pricing management

Thumbnail-Photo: Irma: flagship store in Copenhagen
30.10.2019   #electronic shelf labels (ESL) #price labelling

Irma: flagship store in Copenhagen

Denmark's oldest grocery chain opens a new store

At the same time Irma, a Danish grocery chain, could celebrate its 133rd birthday, the chain also opened a new flagship store at Østerport station in Copenhagen. Besides showing renewal and being able to ensure the customers updated prices ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The new world of retail(ing)
28.01.2019   #pricing management #price optimization

The new world of retail(ing)

Effects of price discrimination and dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy that plays an important role in retail. Instead of setting prices over a specific period of time – as is common practice in traditional price management -, dynamic pricing means prices can change on a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Electronic pricing optimizes customer experience and employee...
29.03.2018   #customer satisfaction #customer relationship management

Electronic pricing optimizes customer experience and employee satisfaction

"The reduction of price errors is noticeable, and of course we are pleased to provide a much better customer experience." (Thomas Baeck)

In the end of 2017, Bauhaus in Tilst, Denmark, implemented electronic shelf labels on its more than 40,000 items. Since then, the electronic pricing has reduced the number of price errors significantly, increased the overall employee satisfaction on ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Metropolitan - the pharmacy of the future in Munich airport...
19.12.2017   #electronic shelf labels (ESL) #price labelling

Metropolitan - the pharmacy of the future in Munich airport

A location located where the world meets puts great demands up on a pharmacy in order to reach an extraordinary service level

The pharmacy of the future needs to innovate new technology supporting smarter ways of working in order to remove unnecessary time and money from the daily operation. And since you will find this in probably the most demanding conditions ...

Thumbnail-Photo: 3 stores aim high and brands themselves digitally...
16.11.2017   #brick and mortar retail #electronic shelf labels (ESL)

3 stores aim high and brands themselves digitally

The tele company, 3, strongly focuses on the digital costumer experience

The new 3 stores will be build up as an inspiring and interactive framework for the choice of phones and accessories with electronic shelf labels, as well as a stylish and welcoming environment that embraces the costumer. The 29th of September, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Giving costumers transparency and the right prices at the shelf edge...
05.09.2017   #brick and mortar retail #electronic shelf labels (ESL)

Giving costumers transparency and the right prices at the shelf edge

Link between online and physical stores

Ensuring the same prices online and at the shelves in the physical stores can be a big challenge when you run a differentiated product strategy and want to offer customers a consistent experience and service across all channels. These are ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Study: Software pricing and licensing trends...
03.08.2016   #software management #marketing research

Study: Software pricing and licensing trends

The enterprise software marketplace is undergoing a massive transformation as the pricing and licensing models dictating how software is bought and sold evolve

Fueled in part by shifts in customer demand and in part by rapidly changing technology, some software application vendors are poised to reap windfall profits from the new software pricing and licensing models emerging, while others risk being left ...

Thumbnail-Photo: House of Fraser takes control of price management with Datalogic...
22.03.2016   #mobile data capture #mobile computing

House of Fraser takes control of price management with Datalogic

Mobile computers aid and improve price management processes.

Premium United Kingdom department store, House of Fraser, is using Skorpio X3 mobile computers by Datalogic to improve the price management processes.

Thumbnail-Photo: Eliminate the price-cutting vortex
18.02.2016   #pricing management #price optimization

Eliminate the price-cutting vortex

Revionics to showcase innovative dynamic pricing technology.

There is a systemic shift in retail with the growing influence of online and mobile offers during the customer journey, opening true omni-channel opportunities to every customer and posing new challenges to retailers.

Thumbnail-Photo: Revionics acquires Marketyze
12.01.2016   #data management #stock level optimization

Revionics acquires Marketyze

Delivering market intelligence across pricing, promotion and assortment for retailers

Acquisition delivers powerful capabilities that combine real time market, competitive and customer intelligence to profitably execute pricing, promotion and assortment strategy.

Thumbnail-Photo: Comparing prices directly at the checkout
28.10.2015   #customer satisfaction #customer relationship management

Comparing prices directly at the checkout

Tesco starts “Brand Guarantee” to ensure its customers are paying the best price

As the first supermarket chain in the UK Tesco has now introduced a best price guarantee. The prices of products in the customer’s shopping cart are compared with those of the other major chains Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's directly at ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Frequently discounting maximizes retailer revenues...
30.09.2015   #customer relationship management #pricing management

Frequently discounting maximizes retailer revenues

'Discount-frequently' pricing strategy allows retailers to charge high prices when demand is high and is flexible unlike an 'every day low price' strategy.

JC Penney implemented a "best price" strategy in 2012, assuming consumers prefer fair, everyday prices as opposed to sale prices that are discounted from original, inflated prices. It was wrong. Longtime customers – loyal fans ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The future for fashion retail is increasingly digital...
30.09.2015   #labels #price labelling

"The future for fashion retail is increasingly digital"

The fashion retail landscape continues to evolve

The rise of technologies which marry the physical and digital retail spaces in order to create smarter stores shows no signs of slowing. We spoke to Niclas Qvist, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing at EllaFashion, for more on these ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “Data-driven companies are clearly more successful in eCommerce“...
10.04.2015   #online trading #e-commerce

“Data-driven companies are clearly more successful in eCommerce“

Interview with Alexander Reschke, CMO of Webdata Solutions

The eCommerce market is shaped in particular by its dynamics. Developments and trends move a lot faster than in pure brick-and-mortar retail and online retailers need to be able to respond quickly and remain flexible to changes in the market. In an ...


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