIS 2010 (Hall 14, B 67). The web-based application complements the touch-screen scales of the UC3-Line with ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Windo® poster displays
29.10.2009   #displays #in-store marketing

Windo® poster displays

In-store advertising

Influenced by radio, television, print and Internet, your customer enters the store ready to buy, only to be overwhelmed by the countless number of products. For this reason, in-store advertising is becoming increasingly critical to the marketing ...

Thumbnail-Photo: IBMSurePOS 500 Series
03.08.2009   #in-store marketing #in-store media

IBMSurePOS 500 Series

Slimmer design and industry-leading technology helps improveservice, reduce cost and manage risk for your dynamic business

New sleek, slimmer design¦Cutting edge, infrared touch-screen with resistive touch sensitivity1 Energy-saving deep sleep2 Tool free design and IBMLight-Path Management1 Advanced security features¦Enviro-friendly ...

Thumbnail-Photo: AOpen WT19P and WT19P-T (touch screen) - Ideal in-store digital signage...
17.06.2009   #digital signage #touch screens

AOpen WT19P and WT19P-T (touch screen) - Ideal in-store digital signage solution

All-in-One WT19 is ideal solution to be used as an in-store sign to present constantly changing, computer generated, full motion video, photo-realistic graphics, text, and animation. It is a dynamic venue as opposed to static billboards and posters. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Advantech Solution using Latest Options for the Intel® AtomTM Processor...
07.05.2009   #digital signage #in-store marketing

Advantech Solution using Latest Options for the Intel® AtomTM Processor Z5xx Series – Digital Signage Box DSA-3020

Advantech’s latest digital signage players are intended to satisfy targeted communications such as out-of-home advertising campaigns, point of information, life broadcast, digital message boards, electronic signs, and more. Utilizing the new ...

Thumbnail-Photo: E-Rail® - An electronic in-store sales promotion system...
01.04.2008   #POS marketing #in-store marketing

E-Rail® - An electronic in-store sales promotion system

TOSHIBA TEC to consolidate retail shelf space and attract consumers to branded products with new E-Rail concept

TOSHIBA TEC Europe, a leading retail and industrial automation solutions provider, announced E-Rail®, an electronic in-store sales promotion system used to actually place product and promotion at the point of purchase. The majority of purchase ...

Thumbnail-Photo: WipeWindo® - When First Impressions Count
09.03.2008   #displays #in-store marketing

WipeWindo® - When First Impressions Count

An effective entrance mat protects the floor by removing the dirt, grit, grease and moisture brought in every time a customer enters the store. By combining a large and practical entrance mat along with the power of floor advertising, the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: DeskWindo® - Optimal Use of Counter Surfaces...
09.03.2008   #displays #in-store marketing

DeskWindo® - Optimal Use of Counter Surfaces

Designed for point-of-sale situations, the DeskWindo® provides an excellent opportunity to reach your customers right at the checkout. This ultra-thin poster display lies snug on the counter surface to clearly display your promotion, and the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: PromoDek®
09.03.2008   #displays #in-store marketing


The easiest way to step up your next promotion!

Stepping up your promotion has never been this easy-to-use! Standing out from the crowd and having the edge over the competition can be the difference between success and failure. And that’s why PromoDek offers the easiest and most flexible ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pelco Public View Monitors
18.02.2008   #security #video surveillance

Pelco Public View Monitors

Sending a Powerful Message

Pelco PublicView Monitors serve as a strong deterrent to would-be thieves, letting them know that your premises are protected by video security – at the same time welcoming customers and displaying promotional messages. Created specifi cally ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Themedisplays
14.02.2008   #displays #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)


Bottle Display Leffe Bottle Display Leffe - made of painted MDF, screenprinted branding Bottle Display Marry Jane Bottle Display Marry Jane - made of foamed PVC, SS tubes, fluorescent tubes, LED and a real bottle. Height - 0,4 m Menu Board ...

13.02.2008   #POS marketing #displays

In-store communication solutions

Alrec designs and produces In-store communication solutions such as Signs, Displays and Shop in Shop systems. These vary from simple, standard products through to tailor-made concepts, using all the available materials and techniques required to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: People Scout
18.01.2008   #POS marketing #video surveillance

People Scout

Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing activities

The software can be used to find out the reach of a specific marketing activity. Determine the cost per mille for potential advertising partners and maximise your own return on advertising. The People Focus software is implemented as a pure counting ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Measure customer frequency with People Focus...
04.01.2008   #POS marketing #POS communications

Measure customer frequency with People Focus

Employment of staff should depend on the number of visitors, and not just on your customers' turnover. The People Focus software reveals how many people use a particular entrance at what time of the day. The software also shows you which direction ...

Thumbnail-Photo: CONRAC 64xx BD LCD/TFT Display
20.08.2007   #displays #in-store marketing

CONRAC 64xx BD LCD/TFT Display

in 16:9 format with integrated Media Player

The large screen full colour LCD/TFT monitor CONRAC 64xx BD has been specially designed for applications such as Point-of-Information Point-of-Sales Point-of-Waiting Seminar-/Conference-Rooms, Videoconferencing Reception Areas, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: FloorWindo® - Face the Floor!
18.03.2005   #displays #in-store marketing

FloorWindo® - Face the Floor!

Never has floor advertising been so effective and so easy to use as with the FloorWindo® exchangeable poster display. By standing out right at the point-of-sale, the FloorWindo® increases brand awareness and drives sales. This unique ...


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