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1:1 Swapping saves energy

T8 Lumilux ES and OSRAM Dulux D ES: how to reduce costs with existing lighting systems For existing internal lighting systems with conventional control gears there are now two more energy-efficient alternatives. New OSRAM T8 Lumilux ES fluorescent lamps and compact Dulux D ES fluorescent lamps enable energy costs to be reduced by up to 10 percent compared with the corresponding conventional lamps.

T8 Lumilux ES and Dulux D ES are especially well suited to existing systems, where a complete system change including electronic control gear is not feasible. For lighting systems that have not been fully amortised yet, these new OSRAM lamps are also an ideal solution.


The Dulux D ES is designed for straight replacement of compact fluorescent tubes in light fixtures with conventional control gears (CCG) in indoor settings (especially downlights).

Dulux D ES saves energy and money and it does so by reducing the lamp power by up to 10 percent. With the 23W version this saving represents a 10kg reduction in CO2 emissions over the life of the lamp. Its superior energy efficiency also means OSRAM Dulux D ES 16W and 23W replace the Dulux D 18W and 26W.

With this lamp OSRAM has a standalone position in the market as no other manufacturer has a comparable product.

The benefits are clear from this calculation.

A hotel lobby of approximately 150 square metres in area has used 20 Dulux D 26 W/840 until now. By replacing the same number of Dulux D 23 W/840 ES at an annual burn time of 4,400 hours it achieves a saving in running costs of around €80 within a year.

T8 Lumilux ES

The T8 Lumilux ES 32 W/51 W replace the Basic 36 W/58 W with CCG / LCG applications and are also perfectly compatible. Compared with Basic lamps the T8 Lumilux ES achieves an energy saving of up to 10 percent with an increased life of 15,000 hours at the same time. This energy saving corresponds to reduced CO2 emissions of 70kg over its life.

The T8 Lumilux ES is ideally suited to applications in warm ambient indoor temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius plus.

Another calculation demonstrates the benefits of this solution.

In a classroom, in which the lights are on for about 2,100 hours annually, replacing 12 T8 Basic lamps with T8 Lumilux ES means energy costs are more than €110 lower in a year. Plus the environment is burdened less by CO2 emissions – by almost 140kg.

It is possible to save energy both with the OSRAM Dulux D ES as well as the T8 Lumilux ES without major investments in many commercial and public applications, where a complete change to the lighting system is not an option initially. Payback time for both lamps is less than a year in the process.

For an ideal, environmentally friendly, economical and sustainable solution OSRAM can provide a wide range of products for a complete system change. Using electronic control gears in conjunction with innovative T5 lamps, motion sensors and daylight-dependent light control, for example, saves up to 80 percent of energy and lowers CO2 emissions accordingly at the same time.

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