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MultiTouch confirms details of ISE 2014 launches and demos

Innovative interactive videowall solution to showcase alongside latest 84” and 55” 4K MultiTaction Cells

MultiTouch confirms details of ISE 2014 launches and demos...
Source: MultiTouch Ltd

MultiTouch Ltd, the world leader in interactive display systems, has announced details of its stand (Hall 11, Stand N50) at ISE 2014. The company will be demonstrating its latest innovations, including the new, turnkey, MultiTaction iWall, comprising 12 x 55” ultra-thin bezel MultiTaction displays.

In addition, delegates will see prototypes of the new 84" and 55” 4K MultiTaction cells, MultiTaction Site Manager, the latest release of the Cornerstone software development kit, unique Codice Markers, and infrared pen support software. ISE takes place at the Amsterdam RAI, from
4-6 February.

Running a custom-made MultiTaction Experience application, the MultiTaction iWall demonstration will highlight the unique features of MultiTaction technology, including simultaneous touch, IR pen and object recognition, 200+fps tracking and Enriched Reality™. It will also highlight MultiTouch’s Full HD, ultra-thin bezel displays, which result in a pixel-to-pixel gap of less than 6mm between adjacent screens, and produce high resolution images that remain clearly defined whether a user is on the other side of the room, or just inches away.

A video of the MultiTaction iWall can be viewed here.

I am confident that MultiTouch continues to lead the world in the development of interactive multi-touch technologies,” explains Petri Martikainen, CEO of MultiTouch. “More and more people are starting to see the potential applications for this kind of technology, and demand for our products is growing rapidly. We’re expecting to see huge interest in our MultiTaction iWall solution and we’re especially keen to find out what people think of our 4K displays.”

With four times more pixels than standard MultiTouch displays, the new 84” and 55” MultiTaction Cells offer 4K resolution, which brings major benefits including increased brightness and stunning definition. They are suitable for productivity applications, education, presentations, demanding professional applications, and flagship installations. Included are the usual unique benefits of MultiTaction Cells including ultra-fast response times, simultaneous pen and touch support, and the ability to track unlimited touch points simultaneously with hands, fingers, Enriched Reality™ 2D markers, and real-life objects. The 4K prototypes will be situated in a dedicated preview zone where MultiTouch will ask delegates to provide feedback.

“4K is especially useful for demanding professional applications where text and graphics rendering are crucial,” explains Hannu Anttila, vice president of business development at MultiTouch Ltd. “In the longer term we believe that these individual large format touch displays will all be 4K because of the vastly superior image quality at touch distance. I would also anticipate that developments such as MultiTaction iWall will become increasingly popular as customers discover the benefits of videowalls and seek more convenient ‘out of the box’ solutions.”

MultiTouch will be sharing its stand with Ventuz and NMY Mixed-Reality Communications, two of its business partners. Ventuz is a developer of 3D real-time technologies for the broadcast and event segments, and combines leading-edge authoring applications with MultiTaction Cells, to create visually-stimulating, interactive experience for users. The company will demo its industry-leading authoring software using the prototype 84” 4K MultiTaction Cell and featuring content from Realtime Department.

NMY Mixed-Reality Communications builds innovative communication strategies using the latest developments in digital technology to enhance clients’ marketing strategy. By creating virtual worlds and heightened experience spaces, NMY optimises dialogue between companies and customers. At ISE, the company will show its Tangible Bar concept, making heavy use of MultiTouch’s Enriched Reality software.

ISE delegates will also get the opportunity to learn more about Cornerstone 2, the latest version of MultiTouch’s proprietary software development kit (SDK). A ground-breaking product in the world of advanced interactive displays, Cornerstone 2 provides, for the first time, a free set of tools to take full advantage of MultiTaction Cells’ scalability and advanced object and pen tracking features. Available free of charge, it includes a huge arsenal of tools to build the next generation of interactive applications. A key new feature is support for development with JavaScript in addition to traditional C++, which grows the pool of potential developers to many millions. Cornerstone 2 scales from single displays to 50 Megapixel walls with up to 50% performance increase compared to previous versions of Cornerstone.

MultiTouch’s innovative infrared pen support software will be demonstrated. The first software of its kind in the industry, it enables users to write, draw, sketch, and brainstorm designs and words on MultiTaction Cell displays using most IR pens. MultiTaction IR Pen software can also distinguish clearly between pen and touch interactions.

In addition, a demonstration of Codice will show how MultiTaction can be used to exchange information between viewers and content owners. MultiTaction Codice is a technology enabling users of interactive displays to send content directly to their email addresses just by presenting their personal Codice marker to the screen. Markers, which are made from 2D barcodes, are personalised for each user and can be printed on mobile phones, tickets, loyalty cards or visitor badges. They can even be printed at home and used with any Codice-enabled interactive display. By briefly presenting the Codice marker to the display, the content shown is automatically sent to the email address assigned to that specific marker. This transaction is also recorded so the content owner has a real-time view of their clients’ interests, making Codice a great tool for CRM and loyalty schemes.

A demo of the new MultiTaction Site Manager remote management software will also be available. Enabling a single operator to monitor and control thousands of geographically distributed interactive displays, Site Manager is an ideal solution for the corporate, retail, digital signage and education industries.

For further information on all things MultiTouch, visit

Source: MultiTouch Ltd

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