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Güntner GmbH & Co. KG

Hans Güntner Straße 2-6
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

Phone: +49 8141 242-0
Fax: +49 8141 242-155

E-Mail: info@guentner.de
Internet: www.guentner.de

Founding Year: 1931
Number of Employees: 1001-5000

This is how everything began:

In 1931, Hans Güntner founded a repair service for cooling plants in Munich. In the post-war period, the main focus of the repair service increasingly shifted to component production. The need of components for refrigerating installations continuously increased and the company had developed into a successful, medium-sized company over the years. And soon, the repair shop in Munich became too small; in 1950, the company moved into a greater plant in Germering near Munich. In the early 1980s, the present location in Fürstenfeldbruck opened.

In order to meet the steadily increasing requirements of the European market, Güntner formed a partnership with the Hungarian Hütötechnik company in 1990. This joint venture opened the Güntner Tata site.
In 2003, the Hungarian partner was completely bought and Güntner could be incorporated into the whole group.
Today, Tata is the biggest site of the Güntner Group.
In 2008, two new production lines were installed for the innovative microox technology. In 2014, the site was expanded by a neighbouring area with 5 additional halls, which drastically increased the production area. Also a visitor centre with showrooms was built.

Güntner Controls with own prodution

In 1990, Güntner Elektronik, nowadays named Güntner Controls, was founded. At the manufacturing facility near Bielefeld, controllers and control panels are produced for the international market. These controllers and control panels are ideally adapted to Güntner's heat exchangers and are sold world-wide by the locations of the Güntner Group.

Modern production in Ishevsk, Russia

Güntner-Ish GmbH in Izhevsk, Udmurtia, has existed since 1993. We produce high-quality liquid receivers and shell and tube heat exchangers at this location; they are in line with national and international standards such as TÜV and GOST R and can be adapted for each and every customer requirement.

Expansion on the Asian market

Since 1996, high-quality finned heat exchangers are produced for the Asian market at the manufacturing facility Güntner Indonesia. A competent team of development and sales engineers provides comprehensive support with regard to customer inquiries and orders. This way, the specific requirements of the vast Asian market can be considered in the best possible way.

Development of the North and South American continent

Güntner de México was the first location on the American continent which was inaugurated in 2002. At the strategic location in Monterrey, Güntner produces high-quality heat exchangers and UL-certified control panels for the entire American market. Since the ramp-up in 2002, the production area has been increased several times to ideally meet the specific requirements of this market. The last expansion here was in 2014: A completely new production hall, Plant 2, with another five production lines was opened.
In order to proactively respond to the demands of the North American market, Güntner has also been present with sales subsidiaries in the US since 2001.

Opening of Güntner do Brasil

The opening of Güntner do Brasil in the year 2008 marked another important expansion step on the American continent. This step results in an expanded and stronger presence of the Güntner Group on the South American market. At the Güntner do Brasil location, evaporative condensers, evaporators and condensers are produced for the South American market.

Strong synergies within the Group

Since 2011, the cooperation between the sister companies of the Güntner Group has consciously been reinforced. The different brands which complement one another in their product portfolio and the different technologies – like the plate heat exchangers of the thermowave company and the hybrid coolers of the JAEGGI company – maintain know-how networks across all companies. These networks render the group as a whole more efficient and powerful and thereby create synergy effects for the customers.