SAF Simulation, Analysis and Forecasting AG


SAF Simulation, Analysis and Forecasting AG

Bahnstrasse 1
8274 Tägerwilen

Phone: +41 (0)71 666 7955
Fax: +41 (0)71 666 7010


Founding Year: 1996
Number of Employees: 51-100

What You Should Know about Your Benefits

  •   Increase of sales through
      • Reduction of out of stock rate up to 85 percent
      • Enlargement of assortment
  •   Cost reduction through
      • Decrease of inventory up to 30 percent
      • Time saving for replenishment up to 85 percent
  • Optimization of processes through
      • Automation of order handling up to 100 percent
      • Combination of warehouse and store replenishment
  •   Enhancement of customer satisfaction through
      • Higher service level
      • Higher product availability
  • Return on Investment within a few month

What You Should Know about Our Solutions

  • Fastest forecast engine available on the market for the calculation of enormous data volume

  • Science-based and system independent software

  • Fully automated and auto-adaptive micro forecasting on item level (no aggregation, no profiling)

  • Fully automated consideration of arbitrary effects (e. g. calendar events, promotions, price changes, trend, seasonality)

  • Forecasts based on the real consumer behavior (Demand Chain Management)

Short Description
SAF specializes in the development of auto­mated ordering and forecasting software for retailers and industrial manufacturers. The com­pany deploys the demand chain management approach, which controls replenishment plan­ning based on consumer demand patterns. SAF software assists users to realize substantial cost savings along the entire logistics chain – from the store to the warehouse and all the way to the manufacturer. Significant competitive advan­tages are achieved: lower inventories, improved product availability and a higher level of cus­tomer satisfaction.

So far SAF solutions have been successfully imple­mented at Metro, dm-drogerie markt, Deutsche Woolworth, Hannaford and many more in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific. Partner in Europe and the US include SAP and SofTechnics.

SAF offers a problem-focused analysis of the order process, which is based on many years of experience in computer automated ordering (CAO) and uses top-rate scientifically based algorithms. The customers benefit from standard software that largely automates the orders. SAF also provides a range of professional services to ensure that the solutions are used successfully. The services span from consulting, implementation, training and support. An additional service is provided with the SAF Analytics. These services focus on identifying additional saving potential in the replenishment process. This includes services to optimize the logistics framework, such as package size, delivery cycle and shelf capacity.

SAF was established in 1996 by Dr. Andreas von Beringe and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Arminger. Today, the company employs approx. 90 people. Since April 2006 the company (WKN: A0JD78 / ISIN: CH0024848738) is listed at the Frankfurt stock exchange (FWB) at the official market (Prime Standard).

SAF is headquartered in Tägerwilen, Switzerland and has subsidiaries in Grapevine, Texas/United States, Konstanz/Germany and Bratislava/Slovakia.

News by SAF Simulation, Analysis and Forecasting AG

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Interview with Udo Meyzis, CEO of SAF AG

The SAF AG from Tägerwilen by Lake Constance develops ordering and forecasting software for manufacturing and trade. The Swiss company pursues the approach of demand chain management. Here supply chain management is driven by the demand of the ...

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