Company News • 25.03.2015

C-star to host top solution providers of retail industry

C-star Lounge promoted fashion retail and visual merchandising & store design at CHIC

C-stars stand at CHIC
C-star\'s stand at CHIC
Source: C-star

Each year, numerous top-leaders of the fashion retail industry participate at CHIC to discover the newest retail trends. Being a close cooperation partner, C-star, Shanghai's International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail, was also present at CHIC with a designated C-star Lounge to promote the topic of Fashion Retail and Visual Merchandising & Store Design (VMSD), a central part of the C-star show.

At CHIC, C-star co-exhibited with ABC Mannequins, Schlegel and YMK Design - all of them being C-star exhibitors and leading industry peers in the area of VMSD.

C-star bound to become China's most international retail show

With less than two months to go, the preparations for C-star are in full swing. To keep retail professionals and trade media updated on the latest developments of the show, C-star organized an exclusive press conference at CHIC. After a short welcome speech by the representative of the China Fashion Garment Association, Ms. Elke Moebius - Project Director of EuroShop, the world's leading retail trade fair and mother show of C-star - shared the latest insights on the recent developments at C-star with a large audience of retail professionals and trade media.

For instance, Ms. Moebius unveiled that - despite being held for the first time - more than 90 percent of C-star's floor space has already been sold. With more than 40 percent, most C-star exhibitors will be representing the Shopfitting industry, followed by Visual Merchandising (20 percent) and Retail Technology (18 percent). According to the most recent statistics, C-star will not only be a diverse but also a very international retail show, with 47 percent of C-star exhibitors having their headquarters overseas. A similar trend can also be observed visitor-wise, with nearly 60 percent of pre-registered visitors coming from overseas. So far, visitors from 36 countries have pre-registered for the show, with the top regions being China, USA, Hong Kong, India and Australia.

'New era of retail solutions'

Considering these numbers and benefiting from the decade-long experience of its mother fair EuroShop, C-star is bound to become the biggest and most international retail show in Eastern China. Also numerous industry leaders share the enthusiasm and optimistic spirit of Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the organizer of C-star. Mike Boeffert,  Managing Director of Schlegel China noted that he sees C-star 'as a great platform to initiate and pave the new path for us in China. We all witnessed the big success that Euroshop achieved, so we profoundly believe C-star will lead us to a new era of retail solutions'.

Featuring an extensive supporting program, including a retail conference, an on-site forum and much more, C-star will also meet the high expectations of visitors and serve as Asia's most exclusive knowledge platform for retail professionals. Alvin Yeung, Visual Merchandising Designer of YMK Design held high acclaim for C-star, believing that 'being the satellite event of EuroShop, C-star will be one of the most successful retail trade fairs in the region'. He further added that attending C-star will be 'a fruitful experience, no matter whether you are an exhibitor or visitor'.

At a glance

C-star will be held on May 13-15, 2015 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre and is set to become Eastern China's leading and most international retail show. Being an official satellite event of EuroShop, the world's leading retail trade fair, C-star will focus on the four segments of Shopfitting & Store Design, Retail Technology, Visual Merchandising, and Stand Construction.

Source: C-Star

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