Company News • 11.02.2011

EuroShop 2011 Showcase: digital signage solution with dynamic price adjustments directly from SAP

Transferring price adjustments made within ERP master data directly into digital signage: in collaboration with CAS Concepts and Solutions AG, Hamburg (Germany), METTLER TOLEDO will be presenting a truly innovative Showcase during EuroShop (26 February until 2 March – Hall 6, Stand E75).

Appealing to emotions, creating enthusiasm for brands: both PC-based scales, with their large, customer-facing screens, and eye-catching display screens at the fresh-food counter are ideal platforms for effective digital signage. They represent the perfect opportunity for running targeted, visual sales promotion activities in order to encourage specific buying behaviour, since digital signage at the fresh counter appeals to shoppers just as they are making their – often spontaneous – purchase decisions.

Digital signage can also play a significant role in supporting centrally controlled, short-term price discounting activities, as METTLER TOLEDO and CAS Concepts and Solutions AG will demonstrate during their Showcase at EuroShop 2011: the ERP-integrated digital signage solution enables pricing and price adjustments to be managed within the central SAP system's master data, with this pricing data then being directly transferred into the digital signage solution. Markus Dohl, Product Manager Applications at METTLER TOLEDO, explains: "All display media which are connected to the digital signage solution receive data directly from the SAP master data management system, whilst the promotional campaign continues to run as normal within the digital signage application – in this case the METTLER TOLEDO Fresh Look Promoter. Any changes to the SAP master data will be transmitted to the relevant digital displays, either immediately or time-phased as required."

For example, should a competitor's promotional week necessitate a rapid price adjustment in a digital signage campaign that is already up and running, the Showcase will demonstrate how the price changes only need to be made within the master data. These adjustments will then be transferred directly to the scales, thus eliminating the extra work that is currently associated with changing the prices within the digital signage application too. "Putting it simply, the Fresh Look Promoter marries its existing promotional campaign with the central ERP master data it receives," sums up Markus Dohl.

Within the framework of a digital signage solution, the Showcase presented at EuroShop will comprise a number of large, interconnected display screens functioning as digital signs and kiosk systems.

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