Thumbnail-Photo: Four Insta fair stands win Exhibit Design Award 2011...
03.02.2011   #LED technology #LED lighting

Four Insta fair stands win Exhibit Design Award 2011

In the past five years, Insta have presented themselves at numerous national and international fairs. They made a special point of their presence at light+building in Frankfurt and Euroshop in Düsseldorf. In 2008 already the new location in ...

09.04.2010   #LED lighting #lights

„Dimming of the future“

Worldwide millions of standard incandescent lamps are used which work inefficiently compared to other lamps and thus cause a CO2 pollution which could be avoided. Therefore, according to the European Eco design guideline 2005/32/EG (Energy-using ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Launching of: instalight® 3018 – Downlight-Set...
02.09.2009   #LED lighting #lights

Launching of: instalight® 3018 – Downlight-Set

With the LED downlight set instalight® 3018 Insta supplements the product range of luminaires for shop and furniture construction. The set comprises three spots with plug connectors and a mains power unit with connection lead and Euro mains plug ...

Thumbnail-Photo: OSRAM ceramic lamps now as 100W systems
19.08.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

OSRAM ceramic lamps now as 100W systems

OSRAM expands its range of Powerball HCI halogen metal halide lamps

With its Powerball HCI 100W lamps Munich lighting manufacturer OSRAM now provides 100W systems for halogen metal halide lamps with ceramic burners for the first time. It means the company is meeting the demands of OEMs and lighting designers for a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: 1:1 Swapping saves energy
19.08.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

1:1 Swapping saves energy

T8 Lumilux ES and OSRAM Dulux D ES: how to reduce costs with existing lighting systems For existing internal lighting systems with conventional control gears there are now two more energy-efficient alternatives. New OSRAM T8 Lumilux ES fluorescent ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Spanish Sun in the Heart of Paris
17.08.2009   #LED technology #lights

Spanish Sun in the Heart of Paris

“Camper Together” is the motto of the Spanish shoe manufactory as regards avant-garde product design or unique shop design which is implemented in co-operation with artists, designers and architects – names like Konstantin Grcic, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Life-cycle assessment proves how environmentally friendly LED lamps are...
14.08.2009   #light technology #light systems

Life-cycle assessment proves how environmentally friendly LED lamps are

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors shows the results of a complete LCA for LED lamps

A study on the life-cycle assessment (LCA) of LED lamps by OSRAM shows the latest generation of lamps achieves a very high score for environmental friendliness. This study involved a close look at their entire life-cycle – how much energy and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Project info: Insta development centre, Lüdenscheid...
10.08.2009   #LED technology #LED lighting

Project info: Insta development centre, Lüdenscheid

Insta shown in a favourable light

Entering the luminous lobby, the visitor immediately understands that Insta knows how to deal with light. With its removal into the new development centre Hohe Steinert in Lüdenscheid, Insta has extended the modern production building of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Market Launch: instalight® 1065 – Compact Linear LED Spot...
30.07.2009   #LED lighting #lights

Market Launch: instalight® 1065 – Compact Linear LED Spot

Modern LED technology of the new instalight® 1065 guarantees a high light emitting efficiency. The LED spot is perfect for a homogenous illumination of bigger surfaces or for an accentuation of interior or exterior architectural elements. The ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Emotional scene setting with LED lighting attracts customers to Esprit...
18.06.2009   #lighting systems #LED technology

Emotional scene setting with LED lighting attracts customers to Esprit

Carried along on the wave

The fashion brand Esprit attracts its customers into the more than 640 branches world-wide not only with the help of its appealing range of goods, but always also with an attractive store design and a stimulating lighting solution full of contrasts. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: EHI study reveals huge energy saving potential for lighting – lighting...
08.05.2009   #lighting concepts #decorative lighting

EHI study reveals huge energy saving potential for lighting – lighting concepts from BÄRO reduce costs

Retailers still have plenty of energy saving potential, especially in the area of lighting technology - this is the conclusion reached in the latest study by the "EHI Retail Institute"*. The study shows that constantly rising energy costs ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Spectrum Lamps for Food Safe and Balanced Spectrum Food Lighting...
30.10.2007   #lights #lamps

Spectrum Lamps for Food Safe and Balanced Spectrum Food Lighting

Supermarket meat displays, deli displays with sliced meats and salads, and fresh seafood displays also suffer color distortions when general purpose lighting emits damaging UV and excessive brightness that produces washed out colors. Poor lighting ...

Thumbnail-Photo: PRO300 & PRO300+
29.10.2007   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

PRO300 & PRO300+

PRO300 & PRO300+ was designed in such a way that enables you to enlighten places without being in need of any other structural carrier system thanks to its rich options and jointed structure. Adding value to places with its specially designed ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Luminous row SL 1
21.08.2007   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

Luminous row SL 1

Design: Alexander Ludwig / Wolfgang Sojer

The luminous row is available up to a maximum length of 6 metres. The slim and elegant aluminium profile luminaire SL 1 has a technically inspired appearance not only as a result of the miniature louvre in highly reflective MIRO aluminium material ...


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