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Brand interest almost like at home

Car dealer Lancia launches new corporate identity in Milan - showroom included

The approach is not new: putting customers at the center, picking them up online and offline, offering a personalized and unforgettable shopping experience. In implementing this idea, however, car dealer Lancia is showing that old things belong in the past and is now focusing even more specifically on Italian elegance and presenting its new brand identity. You can see exactly what this looks like in the newly opened store and showroom in Milan.

White armchairs in front of a Lancia logo, next to some pictures of people and...
Source: Stellantis / Lancia

“The new corporate identity reflects the four pillars on which Lancia's ten-year strategy is based: Quality, electrification, sustainability and an innovative sales model that offers customers a tailor-made purchasing experience,” says CEO Luca Napolitano.

The shopping experience can start at home with the help of the vehicle configurator. It continues in the showroom with professional support and advice, but in an equally homely atmosphere.

But first, let's take a look at the exterior: the dark exterior façade contrasts with the large, bright windows of the building in Via Gattamelata and highlights the new white lettering at the entrance. The new logo also appears again on a pillar at the side of the entrance.

Impressions from the Lancia flagship store in Milan

Shopping like in your living room

Inside, the design creates a homely ambience. Customers can take a seat on sofas and armchairs or at (round) tables and find out about the new vehicles from the manufacturer, which has been part of the Stellantis international automotive group's brand range since 2021, with the help of product films and images.

Carpets and curtains support the homely atmosphere. The natural pastel and earthy colors of the walls and objects also have a warming and calming effect. The areas for handing over the purchased vehicle and the after-sales zone also correspond to the principle of welcoming the customer in a cozy atmosphere.  

Despite the homely furnishings, the premises do not have an everyday feel. Elegant furniture and fine materials are intended to emphasize the exclusivity of the brand. Subtle lighting of selected brand highlights underlines this intention.

You will look in vain for large spotlights. The natural light coming in through the large windows, on the other hand, highlights the vehicles on display in the center of the showroom.

The store in Milan is the first of its kind, but will not remain so. Over the course of 2023, the appearances in other cities across the country will also shine in the new brand design. According to the official announcement, the redesign of other stores in Europe is scheduled for 2024.

Katja Laska

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