Company News • 25.09.2012

First Cross-border Card Payments Solution from YESpay

Ready for use in 35 European Countries and North America

YESpay International is now a global EMBOSS card payments service throughout Europe and North America. Merchants can use a single POS payments client application image in 35 European countries as well as USA and Canada.

Historically, merchants have had to get individual country card payments certifications with local card acquirers – Europe is now truly a Union as far as payments is concerned!

Through accreditations with card acquirers such as Elavon, PBS, AIB, Barclaycard, Bank of Ireland, Amex and Diners, YESpay is becoming a leading outsourced integrated payments service for EMV chip & PIN card present, as well as for e- and m-commerce, helping retailers across Europe, Canada and USA.

Crossing card payments borders with YESpay

“YESpay EMBOSS service has dealt with the challenges that multi-national merchants face when transacting card payments across borders in multiple currencies, having recently helped one such retailer to go live in 17 European countries with Elavon as the single card acquirer”, said Simon Curtis, Senior VP, European Strategic Sales for YESpay.

The abundance of innovative features include:

• Single POS payment client for all stores regardless of country location easing solution installation;
• Dramatic reduction in the technical burden and high costs of locally certifying card payments services in different countries;
• EMV Chip & PIN pre-accredited not requiring merchant involvement in any further certifications;
• YESpay EMBOSS is PCI-DSS Level 1 and PA-DSS certified;
• Road map to enhanced security features such as Point-to-Point encryption and tokenization ensuring security of cardholder data.
• Simple POS integration within days!
• Support for mobile POS such as tablet, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android devices;
• Support for on-line and off-line EMV PIN processing standards prevalent in different countries.

“YESpay is keeping its eye on the global payments needs”, said Chandra Patni, CEO, YESpay comments, "and is uniquely positioned to offer a cross-border card payments service for our multi-national merchants all delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and at low affordable monthly service fees."

Source: YESpay International Limited

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