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Store design: a boutique workshop for gourmet pastry

Lecavalier Petrone combines functionality and aesthetics

Lecavalier Petrone, a renowned gourmet patisserie run by Chloé Migneault-Lecavalier and Loïse Desjardins-Petrone, has become a veritable temple of exquisite indulgence. The secret of the workshop's success lies not only in its heavenly creations, but also in its welcoming atmosphere. For this reason, the entrepreneurs have decided to transform their premises into an impressive workshop boutique.

Counter of the patisserie.
Source: Lecavalier Petrone

In the heart of the Pointe-Saint-Charles neighborhood in Montreal, the once open store space of the patisserie has become the ultimate place for sweet treats. Supported by Dupont Blouin, Chloé and Loïse have carried out a complete renovation in which they wanted every detail to be carefully optimized while maintaining production quality.

A window that allows a view into the kitchen.
Source: Lecavalier Petrone

The result is a welcoming environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The retail space has been cleverly designed to allow easy navigation between online orders and in-store purchases in the checkout area. Strategically placed preparation zones and an office space that offers a view of the sweet kingdom perfectly complement the workshop boutique.

A recessed shelf with various items.
Source: Lecavalier Petrone

The store design is characterized by simplicity, elegance and refined details. The soft color palette harmonizes seamlessly with the carefully selected materials, such as the speckled porcelain mosaic and the galvanized steel, which adds an industrial touch.

White tiles on a wall.
Source: Lecavalier Petrone

Inside, delicate curves draw the eye and create a symbiosis between the space and the products on display. Curtains provide a boundary between the public space and the privacy required for the work.

A selection of different baked goods.
Source: Lecavalier Petrone

Overall, the store design by Lecavalier Petrone creates an inviting environment that harmoniously combines indulgence and craftsmanship and puts the delicious treasures of the gourmet confectionery in the right light.

Sweets that look like marbled stones.
Source: Lecavalier Petrone
Lena Schmidt

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