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Thumbnail-Photo: Soleriq E LED for downlights with high performance requirements...
13.04.2012   #lighting systems #LED technology

Soleriq E LED for downlights with high performance requirements

First chip-on-board LED from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

Downlights provide high-quality background lighting in professional applications. These include shopping malls, offices, industrial buildings and high-end residential premises. The luminaires need a high luminous flux for their light to have the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LED is a point light source, OLED is great for luminous surfaces...
01.04.2012   #lighting systems #LED technology

LED is a point light source, OLED is great for luminous surfaces

iXtenso interview with Dr. Armin Wedel, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research in Potsdam, Germany

After the LED, now the OLED, the organic light-emitting diode is being developed. What is already feasible with it and what are the advantages of the luminous, thin components? Dr. Armin Wedel, who researches the technical specifications for OLEDs ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LED lights are ideal for accent lighting
01.04.2012   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

LED lights are ideal for accent lighting

iXtenso interview with Christof Volmer, Member of the Managing Board of Bäro

After 18 years at Erco, in 2011 Christof Volmer came to Bäro in Leichlingen in Germany’s Rhineland. The 46-year-old Bonn resident is in charge of marketing. Active in the retail market for 40 years, Bäro announces several innovations ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Airfal launches its catalogue of luminaires
14.03.2012   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Airfal launches its catalogue of luminaires

Following the market trend, Airfal has broadened its range by launching a catalogue of luminaires for LED tubes. The advantages of LED tubes, which include instantaneous switching on and off, long tube life, higher resistance to impact and ...

10.02.2012   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Osram Opto Semiconductors appoints Avnet Electronics Marketing as “Preferred Global Partner”

Osram Opto Semiconductors, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optoelectronic semiconductors announced today that Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet, Inc., has been selected as OSRAM’s preferred global partner. The ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Germanys most expensive artwork in new hands and new light...
25.01.2012   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Germany's most expensive artwork in new hands and new light

Zumtobel provides gentle illumination – to optimum effect – for one of the most famous and most important 16th century paintings. The “Madonna of Mayor Jakob Meyer zum Hasen” (“Virgin of Mercy”), which is ...

10.01.2012   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

New training centre for Hahn Air

2 permanent installations for indoor and outdoor

Just in time for the Christmas Party of Hahn Air Lines GmbH based in Dreieichenhain the modification of the Burghof-Building near Frankfurt am Main/Germany to a conference and training centre was completed. After nearly three years of vacancy Hahn ...

Thumbnail-Photo: sky supermarket, Kiel-Dietrichsdorf - LEDs set the scene in the fresh...
15.12.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

sky supermarket, Kiel-Dietrichsdorf - LEDs set the scene in the fresh food area

A marked increase in energy efficiency was the premise in Ansorg’s lighting concept for the new sky supermarket in Kiel-Dietrichsdorf. Particular attention in this case was attached to the high-quality LED lighting in the fruit and vegetable ...

Thumbnail-Photo: New CEO for Osram Opto Semiconductors in Asia...
05.12.2011   #lighting systems #customer relationship management

New CEO for Osram Opto Semiconductors in Asia

Osram Opto Semiconductors Asia Ltd. has a new CEO. Louis Lam took over the company's Asian business at the beginning of December. He is also Vice President for worldwide sales of Osram Opto Semiconductors. His predecessor Dr. Alfred Felder will in ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Gant Store, Westfield Stratford City Centre, London Effective LED...
02.12.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Gant Store, Westfield Stratford City Centre, London Effective LED lighting for the lifestyle trademark

In Europe’s biggest shopping centre, Ansorg has implemented an effective lighting concept for the fashion brand Gant, in which LED equipment came into play throughout the whole area. Already from the outside, the premium character of the new ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Maximum flexibility, minimal size
30.11.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Maximum flexibility, minimal size

Oslon Square from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors makes even better use of light

Osram Opto Semiconductors new LED, the Oslon Square, opens up a wide range of possible uses, including designer luminaires for the home or office, retrofits and street lights. The LED is available in many different versions with different color ...

Thumbnail-Photo: OSRAM Oslon SSL LED in red, orange and yellow with new chip technology...
31.10.2011   #lighting systems #LED technology

OSRAM Oslon SSL LED in red, orange and yellow with new chip technology

Boost in LED performance: Up to 20 percent more light and improved thermal stability

The latest Oslon SSL LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors provide up to 20 percent more output than their predecessors and offer improved thermal stability, particularly in Hyperred (660 nm). Energy-efficient applications such as commercial ...

25.10.2011   #lighting systems #shop illumination

High fashion meets high-tech

The department store Quartier 206 is presenting its new collection using innovative OSRAM lighting

The Berlin-based deluxe department store Quartier 206 has teamed up with OSRAM AG to infuse its display windows with special lighting, just in time for the autumn season. Located on the Friedrichstrasse, one of the top addresses in Berlin, organic ...

16.09.2011   #lighting systems #decorative lighting

Lighting the way to Savings Promolux: Better Light, Better Value

A high-tech retail lighting company is providing bakeries and artisan shops world-wide a golden opportunity to highlight their bakery items and extend shelf life. The site has been given a new look and design as it highlights ...

