Company News • 07.05.2015

German network manufacturer grows by 24 percent

LANCOM Systems breaks sales records with network technology "Made in Germany"

Ralf Koenzen founded LANCOM Systems in May 2002.
Ralf Koenzen founded LANCOM Systems in May 2002.
Source: LANCOM Systems GmbH

LANCOM Systems, the leading German manufacturer of networking solutions for the commercial and public sectors, increased its revenues by 24% to EUR 43 million in the fiscal year 2014.

Also in terms of earnings, the specialist for VPN site connectivity (routers, gateways) and wireless LAN infrastructures achieved significant growth. A new sales record in 2014 sees LANCOM continue its ongoing story of growth. Since its inception in 2002, the company grew at an average 15% p.a. and is a solid no. 2 in its home market of Germany.

Growth at the largest German manufacturer of professional network infrastructure solutions is driven significantly by its two business units Network Connectivity and Wireless LAN. In terms of their sales of VPN routers, gateways and clients, LANCOM achieved a strong sales growth of 26%, contrary to the general market trend. With their cellular routers, LANCOM was able to more than double their sales.

Similarly, the revenues from their WLAN access points, WLAN controllers and hotspot solutions grew significantly faster than the market, with LANCOM achieving an increase of 21%. The strongest developments at LANCOM were with their 450-Mbps access points introduced in late 2012 (+35%) and their WLAN controllers (+32%).

"Our growth is a terrific confirmation of our company philosophy and portfolio strategy. Customers highly appreciate the fact that our routers and wireless LAN products are developed and manufactured within the trusted space of Germany, and that we pay close attention to the security, reliability and sustainability of our solutions," explains LANCOM founder and CEO Ralf Koenzen. "These strong developments clearly demonstrate just how successful a German alternative to the big American and Asian corporations can be."

For 2015, LANCOM expects further significant growth impulses from the network conversion by Deutsche Telekom and many other international providers to ALL-IP, which requires an upgrade or replacement of the existing router base. There is also a considerable increase in the interest shown in the VPN router portfolio as certified by the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security), products which are increasingly being operated by companies and public institutions.

With regard to wireless infrastructures, the company expects a strong increase in Gigabit wireless LAN and WLAN hotspots, as well as a keen interest in the Wireless ePaper solutions introduced at the end of 2014, which further optimize and digitalize the processes in the retail, hospitality, logistics and healthcare industries.

Source: LANCOM Systems GmbH

Logo: LANCOM Systems GmbH

LANCOM Systems GmbH

Adenauerstraße 20 / B2
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