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sigma//MC: Merchandise management solution by Superdata

Further development of the existing portfolio

sigma//MC: Merchandise management solution by Superdata...
Source: Superdata EDV-Vertrieb GmbH

sigma//MC is the integrated merchandise management solution, capable of handling concessionaires and offering modern cloud computing and hosting services.

The solution is a further development of the existing portfolio (DEWAS III / MSS) in order to meet the changing requirements of the market. It uses the latest technologies in retail trade.

sigma/MC, sigma/Store or sigma/MC is derived from the proven merchandise management applications DEWAS and MSS.

The modules sigma//HQ and sigma//Store cover the central and store processes of a chian store type of organisation, whereas sigma//POS is the cashing solution for the stores.

sigma//MC is short for store integrated goods management application//MultiClient. It is the all-encompassing merchandise mamanagement portfolio for chain stores franchisers and independent retailers.

sigma//MC is the integrated merchandise management solution, capable of handling concessionaires and offering modern cloud computing and hosting services./sigma/Store resp./sigma/Store, DEWAS III and SiSu communicate where possible directly with the central MMS.

  • sigma//HQ (HeadQuarter)  = Central Merchandise management
  • sigma//Store  = Chain Store management
  • sigma//StoreM (StoreMaster)  = Store management
  • sigma//POS (Point of Sale)  = POS system

Enterprises that already use ERP-systems for their central merchandise processing can seamlessly integrate sigma//Store for all store processes supplemented by sigma//POS as a centralised solution for the POS systems.
With sigma//StoreM all settings and parameters for a store can be administrated, which the ERP system possibly will not support.

sigma//Store can reflect all processes of different store types in different branches of the retail business.
sigma//Store supports mobile devices.

For independent retailers, chain store organisations and franchisers sigma//MC is a scalable system that can be configured to the individual needs of an enterprise. The focus is on acceptable investment for the installation and operation of the system combined with the required functionality.

Important technical aspects

  • Central database and applications for merchandise processing and POS
  • Every cash transaction will be booked immediately in the central system.
  • POS systems can be operated in offline mode without limitations.
  • Accesss to applications via browser, remte desktop software or thin clients.

Superdata covers the entire functionality from the POS to the central merchandise processing for entry level systems with scanning only up to automatic re-ordering and perpetual stock taking.

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