07.09.2011   #digital signage #lighting systems

Osram and ThyssenKrupp Plastics working hand in hand on illuminated advertising

Osram and ThyssenKrupp Plastics will be working more closely together on signage. That way, customers benefit not only from the quality of two brand manufacturers, but also from comprehensive service and high-value light solutions, optimally ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Stacked Power
25.08.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Stacked Power

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors presents the smallest infrared LED in the 1-Watt class

The IR OSLON SFH 4715S of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is today’s smallest infrared LED with more than one Watt optical power. The device measures only 3.75 x 3.75 mm² and therefore facilitates very compact illumination units for CMOS and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Super low-profile optical touch screens thanks to powerful miniature LEDs...
21.07.2011   #lighting systems #LED technology

Super low-profile optical touch screens thanks to powerful miniature LEDs

New infrared ChipLEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors for small and medium size touch displays

Super low-profile and incredibly powerful – these are the demands that touch screens place on infrared components. And that’s no problem for the new ChipLED SFH 4053: Its tiny dimensions make it one of the smallest on the market. ...

15.07.2011   #lighting systems #LED technology

One black LED package, two beam angles, five colors

Osram Opto Semiconductors adds to its TopLED Black Series portfolio

The small powerful LEDs in black packages are now available not only in red and yellow but also in blue, green and orange. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has added three colors to its TopLED Black Series 60° beam angle portfolio and now offers all ...

Thumbnail-Photo: World of TUI in Berlin: This is where travel dreams start...
04.07.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

World of TUI in Berlin: This is where travel dreams start

Ansorg’s creative lighting scenario bathes TUI’s flagship store in Berlin in a warm, sunny mood with a feel-good factor.

Whether digital or analogue, in the travel agency of the future all roads lead to Rome. Or to countless other destinations which can be explored at the "World of TUI" before the journey really starts. Since early 2011, over an area of 320 ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Facades and windows turn into luminous advertising spaces...
01.07.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Facades and windows turn into luminous advertising spaces

Great architecture can get even better with the right light. Façade lighting highlights the outside, or a building is so transparent that the inside lighting also has an effect on the outside. Compared to metal, glass, stone and wood, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “Welcome“ to the land of facade opportunities...
01.07.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

“Welcome“ to the land of facade opportunities

Interview with Thomas Tennagels, Managing Director of curveLED in Düsseldorf

The first thing visitors saw at the EuroShop 2008 was a large curtain made of light emitting diodes. This year the diodes will once again write “Welcome“ and “Bienvenue“ in the entrance hall. LEDs will be an important trade fair topic. They ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “In recent years an LED hysteria has erupted“...
28.06.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

“In recent years an 'LED hysteria' has erupted“

Interview with Michael Flögel, Sales Manager for Lighting Systems at Elektra

LEDs are becoming more and more important for store designs and with that they also find their way into shop window displays. Our questions on this topic were answered by Michael Flögel, Sales Manager for Lighting Systems in Commercial-, Retail- ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Kick-off workshop for the new Insta training programme...
20.06.2011   #lighting systems #services (lighting)

Kick-off workshop for the new Insta training programme

»ArchiLEDays« was received very well

»Use light to make fearful rooms safer and more attractive«. This was the first subject on which 20 architects and light planners from North-Rhine Westphalia met end of May at Insta Elektro GmbH. Moderated by Ernst Wauer (graduate in ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Seeing the world with different eyes
15.06.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Seeing the world with different eyes

Übersee-Museum Bremen uses LED technology to illuminate new permanent exhibition

Creating an atmosphere, providing accents, setting the stage: by providing an advanced LED lighting solution, Zumtobel has helped to present the new permanent exhibition at the Übersee-Museum [Overseas Museum] in Bremen to optimum effect. In ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Fit for the future
29.04.2011   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

Fit for the future

The Light Fields luminaire series is now almost completely available with LED technology incorporated

Due to their timeless design, Light Fields luminaires are perfect for straight-line office interiors. An extensive LED series has now been developed for the Light Fields range, making it ready for the future. Available as recessed, surface-mounted ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The quick and easy way to design illuminated advertising with LED...
05.10.2009   #lighting systems #LED lighting

The quick and easy way to design illuminated advertising with LED

rofessional LED lighting design with OSRAM’s deSIGNer online tool

OSRAM’s redesigned LED deSIGNer tool for illuminated advertising offers as of now extended functions, which make the planning and implementation of backlighting applications easier than ever. In only six steps users can design their required ...

Thumbnail-Photo: OSRAM ceramic lamps now as 100W systems
19.08.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

OSRAM ceramic lamps now as 100W systems

OSRAM expands its range of Powerball HCI halogen metal halide lamps

With its Powerball HCI 100W lamps Munich lighting manufacturer OSRAM now provides 100W systems for halogen metal halide lamps with ceramic burners for the first time. It means the company is meeting the demands of OEMs and lighting designers for a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: 1:1 Swapping saves energy
19.08.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

1:1 Swapping saves energy

T8 Lumilux ES and OSRAM Dulux D ES: how to reduce costs with existing lighting systems For existing internal lighting systems with conventional control gears there are now two more energy-efficient alternatives. New OSRAM T8 Lumilux ES fluorescent ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The latest generation street lights
17.08.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

The latest generation street lights

Test facility in Fürth demonstrates the future of street lighting with OSRAM LEDs A total of six lamps with the latest LED technology from OSRAM demonstrate street lighting of the future in Fürth near Nuremberg, Germany. The city’s ...

Thumbnail-Photo: OSRAM helps create the sky inside the Trafford Centre...
01.07.2009   #lighting systems #lighting concepts

OSRAM helps create the sky inside the Trafford Centre

High Power Flood LED fittings from OSRAM save energy and maintenance costs LED luminaires from OSRAM’s innovative new range have been used to create a unique shopping experience at The Trafford Centre in Manchester. The ceiling is illuminated ...

05.03.2008   #decorative lighting #services (lighting)

Leuchten für Akzentbeleuchtung - WACO

Waco products are a product group with extraordinary design flexibility, offering architects, designer and shop fitters new dimensions in lighting design. Waco products enable individualised lighting concepts with great flexibility and possibilities ...


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