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Thumbnail-Photo: The corner shop goes digital: omnichannel personalisation at dmexco 2014...
22.08.2014   #multichannel commerce

The corner shop goes digital: omnichannel personalisation at dmexco 2014

Latest features of realtime business solution prudsys RDE

Corner shop proprietors knew the shopping habits of their customers and understood that personal service and individual purchase recommendations increase customer satisfaction and sales. This principle has now become the premise of virtually every ...

Thumbnail-Photo: prudsys EXPERT MINING SUITE
26.08.2008   #data management #data analysis


With the EXPERT MINING SUITE prudsys offers a closed range of pioneering Data Mining products including prudsys PREMINER tool for distributed Data Mining preprocessing and duplicate searching prudsys DISCOVERER tool with high performance ...

Thumbnail-Photo: IREUS | The recommendation factory
26.08.2008   #software management #POS software

IREUS | The recommendation factory

The IREUS Portal is used by prudsys AG to provide their prudsys RECOMMENDATION ENGINE in the form of an SaaS solution (Software as a Service). This is particularly aimed at small to medium sized enterprises who want the opportunity to establish a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: prudsys RECOMMENDATION ENGINE
26.08.2008   #data analysis #POS software


The prudsys RE is a recommendation engine that submits appropriate recommendations for various products and users in real time. Thanks to its intelligent methods in the real time context it goes even further: it enables high quality simulations, ...